Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, BD Wong, James Cromwell, Ted Levine, Justice Smith, Geraldine Chaplin, Daniella Pineda, Toby Jones, Rafe Spall. Directed by J.A. Bayona.


J Stofel says:

I want you to do Batman from 1966 movie

siskavard says:


SADBOYE - says:

Damn that end clip scene..I guess I know what I’m not gonna watch

Trey Chambers says:

I agree with you a lot, but LOST WORLD is trash, sorry.

Christian Richardson says:

Thank you Chris, I’ve been waiting for this video all week!

Jack Alan says:

Which was worse: Fallen Kingdom or The Last Jedi?

Quique Leal says:

not saying he is wrong about how good or bad this movie is… but why always compare it to the first JP when the series is so derived from it to become its own thing now. Jurassic world is more of a stupd sunday movie (MCU, Fst&Frs, HorrorComs, etc) series rather than a serious toned film like the first one. storytelling will obviously be different and catered towards a different audience. not defending this film in any way i just think it is a really unfair comparison.

Skye Moyer says:

This is now my least favorite movie in the franchise. The thing for me about Jurassic Park III is that the movie itself really isn’t terrible, it’s just pointless and there’s nothing if any significant storytelling significance that actually happens. This movie was filled with cartoony characters, ridiculous plot, and some horrible visual effects. In other words, JP3 was just hollow, while JW:FK was absolutely jam-packed with bloated bullshit.

A Perfect Day says:

WAIT WHAT????!!!!
You said you really enjoyed Jurassic World and that it was a good movie.
Now you say you were overall disappointed????
Come on Chris.
This is not credibile. 🙁

Sarah Pertiwi says:

LOL, that last part tho’

Goji Hime says:

They need to stop making Jurassic Park movies. I love Jurassic Park and enjoyed The Lost World, but everything else was just………meh. Granted, Jurassic World was better than Jurassic Park III (which is awful) but that’s not saying much. Fallen Kingdom seems like it may be competing with Jurassic Park III for worst movie in the franchise.

SconesWithJam says:

I personally really enjoyed this movie

Leon 47DD says:

could you do a dark city (1998) review

Yannick Vranckx says:

This has got to be the first time I completely disagree with Chris… I get that when you compare it to the original Jurassic Park, that it’s nowhere near as good… especially when it comes to story, build-up, characters etc. But there’s so much fun in this movie! It’s a great ride and there really are a few great moments like the opening sequence, the scenes with the brachiosaurus and I don’t know about anyone else, but I really liked the Stygi!

Barney The Brioche says:

I think the bike chase from the first one was quite iconic and the final showdown with Indominous Rex, T-Rex, and Blue. The scene on the Roof of the house was like the only slightly memorable thing- only because the setting.

schwartzy65 says:

Very good movie…

Star Fox says:

That Volcano turned me off harder than Bryce Dallas Howard turned me on.

stephen hobbs says:

Agree with every single thing you said Chris it was just a mish mash of the previous Jurassic park films boring boring boring knew everything what was going to happen before it happened.. well done Chris for giving a proper honest review because every other reviewer from all the big magazines have loved it which gives me the thought that they get paid off lol keep up the great honest reviews

Kyle says:

Not to surprised, the trailer looked meh.

Tyler Yasembousky says:

Love the channel ! But my god, that shirt is hideous. This movie can’t be as bad as that shirt lol

Ewan Brampton says:

For me I am just not a fan of the fact they took two storylines and mashed them into one movie. This upset me because we all of a sudden get this bland good versus evil plot line and it’s just not on the grand scale I expect a Jurassic Park movie to be. I love that in the older movies there’s a grey area around who are the good and who are the bad but it’s so dumbed down and so basic in this movie. I no longer have the long philosophical conversations I had with my friends about the first and second one. Which disappointed me and I believe that these new movies are just making this so child friendly to the point that I can no longer enjoy them. Basically just a money maker. Finally, these movies should have this iconic picture, scene or line (like in the first one) but it doesn’t and I feel as if this point universal are disrespecting what Michael Crichton and Steven Spielberg created.

Disappointed and do not recommend this movie to any who is a fan of the first two originals

Seth The Drummer says:

The military weaponization makes sense when they have genetic coding

William Chan says:


t-rex just appeared to save the protagonist and kill the villain without a reason, that was so cringy for me

piplup2009 says:

I want to see dinosaurs with weapons strapped to them, as long as it’s different than bad guy steals dinosaur, dinosaur kills him the end

sammyflinders says:

I just saw this and actually really enjoyed it. I liked the shift, and the little twist regarding a certain young character was pretty cool too. The Indo-raptor was cool too. Overall I’d give it a pleasantly surprised 7/10

Anime Station says:

Spoiler Warning! I felt the movie was excellent. It makes you feel apart of the action, lots of tension, I like how it gradually got darker and the characters were really enjoyable, I think Maisie Lockwood’s actress is the best child actress in a JP film to date. Now I do agree that the villains were underdeveloped and felt like they were made to fill in the role of “money hungry bad guy.”
I do think the element of the film which explores how far is too far with genetic modification expands on the original JP, with Maisie being a clone and the Indoraptor “weapon”. I also thought this film was violent enough to be a JP film like when the indoraptor bit off the guys hand and when the T-rex and Carnotaurus fought over the Eli Mill’s carcus. There were enough iconic shots like when the brachiosaurus is covered in smoke and collapses, T-rex taking down the Carnotaurus and the Indoraptors introduction. There are comical scenes too which I didn’t feel were out of place but the film could have done without such as the Dracorex headbutting everyone in the air and Franklin Webb screaming and whining.
In retrospect I’d say this film has a great cast, excellent dialogue, Ok story, fastly paced and I think it is a great edition to the Jurassic Park franchise. Sorry to hear you didn’t like it Chris, (if) when the third one comes out I hope you and I like it. Also I do agree Jurassic World was a bad movie with good moments.

Phantom Limb says:

I’ve experienced the bottom of the barrel when it comes to this franchise and that was JP3. We’re never seeing something as bad as that again.

Look idc if Sorna made “more sense” for re-location. I was tired of the island gimmick and they’re finally moving past that. The genetic exploration they’re setting up is finally a call-back to that original lunch scene in JP1

I’m tired of this cynicism when it comes to this franchise. Is it as good as JP1? Fuck no! Nothing is gonna top that. Will people stop holding shit to unrealistic standards? I’m not gonna bitch and complain about tiny things like “the motivations for getting them to the island is dumb”

HELLO?? Have you fucking seen JP3??? Alan accepts a god damn cheque at face-fucking-value and agrees to go to the island on false pretences. I’m sorry, but nothing is ever gonna be as stupid as that.

Owen being an “expert” makes more sense than that scenario that’s just a fucking fact. Is it still stupid? Yeah, but not as stupid as that motivation from JP3.

I know I’m gonna have fun seeing it again. I feel bad people can’t just enjoy a movie. When we don’t get enough dinosaur movies to begin with. I’m not gonna complain about finally seeing dinosaurs on the mainland. Idc if people think it’s stupid. This film has some of the best shots I’ve seen in a Jurassic Film since the originals. Different folks different strokes. I for one had fun, sorry you didn’t Chris.

FiercelyGold says:

Omg, someone make a gif of that final joke. I’ll like it on Reddit

Danger Dave Martin says:

I still can’t believe you didn’t give Infinity War an A+

ilovevirtualconsole says:

Good review Chris.

Cleveland Lavaliers says:

LMAO If this Disney Property Chris gonna give it something like A- like the last jedi

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