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Justice League Review – No Spoilers. Andre Black Nerd Review of Justice League. Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg finally team up together in one movie and the Justice League is together on the big screen for the first time. But is Justice League good or bad… or both? Justice League stars Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as The Flash, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, and Henry Cavill as Superman.

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mrm64 says:

The movie was fuckin’ awesome xD The whole crowd had a great giggle out of it all. Sure it felt rushed at times, and I’ll always say they should have fleshed out the backstories of the characters before the JL was released but regardless, I LOVED this.

Josh Gulisano says:

There should be a documentary about the making of this movie.

EvieE1002 says:

It wasn’t as good as Wonder Woman but much better than B v S , so I enjoyed it for what it was

Pancakes Are Life !!! says:

yes the nerdy room is back!

YoBoiJordan says:

Superman beats his ass done

Brandon Ko says:

This movie was fantastic. Even knowing the Frankenstein monster it was during production, it felt like a singular vision and like Andre said, the second half is BOMB. The first half shows the kinks in the armor, but it never becomes too distracting because the story moves forward to establish these very fun characters that you want to see come back together again. These characters feel like they leapt off the pages of the comics (except for Aquaman, which I feel was a very welcomed take on the character) overall, GO SUPPORT IT AND SHOW THIS MOVIE LOVE, or HATE whatever you want

Joshua24/7 says:

Your full of crap it was a great great Great Movie and if your to stupid to see that well you are worthless

brian martin says:

Good to know , as long as it’s a halfway decent movie yeah ill probably see it

Red4Eyed2Jedi0 says:

My favorite scene was Flash’s “Oh shit, I’m SO fucked!” face when he noticed Superman could see him while running.

Alastor Hacon says:

I’m dying to know, what is the trope that Andre is talking about at 2:30?

Anthony Cantos says:

The real question is…. Where superman at?

Aaron Daniel says:

Ty so much for the breakdown!!! Looking forward to it.

DarkTrinityGaming says:

I like that it basically was JL:War but without supes and darkseid

Robin Thrush says:

Least spoily spoiler ever.

vindelextreme says:


jomossino79 says:

They forced the movie to get quick bucks, that’s why it doesn’t hold up to even the Wonder Woman movie.

Lex Chavez says:

Bottom line: It was made for DC fans. I loved it. Love that they finally catered to people who actually read the comics.

adilbeck says:

uhhh… This movie seemed rushed… And many of the scenes from the trailers were cut. I think that BVS had a better story line.

Robert F White Jr. says:


BigDog says:

2-1/2 ⭐️ out of 5

Donate Life says:

Your name offends me. I’m black. I like movies. What makes you a nerd? Is it because you speak well? Are you a nerd because you wear glasses? Why. Peace and love to you

KaizenDRL says:

So excited that deathstroke is there and they are creating the Injustice league

Fyre Place says:

Chris terrio and zack snyder literally said that bvs was intentionally the darkest film in the MOS BVS JL trilogy. Thats a common tactic when making trilogies think ; the dark knight or the empire strikes back.

Thero Pilane says:


Ronin Yama says:

A black nerd lol nice name

Joshua McJunkin says:

I think a major problem was that Thor: Ragnorok came out so soon before this one did.

Lee Paul says:

Did you see the invisible plane lol

gplus46 says:

All the apparent excuses for the problems and mediocrity, at this point in overall development of the franchise, really?

Jasmine Williams says:

I know what spoiler person you were talking about loving. And I loved that person too!!!

YoshiFanNick says:

I just saw this movie

Jediknight25 says:

I agree Flawed but Fun. Well said.

pikakirby 11 says:

The bad guy reminds me of loki he even has the pointy hat

Mralman8 says:

The idea that dawn of justice was meant to be grim dark, so justice league lightens up the DCU with hope did cross my mind. It is definitely interesting, and a decent way to cope with the bad movies in the franchise. Also I, am planning to see Justice League.

shinson says:

Justice league was a awesome movie.

Matt Fortmuller says:

Story is trash, steppenwolf is trash, Flash was disappointing

ejhproductions1 says:

I thought it was pretty decent. Better than j thought for sure. But, the mustache removal. The mustache removal!

TheCosmicburrito2 says:

Can’t wait to see the spoilers review.

Julian Styles says:

Do a spoilers review!!!!

Jared Mims says:

If anything thor Ragnarok had a lot of forced humor

D L Mason says:

Movie was good!!!

Evan Dieu says:

Holy crap, your the first person to say the same thing I though, that it might have been a plan to start the DCEU very dark and hopeless and when the age of heroes came the hope would return. I could be wrong, but it would make sense, because that would be an over all world development, instead of world building all within one movie. I’ve wondered if the character development was meant to be divided (cinematically not a great idea, but franchise and novelty wise, it’s pretty clever). I’m probably wrong, but it’s a fun thought haha

Summer Bradshaw says:

I agree! Not perfect but lots of fun!

Shushant Verma says:

I feel that this movie would have been way better with Snyder doing what he does best. Joss just added too many jokes which were really not required. I really liked BvS for the seriousness, I loved JL for the characters but it felt like a Marvel movie to be honest .

This is Bree says:

I hope Superman is the character that he talked about liking in this movie!

Mindlink1 says:

Loved JL. Wish it was 30 min longer. Would have loved a giant actor playing steppenwolf and mix him with some cgi. Afflect performance and fight scenes in bvs were better. Post credit scenes were suprising and awesome. DC solo movies will be even better.

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