“Justice League” Non-Spoiler MOVIE REVIEW!!

Eric Shane Calvin and Aaron review and discuss without spoilers DC’s Justice League

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- Jayden - says:

Ok seriously. I do not understand why when people talk about the hate this movie is getting and why it isn’t doing so well, is because of Marvel ‘fans’. Like that makes absolute no sense whatsoever, when you blame one movie not getting good reviews, because of another company who had nothing to do with this film.. Why can’t a fucking DC movie be talked about WITHOUT Marvel being put into the mix. Whenever it’s a Marvel film, and it’s not that great i dont see anyone saying ‘oh but its because of DC you know, fuck DCEU.’ So stop just fucking spreading hate on Marvel, simply because your personal opinion on them isn’t good. Fuckin hell.

And Shane, I dont understand why you had to add that you liked it more than a lot of marvel movies. Like jesus bloody christ. THIS IS DC AND JUSTICE LEAGUE not Marvel. We don’t care that you liked it more than another companies movies. And the reason he gives at the very start for liking it is because it’s ‘light hearted’ the one reason so many fans were getting angry at it, for being ‘to much like Marvel with cringey and stupid jokes.’ Again, more hate on Marvel, even though they arent apart of this film

thatKONNORguy says:

I learned to read through DC comics and haven’t stopped since, but I thought this movie was really bad. So there are opinions on all sides, to each his own

Jake says:

I would say its not amazing but not bad, would not care if i missed out this movie

WillJon Fox says:



It was okay to watch, but for it being a 10 year planning at a 300m blow out budget pretty mildly disappointing

Ingrid Catherine says:

Is this movie receiving all this hate or are you guys just basing this on RT?? because I feel like most of the critics had something positive to say about JL.

Skarekrow1592 says:

NEW short LAST JEDI TRAILER with some new footage out! Called kylo failed luke. Please react!!!

theTRIOS says:

BTW Batman dies in this just so you know.

Kian M.Tamar says:

What hate?
Reviews just didn’t like the movie. It is on you to good read the reviews that you share interests with. On the other hand, all the YouTube reviewers who are mostly comic book fans, all gave JL a positive review. If you love comics, you’d be satisfied if they just gave you 10 minutes of Superman and the flash racing. You won’t need a story or the movie to be a good “movie”. Professional critics look for more than their childhood heroes on the big screen or cool cameos and geek out moments.

Honestly, this movie is getting a lot of love from fans. Many YouTubers who also are on Rotten Tomatoes all gave it good score on Rotten Tomatoes while most of them didn’t even submit reviews for Thor Ranarok or Spider man homecoming thatcame before JL.

Aqua 1515 says:

The only thing I didn’t like about the movie is the representation of Wonder Woman and the Amazons

MagmaAscending says:


– ALL THE HEROES (Specifically Batman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman)
– Post Credit Scenes
– Great Fight Sequences
– Team Chemistry
– Lois Lane (Who I hated in BvS)

– Steppenwolf
– Green Screen
– Incredibly Short
– Slow Windup
– Steppenwolf in general
– This Barry Allen is not my Barry Allen. Sorry


– Superman coming back in the middle of the film was a welcomed surprise
– Green Lanterns!!!
– “Do You Bleed?” Callback
– Emotional core w/ Cyborg and his father
– Cyborg’s new suit
– The Flash and Superman race

– Steppenwolf’s CGI and Superman’s uncanny valley face
– That random family (If you’ve seen the movie you know what I’m talking about)
– Atlantis looked unimpressive and bland

Keith Littlejohn says:

That movie suck fanboys

Billy THE KID Lawrence says:

Didn’t enjoy the movie. Hated the villain and a lot of story issues….however…fun set pieces and good character interaction

Not sure exactly when, but I am seeing the movie again. I was a tired mess and honestly having a bad day too when I first saw it, hell, I think I must have just let my numb during it to take me out of my mood.

As some people may know, I loved Man of Steel and Wonder Woman. I rewatched Batman V Superman, the Ultimate Edition not too long ago and while I have a lot of gripes with it, I don’t think it’s overall that bad, except for the Doomsday stuff.

I am giving the League another chance, because if I can do that with those films, I can do it with this one. Here’s to a better experience.

I’ll always despise Suicide Squad though. Lol. That movie is plot-hole generic city.

mohanicus says:

can’t wait for your reaction to the punisher… holy shit.
just finished the 1st part… savage stuff

Jake says:

Unpopular opinion, man of steel is eh, not bad but not good

Cato Sicarius says:

If you are DC fan don’t watch it, if your pop culture junkie you are free to go.

Jochen Schütz says:

I don’t see the “hate” you guys are talking about. Most reviews confirmly reviewed it as a “meh”, which is about fair. The average of Rottentomatoes was 5.1/10 last I checked. That is meh personified.


Why isnt aquamans logo in your title? It coulda been upside down for the “V” in review. :-:

RynKen says:

I love seeing rational reactions to stuff like this. Probably because of how many people have turned hatred into a hobby.

Sebastien O. says:

Awesome Review!

