Justice League Movie Review !!

Justice League Movie Review !!
The first real team movie from DC!
Well worth the wait…


Noah Campbell says:

Green lantern?

Suleman Rana says:

I thought the embargo didn’t lift until Wednesday? Nice review nonetheless!

Samuel Hawthorne says:

I still don’t trust it. Everyone was saying wow wonder woman was great but it was mediocre at best. Not bad though. So I’m just waiting for a good dc movie and I hope this is it.

Michael Caputo says:

how do u think the critics will like it

Andre F. Gordon Jr says:

Your right homie the 2nd one is the best all I can say is # the legion of doom

Spooky Syd says:

I fucking love this review. I was very scared and not anticipating this film, but now I’m pretty stoked!

Chillo56 says:

Why does Warner Brothers keep messing around with every DC film? First they cut crucial parts of BvS and SS and now they’re cutting Justice League too short? For what reason? IT’S A TEAM UP MOVIE DAMMIT! The reviews are saying that the movie’s pacing is too fast thanks to its short runtime. It really baffles me how idiotic the execs are at Warner Brothers, how can they fuck things up a 3rd time round?

Humanime streametal says:

Hope JL movie 65% more higher so it still watchable

Hero walker says:

fan boy reviews dont count

leitinho quente says:

you were calm reviewing this movie, other guys in here are taking shit about this movie!

Kobrah De Duelist says:

Thanks I had mixed feelings about this film and wasn’t sure if I wanted to see it but now I’ve booked a ticket

Solid Poe says:

Enjoyed your review bud.

sarath chelsea says:

I wish they used the old justice league theme music

Metin Ünlü says:

When you sub at 88 And see he’s jumped to 122. I call that progress.

Tripper Harrison says:

Glad to hear positive reactions. Thanks. Should we assume that you meant 2 post credit scenes when you refer to them as Easter eggs ???? Thanks again and cheers. First real JL review for me so far .

cdubb3 says:

Thanks, make sure you put no spoilers in the caption i almost passed over you video .

Arrow Oliver says:

How did. Superman come back

arjun chowdhary says:

any idea how much it will hit on rotten tomatoes ?

more than 50% ???

roninpainbringer says:

did they destroy the mother boxes to prevent steppenwolf and his kind from coming again?

Ash says:

Is there Superman’s black suit?? I have to know!!!

supermanguy1214 says:

Liked and subscribed man!

Conspiracy TV says:

How distracting was supermans CGI mustache removal?

John Wonder says:

is this a spoiler free review? cause you are going into Zeus and all that so I stopped the vid.

hamhockbeans says:

Great job Kevin Feige show DC how to do it right.


This movie may be great but TDK holds the GOAT title bro.

BigBroCohen says:

Sounds good, I’ll definitely see it.

*WAIT BUDDY* says:

Justice League will at least make 700 million off bat. This will automatically generate 1.B in a short amount out time. Possible 2 or 3 (Maybe a little bit more) Billion by the end of this movie’s running time in theatres.

Vestigo says:

Just found your channel, great work, very good review. Subbed and lookin forward to more videos.

John Wonder says:

Jason looks like the 90s Aquaman ..except for hair color


Best??? That’s a bold statement.

Derrick Darfour says:

How was the CGI underwater scenes of Atlantis ?

The Phantom says:

I had no doubt in my mind that Justice League was going to be a very good film. A lot of the reviews I have come across, have given the movie a thumbs up, so really that should be a god enough excuse to go see the movie. I personally can not wait to see it.

John Wonder says:

Both man of steel and BVS was both done right…The whole point was for our heroes to rise from the darkness..this was the plan the whole time …But starting in this place didn’t click with everybody…but as a 45 year DC fan, I can say that they got Superman right 100% from day one.

roninpainbringer says:

MY MAN!!!!

Midori Gurin says:

You keep your voice low I just recognized that. Is there someone sleeping in your house or do you regularly talk like this?

Devon Sterling says:

Does green lantern appear in the movie?

ConorMcDaddy Lars-Son says:


ninjalego gamers says:

Justice league beats marvel avenger in rating jl(8.7) avenger 8.2

Clorox says:

Can you tell us what parts of the trailers are not in the movie! Is it a good or bad thing though? /:

Skinny Pippen says:

I dnt trust Marvel OR DC fanboys with reviews. I like both but lean to Marvel. MOS and WW were good. BVS and SS…not so much

Enemy of The state says:

Bro bvs wasn’t suppose bvs it was suppose be dawn of justice duh

Matt Davis says:

Was the second Easter egg brainiac?

MultiMr.Patron says:

I saw the movie it was ok

Anshul Piperde says:

Thank god it was great

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