Lords Of Chaos – Movie Review

Today I’m giving my comments on the Lords Of Chaos movie. The film loosely based on the book of the same name. We’ve known it was coming for years and, now that it’s here, let’s discuss how we felt about it.

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Dexter hardwick says:

Yeah the darkthrone thing got me too, and idk i wish they talked about deathcrush a bit but ehh still awesome

skypjuh says:

the Cohen performance was not good enough for a liberal arts film on vimeo

John Doe says:

I knew the movie was going to be bad. What you said at 9:30-9:44 is spot on.

Rogue Planet says:

Never been so quick to a video. Haven’t seen this yet but I know the story enough so I’m curious to see what you thought. Wasn’t too excited but Rory Culkin is a pretty good actor

Akemi 97 says:

Didn’t expect you to see the movie

XD says:

*it was a brutal self defense

Liam Lavelle says:

Hey Myke, it’s really cool that you were pretty fair with this movie and gave it a chance. By the second trailer I knew this thing looked kinda bad but hey maybe someone will enjoy it


Well put. The moment I saw the trailer and the “Vice” logo on a promotional graphic, was reason enough to pass on this Hollyweird abortion.

Petit says:

Edgelords of Chaos

Zach M says:

I want to see this movie and form an opinion on my own but this review was dope!

dalton fordyce says:

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but i really think people getting pissed about it getting made is really fucking stupid. It’s an interesting story, why wouldnt people want to make a movie about it?

Akemi 97 says:

What link did you use to watch the movie?

TheRealestBeaner says:

Myke the Kid C Town back again!!

ThisMachineKillsMusic says:

why watch lords of chaos when you can watch the beautiful documentary until the light takes us. Excellent video and I’m glad to hear opinion from someone who’s been enjoying BM for much longer than others.

Quiet Days says:

Dude, Larry Clark would’ve been perfect. I don’t think I am going to waste my time with this one.

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