Justice League – Movie Review

The heroes of the DCEU have come together which means Justice League is finally here! How does it stack up? Here’s my review of JUSTICE LEAGUE!

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rak wraithraiser says:

49% is my guess

blackdragon6 says:

I think DC and Marvel will always have their detractors. But i feel that
Marvel has the same issues DC has…but in the opposite direction.
Instead of everything being dark, everything is light and witty to the
point of being forced. And i didn’t like GoTG at all. A friend of mine
said that Marvel’s films are theme park rides of those characters, and
that’s EXACTLY how i see them. I feel that people think Comic films
can’t be done at face value, so they make them “fluffy”. Marvel comics
ironically was always thought off as darker than DC. face it people like
Marvel because of the gritty stories of the X-books like X-men, X-Force
Daredevil etc. Nobody was checking for the avengers back in the day.
The truth of the matter is that both DC,AND Marvel are dark with some
humor in it when it comes to the comics. But Marvel is just being
formulaic and safe with their films. Their Netflix shows are awesome
though (despite Iron Fist & Defender being duds)..

Little Ceaser says:

No stepinwolf came to do steps

Max Isola says:

Can’t wait to see RedLetterMedia rip this movie to shreds. If Jeremy and Stuckmann both think it’s just kind of okay, then I can’t imagine how much RLM is gonna hate it.

अक्षय says:


Texan Life says:

Teen Titans, please……… please

Mikey Vengenz says:

God, enough with the “director’s cut” or “ultimate edition”.

Red n black 420 says:

Good to hear it’s watchable i told everyone I thought dc would start getting better after JL just because they’ve cought up to marvel (meaning they have there super team) and that’s all there movies ever felt like to me was catch up which is sad because they still missed out on what could of been completely different and amazing storyline but fingers cross the do a injustice or kingdom come story line

Nathan Sneden says:

If you take the Batman VS Superman score and the Suicide Squad score and add them together you’ll probably get the Justice League score.

Vampirerockstar says:

why does everything have to be light and funny… I’m so tired of the marvel tone now in dc movies

Johnny Sid says:

Why didn’t say Justice League was awesometacular

crithon says:

that’s pretty much the reaction everyone had about BvS

Bruce Trahan says:

Here’s my thought for the day. Just don’t kill today.. Take a day off work.. Maj Bruce Trahan ret

Blackadam36 says:

I get a feeling it’ll land a solid 72% rating on RT

What Win says:

Thor Ragnarok was still better lol

Hyro Proto says:

So another DC meh movie.. What’s new?

Corey Messick says:

Yeah it’ll be justice serviced when this foul mouthed cokehead quits stealing his irresponsible parents’ money and overdoses already…

Little Ceaser says:

No steppinwolf ca:e to do steps

JING GAO says:

DC fans all have big heart, i would say if BVS only got 27% why would i care about the judge of justice league. because i’m so damn love BVS

king print says:

i don’t know how people say they’ve watched this movie. It’s not out yet and i can’t find a stream for it

FastDamone says:

“better than Suicide Squad”
Naaaht saying much.

will lynch says:

I think your fair in your ratings. I got mad about bvs but it was the fan boy in my having a fit so it goes man keep up the good work!

Saul Pompa says:

This dude trying to look like Lucifer morningstar

super star says:

Marvel fans are mostly marvel movie fans they have no clue about comics…they are just riding this bandwagon of dc vs marvel and hating dc without even reading comics. DC movies had flawed but u can’t hate them if u were a comic book reader. And hilariously they call themselves proud marvel fan boy without even reading marvel comics. Morons.

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