From #BeyondTheBlackRainbow director, Panos Cosmatos, comes a heavy-metal odyssey of romance, revenge, deranged bikers, crazy evil, and of course… Nicolas Cage! This is our MOVIE REVIEW!!!

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Jonz Polley says:

First mom and dad, now this! Nick cage is back!!!

ALL IN ONE says:

Great movie screenplay goes from astrology to spirituality!Not only a revenge story.

Jonathan Bassett says:

I liked it. It was trippy. Kind of like Legend meets Natural Born Killers.

Zacary Bruner says:

I can’t wait to see this movie.

Jonathan Neal says:

The Lil dick was the scariest part of the movie

Fisto 69 says:

No mention of the Cheddar Goblin?! He rules!! My favorite Nic Cage movie will always be Vampires Kiss.

anthony cheesman says:

If this movie is slower than drive than damm lol I’ll pass

Liam Evans says:

You look like rusev

Adam Freedman says:

I gotta watch this. wish I could watch it on a big screen though

Patrick Floyd says:

I thought it was excellent. Johan Jóhannsson’s soundtrack was stellar!

Jordan Griffin says:

This was a great movie

Dan Cannon says:

fuck, just found out that Johann died. that’s a real bummer.

Ben champagne says:

Reel Sexy Review Hours


Cant wait to see this…thanks for the review guys…. you hyped me up even more now

Oz Man says:

Loving the hair Greg!

Mathew Styles says:

I feel like Nicholas Cage works more than any other actor. He’s in so many damn movies, nothing really good but an actor acts.
I feel like he’s earned his honorary comeback

TheBluearmy33 says:

So basically it’s a good movie to get high and watch. Cool.

ajdrewello says:

I couldn’t stand this film. I was way too sober to endure the red filter and penis laughing

endless013 says:

My Favorite Crazy Cage is that second Ghost Rider movie even though I really don’t like the movie as a whole, he just lets the crazy fly when he’s transforming, it’s magical. My favorite cage movies are the ones where he plays it mostly straight or at the absolute least as straight as that character can be, stuff like gone in 60 seconds, Knowing, Drive Angry, Face Off, Matchstick Men (this one touched me on a deep personal level when he explains why he doesn’t just kill himself. I’ve had to play that clip many times for many people because it’s been me).

Jamie Boyd says:

Seems like some homage to Susperia. 80s Giallo movies

Happy Dayz says:

I dunno what it is… i love your reviews/reactions… but the volume of your videos is super low. I always struggle to hear what your saying. :/

Yuck Fu says:

This is a convoluted bunch of movies in one. Texas Chainsaw, Hills Have Eyes, Hell Raiser, Manson, Death Wish, etc… They don’t explain SHIT. If it wasn’t so painfully slow, maybe they’d have time to develop “The Chemist” character more or explain who or what the bikers are (Skratch, Scabs, and Fuck Pig). Also, WTF was up with the “Cheddar Goblin”? What a bizarre left turn after watching a woman get burned alive for laughing at a naked hippie.

The Reel Rejects says:

Thanks for joining us, #RejectNation!! What’s your favorite off-the-wall Nic Cage performance?!

Also HUGE thanks to everyone who’s been downloading and following us over on the #StardustApp!! To check out more of our 30 second reviews, reactions, & micro-sketches, download the app and don’t forget to FOLLOW US FIRST!!!

manicpsycho9 says:

I like the Metal Album art cover moments in the film.. and the bathroom freakout scene, I thought Nic Cage was actually reined in a bit and did not go full-out crazy as one would expect

tom black says:

Is Beavis & Butthead?

lee p says:

Thnx for the review guys i watch you guys all the the time even on stardust you bring honestly to your reviews and you you seem to have a general knowledge of movies which I also love love you guys.

So Jin Choi says:

I was at the Egyptian too with the Q&A, from the right side of the first floor. (First time at the Egyptian) Infinitely better projection than the first time I saw at Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival in Korea, and also enjoyed it even more this time around.
I saw 23 Nic Cage movies this year (almost all VODs), and it was completely worth it when I actually got to see Nic Cage in the flesh.
Honorable mention of “Mom and Dad,” which also features the incredible Cage rages.
Dishonorable mention of “Arsenal” for having the worst Cage hair.
Super dishonorable mention of “Left Behind” for being the worst out of the 23.

Della Yassine says:

Damn. I’ll check this movie out then!

Douglas Gladney says:

Have you guys not seen David Lynch ‘s Wild at Heart

Mohammad Hassan says:

wow, that sounded awesome

Blahblahron blahblahson says:

Please react to Special gift****Donnie Mc Clurkin’s with Lynette Hawkins(HD) & to My Last Day (English)– the Jesus Anime

malcolm adderley says:

Jesus and Judas, I spy with my little eye a film that is complete bulls___t! I’ll stick with Con Air, Leaving Las Vegas, 8MM and The Rock.
Let Metallica have this film and its soundtrack.

Andrew Harris says:

I can not wait to see this. It’s On Demand right now, but everyone’s saying it should be seen in a theater

Asian Movie Enthusiast says:

Very nice review. I did not personally have a problem with the pacing because of the fantastic visuals, atmosphere and the memorable moments even during the slower parts (e.g., the scene where they “call” the demon bikers, the scene where the cult leader played his music album, etc.).

Dan Cannon says:

totally had a similar experience in my theater. People were laughing during the bathroom scene while i sat there gobsmacked by Nick Cage’s raw performance. Really weird.


Loved the movie, got some masters of the universe vibes in film, very 80s, very retro, very good.

Petit Louis says:

Finalfuckally. A good, very good movie with Nicolas Cage.

Hales Tales says:

I absolutely loved this film

Jason Hobbs says:

You cut my shirt …. l loved this film been on my brain all weekend

kenchun24 says:

Good review Reject Crew. After two viewings of Cosmatos’ sophomore effort “Mandy” (one in cinema, packed 11pm audience at The Egyptian that same night of your screening) and once with a small bite of a 500 milligram dose brownie at home for it’s VoD release…and I loved it just as much both times.

To me “Mandy” never moved “slow” because there was always something audio or visually engaging about this film, whether it be the great performances of Cage, Roache & Riseborough, the amazing cinematography, the amazing Johann Johannson score, the cool operatic lighting, the varied camera shots, practical effects and matte paintings! (also the themes as well)…

While I think Panos’ movie can be enjoyed on a pure “midnight movie” crowd level…It’s definitely made in mind with folks who dig the “alchemical filmworks” of Alexandro Jodorowsky, Klaus Kinsky & Werner Herzog stuff, some of Kubricks works, and Nicholas Winding Refn. But yeah, I dug it all – the audiovisual storytelling, the themes, the moments of darkness, the release moments of levity, along with moments to cheer Cage’s “Red” on his journey of lost love through hell! So good!

Hopefully it expands to more cinemas as Halloween season rolls along. As I do think this is a movie that should be seen in cinema, with a great crowd and an open mind.

Adam McHardie says:

Wow you guys went so in depth. So refreshing to see youtubers know their shit and be entertaining.

Gawain Uchiha says:

React to
My Last Day (English)– the Jesus Anime
Donnie Mc Clurkin Special Gift

Noble Tse says:

Thanks for the review guys. Still haven’t watched it but needed some kind of review in order to get me mentally prepared for this. I Will be watching it this week; keep up the good work guys.

Allan Alberts says:

Im so confused. Watched this movie today and i dont get why its rated so highly. I HATED this movie. Same crap as Only God Forgives(2013). 0/5.

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