Man On The Moon – Movie Review

After watching “Jim & Andy”, I got the urge to re-visit MAN ON THE MOON…Then I got the urge to talk about it, so let’s review it!

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saberjpg1975 says:

Andy Kaufman wasn’t funny, he was trying to be funny. The movie Man on the Moon wasn’t funny, it was also just trying to be funny. I’ve always felt like some people try to “Dig deeper” into something to explain how “Genius” or “Ahead of its time” something is, when it reality, it’s just not that good. Andy Kaufman was an annoying man with no talent that somehow made it into show business. His death left no impact in the comedic world, and I don’t miss him at all.

edvaira6891 says:

Trolls ARE Assholes! It’s like saying, “he’s male but he’s Not a man…”

caaaatchup says:

Review Amadeus!

Young Boiii says:


Smooth Steve says:

Andy was like a non-political Milo Yianopoulos.

Taylor McWhorter says:

Off-topic question: Jeremy have you seen Black Mirror/are you going to watch/review Season 4 (or any past seasons) since it comes out the end of this month?

g dawg says:

Lol most of your audience probably doesn’t know what vertical hold is, probably have never used a TV with it.

TRdutch says:

Late 90’s, earlier 2000’s Jim Carrey had legitimately one of the greatest career stretches of any actor ever. It’s too bad he doesn’t have at least one Oscar on his shelf.

Monica J Diaz Baptista says:

DARK Netflix bitte!!!!

Miles Trombley says:

His alter ego is hilarious, even if he is a dick.

tzahi alexandrovich says:

i really loved that movie , as for howard stern private parts thats my num 1 movie of all times , wish u would review that one day

Carlos Rivas says:

it wasn’t a good movie. Jim Carrey’s greatest hits of Kaufman’s life which were no match for the real thing. The documentary The Great Beyond is much better.

Nema says:

Please talk about the FCC

Matty Ice says:

At your funeral Jeremy I will remember you as the guy who said Suicide Squad was a good movie

hotrod275 says:

Review Lady Bird!!!!!

Garrison64 says:

I grew up during Andy’s time and his comedy was so far off the wall at the time that most people just didn’t know how to take him. Some of it was really funny but most of the time he just came across as an eccentric weirdo. It’s not until we heard from other comics talk about him and learned more about what made him tick that it really started to make sense. Unfortunately for Andy he was gone before that really took place.

Casey Dudley says:

Could you review Lady Bird please. I think you will like it a lot

Chris Montgomery says:

Still waiting for the Hercules 2014 Review staring the Dwayne Johnson

Dax Billingsley says:

If you like Paul Giamatti, go watch the HBO show John Adams

Raúl Chávez says:

I’ve seen it before (Man on the moon) and I’ll tell you what… Now I wanna see it again too! xD

vintageroller says:

Great movie. The irony is that andy by the end learned that its not fun for others getting trolled.

yugoxgc says:

Jeremy Jahns the man of the people

SirTyJensen says:

I loved Man on the Moon, I over watched it. I haven’t seen Taxi before Man on the Moon.

tleeg74 says:

This was a great movie.

I loved every scene with Tony Cliffton.

Rodrigo Trinidad says:

Don’t worry Jeremy. In your funeral we will all make sure they write on your tombstone “eat my nutz” as your last words. We got chu <3

thefleece 2 says:

Proof that YouTube film critics know nothing about movies prior 2010

Justin Clowater says:

This movie is fascinating, and I agree, Jim Carrey not getting nominated is insane.

Tj Bryan says:

Im gonna start a channel of reviewing movies

Middle Aged Nerd says:

So then. First review without a rating since you mentioned on twitter you were thinking of ditching ratings. Consider this a vote of approval – if you’re keeping score. It will take people some getting used to; for a while we will be expecting to hear it and be a little disoriented by it not being there at the end.

sboyle67 says:

More older movie reviews pretty please

Harmony Man says:

Man On The Moon is an Awesometacular movie and worth buying on Blu-Ray. (Not trying to steel your line though)

Joseph Flores says:

I just do it it’s big Hollywood movie

Will King says:

Where is your review of the punisher?

Charlie Stabile says:

I’d buy it on bluray if it was available on bluray.

S. T. says:

I really think Jim Carrey is underrated

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