Mandy Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex experience the trippy brutal gore-filled revenge film fueled by Nicholas Cage, Mandy! And LOVE IT!

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BEN Swolo says:

The after credit scene explains it all.

Slay Mink says:

I love angry Joe and his friends but for love god Joe your reviews about 30 min or 25
can let your friends talk about the movie for 7 min without cutting off I know you are hype beast and you talk very well but its awkward for us to see people around you just nodding while you talk no disrespect for you or your friends I just like to see every one talking and taking their part in it .

Jon McGuirk says:

every once in a while I’ll check out one of Joe’s movie reviews, and can’t understand why the mic levels are always so messed up. Someone is always too quiet and someone too loud. After all these years nothing ever changes. I don’t get it.

MALEMization says:

Please review Valkyria Chronicles 4!

Frankie Felony says:

Check out full movie Scenes of Mandy on my channel

00x000 says:

Very interesting director I’m gonna check out both his movies

Kermit of Rivia says:

Joe, can you please STFU and let your friends speak? What’s the point of having your pals come over, if you don’t let them speak their mind?

BredMirror says:

I watched 20 minutes then I turned it off. It was so painfully boring…

Pulse says:

That was disgusting, evil shit Joe, not good for the soul brother.

Eddie Cardwell says:

I think Alex is the best movie critic of the 3. Other Joe always seems anxious and not confident enough in his review.

Richard Sylvester says:

It’s amazing how the AJS uses the iconic green screen way more for movie reviews than it does game reviews. What happened to this show? 🙁

Fab Elger says:

Joe why you allwas got these…issues? with the green screen with the audio…what ever man at this point i just think you making this up man cause honestly NOONE has that many problems with …audio…or FILMING…just say how it is…i got drunk didnt want to do it…no problem you are a youtuber not a cubical worker. Noone thinks you do this because you like to keep up with working restrictions but dont say things like that all the time. and if its true and you have all these issues then id be glad to help you sort out a system that will work EVERY time ALL THE TIME without…so that you can just get on with your life and still bring out the content you want without this.

Sean Smith says:

This film was pure eye candy and aesthetic satisfaction, best cinematic world building since Fury Road! Easily top 5 for the year.

regul8r says:

its available on showbox if you wanna save some money. I just watched it, didn’t like the final kill scene but thought it was good. I spit on your grave is a much better revenge movie though

Milton2k says:

Alex is for sure the saltiest of the three, but I usually agree with him, Joe ,the heart, the brains, of the “show”, and O.J. I like to think of him like a quite likable, afable motherfucker, that has a darkside. A quite hidden one. I love this panel. 🙂

Jim Halpert says:

I legit thought this was called Handy Mandy. lol

drop says:

Hmmm smell my shit.

CorporateRaider says:

do a reaction for the black ops 4 zombies nine trailer joe

Aomine Daiki says:

Just watched this movie, It was weird af 😛

Milton2k says:

Mr. Vargas has to take it a little bit easier with Alex…….He was just expressing his opinion, and a bit shut down by Joe….( Don’t get me wrong, not a fan of Alex, a bit salty for me, but here he was kinda shut down by A. J.)

Obed Blas says:

Telltale is nomore WTF! I enjoyed the latest Clementine episode was looking forward to the ending of the series.

Serps says:

Trust me my mom will love it

EndlessSurge says:

I’m pumped to see this now.

Foxtrop13 says:

is mad max in the woods on drugs

Anton Engström says:

The book is named don quijote. It’s a classic

Malachi Roberts says:


Neocoolzero says:

I was able to go to a horror festival and experience this in the big screen and it was totally awesome!! Was able to take my bro along (were both huge horror fans) and he went in totally blind, he didn’t even knew Nic Cage was in it, and by the 3rd act we were cheering and applauding it along with the entire room, it really was an awesome experience!

Dr Quantum says:

I didnt like this movie at all. I have nothing against slow movies. One of my favorite films is blade runner 2049. This was just bad.

anand altantsog says:

Nicolas cage the cage

AshGB says:

I found it on openload for free

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