Justice League – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Justice League, starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa. Directed by Zack Snyder.


Stelios Yerolemou says:

Did you guys know that Chris reads comics?


I’ve seen the movie and…….Jesus fucking Christ u need to go and watch rn like im dead ass serious the movie is fantastic

Christopher Marabella says:

good to know it isnt poop

Nick Mattio says:

Sooo fluffy huh?? I’m gonna wait til tuesday so it only costs me $6

Samir Mapelli says:

As a BvS fan, I really like the movie. The editing is still messy as in BvS, but it’s certainly a step foward. I really want to see a sequel where they balance the grittyness with the hero stuff.


This felt like a very timid review for some reason lol

Victor DB2017 says:

oh no…Joss Whedon fucked it up….

Victor DB2017 says:

I hope Joss Whedon did not Fuk up Snyders vision…Averngers sucked a$$ …

AquaFish says:

From what I’ve seen in the trailers it’s seems as more of a Wally West flash by his personality I would’ve been fine if they actually went with Wally west and with the blue lightning and the rebirth look would be awesome

Wil Rodriguez says:

No , it is because Zach Synder so messed up BvS being serious that they had to go fluffy. If he had finished directing this movie would have been disaster. Winter Soldier proves that a super hero movie can be fantastic and have a message. Civil War came close also. Warner Brothers looks at DC as a cash cow. To a point, Disney has let Marvel do its own thing and that is why you have Guardians of the Galaxy (but Marvel is Disney’s T Rex cash dinosaur). So this is not about the Superhero genre per se, it is about the execution and Marvel still is the gold standard.

JuanEntertainsYou2 says:

Chris, there’s no reason to go over two hours with this movie. People who’re fans of these superheroes already know their back stories; there’s no need to do flashbacks to explain.

Eva Flores says:

I dont know Chris, the Nolan trilogy wasnt fluffy and it’s by far the best superhero movies ever. I just think that DC does not find their own tone to movies like marvel does.

Derek Murray says:

Maybe it will be better as a Directors Cut on Blu-ray

hayden says:

Hopefully there is extra scenes in the bluray

Rozay Da Don says:

They should of took the marvel route , everyone have their own individual movie then have the Justice League movie

getbacker15 says:

Why was i unsubbed? Tf.

El John says:

My god every reviewer is straining to be so diplomatic with their words lest the DCEU fantard cult start sending death threats

dad uise says:

Review anchorman 1

Robert Aguirre says:

read the reshoots took out the black superman suit


Eat it you Marvel haters! Humor in Comic movies isn’t a bad thing.

jake frost says:

It honestly just feels like you’re being overly nice and sugarcoating things that you didn’t like to prevent hardcore fans giving you grief again.

Joseph Hoffman says:

What is up?! DC has always been dark as hell! Whatever… I’ll just go and watch The Dark Knight again.

tirrellx says:

Trade some of those games in Chris. Damn.

Aaron Chris says:

Great video. Can’t wait to see this movie.

brian brush says:

okay so i have yet to see the film however i must ask people as someone who thought the tone of bvs was fine and its the plot and writing are the things that needed improvement will i like this film

john doe says:

Okay Chris Stuckmann you dropped the ball big time (6:24)
Put a SPOILER ALERT ON YOUR HEADER! Let me watch the damn movie and find out BY WATCHING what surprises the movie has!

Crmccombs says:

but is Superman FIXED?!

AB says:

I’m going to watch this movie as a nerd, not a critic

kityhawk2000 says:

Lol I don’t know who I feel more sorry for. The guys who worked so hard to try to make the movie crowd pleasing and falling short, or the critics half who are getting bashed by DC fans for hating on the film and the other half getting bashed by MCU fans for liking it.

kiran vinay tube says:

DC is the best

blackdragon6 says:

I think DC and Marvel will always have their detractors. But i feel that Marvel has the same issues DC has…but in the opposite direction. Instead of everything being dark, everything is light and witty to the point of being forced. And i didn’t like GoTG at all. A friend of mine said that Marvel’s films are theme park rides of those characters, and that’s EXACTLY how i see them. I feel that people think Comic films can’t be done at face value, so they make them “fluffy”. Marvel comics ironically was always thought off as darker than DC. face it people like Marvel because of the gritty stories of the X-books like X-men, X-Force Daredevil etc. Nobody was checking for the avengers back in the day. The truth of the matter is that both DC,AND Marvel are dark with some humor in it when it comes to the comics. But Marvel is just being formulaic and safe with their films. Their Netflix shows are awesome though (despite Iron Fist & Defender being duds)..

Jie Peng says:

pretentious review.

sXeoutcast97 says:

Marvel Apologist

Hovenchy says:

DC fanboys are banging their keyboard as we speak

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