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Flick Pick movie review – Justice League, starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa. Directed by Zack Snyder.


Clark Tanaka says:

The man of steel soundtrack was actually used for a brief moment I think.

JR B says:

I thought Whedon would save DC, but he actually ruined it. Too many scenes where comedy shouldn’t be applied. It really sucks that the general people think a good superhero movie should be comedic and light hearted—NOT. Sure, it works in Marvel, but that doesn’t mean everyone should pressure the directors to do the same.

Bernard Poindexter says:

*the movie sucked ass* and i didn’t even bother to see it and I already know

Parasko Chonis says:

I loved this movie 10/10

Arian S says:

But dude. by a B-. Do you mean BvS is better than this one???

Africa Ping Fighter says:

I’m an Asshole

I don’t need a reason to be an Asshole.

So why do the Big Bads in Comic Movies need to have huge character plots and motives…

Steppenwolf is an evil asshole, he wants to terraform earth to impress his uncle and redeem himself.

That’s enough for me, I’m glad most of the movie was about the team 🙂

Dinky Dot says:

So do u even lift anymore bro?

PW Customizing says:

Considering my low expectations. …i thought it was surprisingly good.
Not the best…not awesome…but for a DC movie kinda good.

Stacey Peckham says:

Good work John , nice to see you back , you left us for a while

Tony Montana says:

Yes John! I’m glad I’m not the only one that loves Man of Steel. That Hans Zimmer soundtrack is what I listen to at the gym when I’m rubbing baby oil on the nips, to prepare me to attempt to try and lift some heavy shit

Adiq Haikal says:


MALIBUMAN666 says:

Aquaman looks like MrLordi

Luc Turgeon says:

Green Lantern: 4/10
Man of Steel: 2/10
Batman v Superman: 3/10
Suicide Squad: 0/10
Wonder Woman: 5/10
Justice League: 1/10

Earl Poole jr. says:

John, best buy is going to have the steelbook 4k edition of justice league and thor, keep an eye out for the pre order they’ll sell out quick. Happy Thanksgiving bro.

theFLICKpick says:

I gave this everything I had…. Enjoy all 16 minutes of justice!

Rman Nayr says:

I Enjoyed the movie! Had a blast watching it!

Roux O says:

I actually really loved Justice League. I could tell what was Whedon and it felt like it didn’t fit honestly. I would oddly like to see the Snyder complete cut. The CGI seemed like it was thrown together in a hurry in some parts but there appears to be legit reasons for that. It seemed like the characters were headed in the right direction. Superman felt more like Superman. WW was great again while Aquaman is finally cool. The Flash is hilarious, and Batman is the Dark Knight that is practical, willing to do what others will not, and sacrifice all, including himself, for the world. Cyborg could use some work, but I really feel like he has a future if developed properly. JL for me is a B+ or A-. The villain was weak and the movie did feel of two different directors at times, but there is enough to excite me about the future so long as they continue.

Clara Perkins says:

Justice League Movie Available in hd Quality
Stream Now plus.google.com/+McQuinGanesStaringDika/posts/aT1qvsvyMik

Kevin Bennett says:

Just FYI there actually IS a reason for CGI effects on a 300 million dollar movie to be bad, rumor has it that they tested the Snyder version and it got BVS levels of panning so Whedon had to do a shitload of reshoots. So why does that mean it has to be bad…one word…China.

The Chinese government is pretty damned strict about which movies are allowed and when, last I heard they only allow 25 US movies a year, and if you are given a Chinese release date? Your ass damned well better hit that date or the Chinese government is just as likely to revoke your right to release and give it to someone else!

So it was either release the Snyder version and have it go over like BVS or hope Whedon could save it and deal with shitty effects to hit the China release date. Honestly I can’t say I blame ’em as it does at least have a higher score on RT than BVS.

Aryan Prasad says:

Which scene was he talking about??

Arian S says:

Dude,. I loved MoS too. A-

Ser Winzzalot says:

filmakers didnt take it as serious as MOS, WW, BVS…this was a joke cant wait for wedon to be fired and geoff johns released…paul dini and bruce timm should be in charge of all things dc

Wrestler Latino says:

Review The Punisher

MrPotato says:

for starters, this movie aint perfect. It has numerous flaws but what it did well is that the characters are all very likable. I TALKING TO YOU FLASH !! Some of the CGI look weird and in some scene it was actually terrible. I mean for a 300m movie, i really expect better CGI. the villian was meh but the action sequences was awesome. My favorite scene was when the league was fighting superman and the look on flash face when he realized superman can see him in his speed force mode was priceless. Fucking amazing ! overall it was not as good as i hope it gonna be but 100% not as bad as most of the critics are saying. 7/10 for me. Yes this is my opinion, just voicing it out. Peace

comicgirl267 says:

I really liked it. I know it’s not perfect and has some issues, but I still think it’s a good movie. If they make another one, I hope they have a more consistent story and maybe add a few more characters, like Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter.

emoravershufflez says:

I heard that in this movie Flash is new with his powers… So please explain to me his blue lightning

OldSchoolLimp says:

You look like you are losing your gainz!!! You need to go back to BroScience 101!

Phyman Dang says:

Great review bro! Really appreciate this.

Valdeci Junior says:

Justice league 2 now

space man reviews says:

MARVEL Does it better!

aware24 says:

Even your mannerisms are starting to resemble that of Chris Stuckmann. Where did your muscles go?

You are becoming him.

Luc Turgeon says:


Ryan Stannard says:

The story was kind of bad but I loved the characters. That trumped all my gripes about the movie.

Peter Franco says:

Hey, did you do a Ragnarok review?

dbur1845 says:

Lol now I want Batman to ask Superman how he flies.

Mike Lynch says:

Justice league – A
BvS – B+
Man of Steel – B+
Wonder Woman B+
Suicide squad – F

Laughtill YouCry277 says:

I like the batman mask over your terminator head

Rman Nayr says:

The Movie was Good! And the Critics are Wrong!

Bobby Horn says:

This movie hint to much about bvs which pulled me out of the movie a lot and made me wonder why bvs wasn’t really connected to bvs very well

Mohammed Bisarara says:

Ooh boy Flick you’ve hit the nerve talking bout 1989 Batman VHS Tape movie, same thing happened to me, brother and cousins. Huuuuuh good old memories. Thanks and keep up the good work man

The Amazing Lucas says:

This movie is proof that DC isn’t even trying anymore.

Euadam says:

This review was brought to you by a fan boy with a youtube account…NOT a film critic and no idea/intellect of what makes a good film.   This, on the other hand, IS a film critic  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsLcTO2a0Ec

Rman Nayr says:


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