KIN Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Delrith review KIN, the movie about a kid finding an awesome Sci-fi gun, how could it mess up its relatively simple and interesting premise.

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Ryan Fowler says:

Wow he’s losing lost of subs

Buddy 1 says:

Del is the motherfucking shit! Fuck the haters. I wish I had a friend like him…BTW, AJ, you’re a fucking racist.

KarrotKake says:

Will you make a video on some of the features of BF V being thrown out?

kaloryfer99999 says:

Will you review Ocean’s 8 ?

Oliver White says:

Do you only review movies now?

Orotasan says:

that gun reminds me of a gauss rifle

Александр Воробьёв says:

кому эти ревью нужны..

Fernando Barahona says:

Lol just saw an ad for kin while watching this glad i didn’t watch it

GIT GUD says:

Joe are you gonna review My Happy Few?

NukemDukem says:

Just saw it and it was so bad!

Tahsin Ahmed says:

Joe just a future advice don’t make movie reviews 20 or 30 minutes long. I mean it’s understandable for game reviews since you have to go in depth but movie reviews should be 10 to 15 minutes max. Keep it short and try not to spoil too much.

Dickie2shoes says:

Trump 2020

jared Cicero says:

What Del is back ( who I consider an optimist ) what he’s not hating and nitpicking every movie that comes out he actually has something positive to say what heresy is this ( seriously though thank god Alex is not here he is the worlds biggest fucking pessimist and never says anything positive always negative stuff coming out of his mouth )

Officer Ned Digger says:

I like the fat guy instead of the Angry joe Clone

Moon Knight says:

Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that all of them have the same themed t-shirts?

Sylvanas Fan says:

liked for delrith <3

Patrick Bossome says:

Cool merch

crescian medston says:

Sounds like a FOX show that gets cancelled mid season but has an epic ending that you know will never get picked up in a season 2.

Muhammad Awais says:

all Del does is repeat what Joe is saying afterwards, this is why I prefer Alex, the guy hates everything but at least he seems to have his own opinions.
Ok never mind that this movie was fucKIN terrible joke made me lol all is forgiven Del.

Derek Finch says:

Lots of love for you Joe. F the haters.

Ankroth says:

I don’t really understand why is the creation of 2 full game reviews per month such a big problem for AngryJoe. Laziness? Burned-out? Tell me, I’m curious.

SonofRiggnarok says:

Fuc-KIN boring. LOL

Kieran B says:

Review a game man Jesus

jkishhabi_#HTD4Life says:

Sounds like the 1978 movie Laserblast, a real bow wow of a movie.

Starfals says:


metalhead6442 says:

Why don’t you do more reviews with Delrith, OJ and Alex more often

ketchupkatsup says:

Where’s the Death of Superman review!?

jimboa20 says:

I thought the older brother looked more like the guy who plays Iron Fist. This is a letdown, I was looking forward to a SciFi-infused family chase action/drama.

Tevin Newsome says:

Is there a way to buy those shirts they got

John Doe says:

Getting fat Joe. Better hit the gym if you don’t want to be like your buddy there.

Rndm says:

how does ea’s semen taste Joe?

Jeremy George says:

Oh yes! Rackaracka are some of the best on YouTube. I love seeing them be acknowledged. Give them 30 mill they will make the greatest stuff, especially since they know how to work with a smaller budget.

Taco Taster says:

Delrith is so positive, its so refreshing

Ed Venture says:

God these movie reviews are trash. I miss old Joe.

Buddy 1 says:

Sucks you don’t like white people, Joe…

Fuck You And Your Ideology says:

I was prepared to hate on the movie due to race-mixing propaganda. But it’s actually an interesting dynamic. I think it wouldn’t have the same effect if he was white.

ranruy says:

I came for other Joe

Ксения Ковалевская says:

I’m not sure why, but this is Trump’s fault.

DeAtomizer says:

When are you guys going to step it up and buy some collar mics? Your movie reviews sounds so home made

mark two says:

Gotta say i see a lot of youtube videos and you should win the award for best picture and sound i can’t tell you how many youtubers have poor picture and poor sound quality you guys are the best i seen

seanface 2015 says:

Dude cut these down and daymn, ill watch EVERY one. Thanks for your work man!

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