The Ponderer says:

I’m almost definitely gonna see this, but the reaction across the board is reminding me WAY TOO MUCH of Suicide Squad for me to want to spend money on it. My expectations are on the floor, and I feel like way too many positive reviews have ultimately come down to “eh, it was good enough”.

A *Justice League* movie should be more than just barely passable, or a “it’s dumb fun if ignore all the problems” type movie.

Delightful Reviews says:

This film wasnt horrible like I thought bvs was, but I didnt think it was a great movie. But i did enjoy watching it. Wonder Woman and Man of Steel are still far superior films, but just superhero movies in general. But I am looking forward to an aqua man movie”)

Toy Bounty Hunter says:

I’m one of the few people who enjoyed BvS wasn’t amazing and maybe because I don’t know DC universe as well so I’m sure i’ll enjoy this…still need to see Wonder Woman too.

serenityq26 says:

dc films i so dont get the judging of them based on comedy lol thats what your lame mcu films are for

Timeturner says:

Haters are so disgusting. They downvote something just for the sake of downvoting it, based on an opinion they made up before they even watched it.
I still haven’t gone and seen Justice League yet, but I’m definitely trying to keep a positive mindset. This movie deserves to do well, and I’m sad that it isn’t.

Victor A says:

It’s a decent movie. 6.5-7/10
I think Joss saved this movie from being a 4. His dialogue and character chemistry overcame the bland story structure

Tom Vonders says:

Hey, did Blind Wave enjoy Suicide Squad? It’s just that I need to know people’s opinions about SC to understand their taste when recommending other DC movies 😀

Jeffzzzz says:

I liked it. I thought it was great!
Movie should have been longer, and less ‘Whedonned up’. Great story, great villain. His message was clear, action was awesome. Visuals were great imo, i’ve seen some people complain and i get where they’re coming from, but whatever.
Solid 8.5 for me! I need an Ultimate Edition though!

Oh and at first, i respected the fuck out of Danny Elfman. But than i heart what he ‘composed’, and what a lazy motherfucker is that. Lost ALL my respect for the dude instantly

AlwaysSomething says:

I really hated the score and it affected how I felt about this movie.

Snow axe says:

JL was epic , Dunno whats wrong with RT , They Sucks I guess, But JL is my fav. of this Year…………..

BowmansWorld says:

I know its good to positive and all, but this movie was hot garbage. it felt like I was watching a parody of the heroes I love. None of them acted in character. Steppenwolf was a joke, and the “unity” plot felt like some generic convergence light in the sky story.

Danendra Abhinaya says:

Nice movie, i dont like the movement and the fighting tho, and that flash running style.
And for the Aquaman. .?


DNICE41 says:

Not a fan of explaining away why critics disagree with your particular view of a movie. It’s like saying they actually like or dislike a movie and are intentionally hiding that fact because reasons. As for the lighting rod the DCEU seems to have become online, the vast majority of the public in general doesn’t obsess over these movies the way they are on YouTube channels etc. It’s really a distorted view of reality.

Jeffzzzz says:

Eric, please read this.
This movie is getting LESS hate than love.
I think you’re referring to the RT reviews, listen. Lots of them are actually fresh, but RT progressed the grade as rotten for some reason.

T K says:

It is was pretty underwhelming. I am so happy that Snyder is finished with the DCEU.

Doug Cowell says:

BvS and Man of Steel had me cringing and absolutely hating the experience of being in the theater, popcorn and all. You say you expect comic book fans to like this one. Do you feel the same about those two?
So once you set the bar of saying those are some of your favorites, and this doesn’t reach their level, I’m more confident than ever than I need to go see Thor again this weekend instead.

andy marfo says:

Nearly 300 million dollar budget with bad CGI an awkward batman a strange looking superman. Flash runs like Steven seagal towards the end. Computer game villian and battle at wonder woman’s home. We deserved better.

karl jonson says:

On wikipedia with my language sayes that the movie is 2 h ans 50 min long. I’ve heard it’s just 2 h so I’m confused.

BecauseImBatman TM says:

Overall, movie was great! Very straighforward. Imho, Critics just dont like zack after mos. Not dc overall. I think anything zack directed will be criticized with double standards…

Carlos Esquivel says:

I really liked this film, if I had one gripe it was the Villian was kinda boring, he could be cool at times but the heros hot most of the lime light.

Jasmine Boothe says:

I gave it a B-. I love DC films based on their epic character moments. (Supermans first flight, wonder womans no mans land) but Supermans return fell flat. Maybe it lacked a good soundtrack to me. Music makes all the difference. But the characters were amazing. The cgi needed ALOT of work. And the reshots were obvious.

Zang says:

I really liked the movie; it was a lot of fun. Outside of a few scenes of poor CGI and green screen stuff, I didn’t even notice the problems critics are complaining about. I really hope we get to see an extended cut in the future.

Danny Rules says:

WE need more reviewers like u fellas…I as a Fan of DC feel really sad with the hate this movie is getting which is soo bad…

Dmen05 says:

I liked the movie but I can easily see and understand the reaction from noon fan critics, this movie is a mess.

Cryptonics 123 says:

It it wasn’t for Danny Elfman’s score this movie would have been perfect

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