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This Mandy film just took me on a serious fantasy/revenge acid trip and I think I liked it.
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Nicolas Cage: 00:56
Revenge Pr0n: 01:23
Artistic Integrity: 01:43
Reality Rift: 02:38
Psychotropic: 03:10
Panos Journey: 04:03
Simple Plot: 06:01
LSD Fantasy: 06:49
Art Installation: 08:07
Red Sonja: 08:34
Cage is Back?: 09:12
Black Rainbow: 09:24
Watch Now: 09:57


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For those of you who read the description box: here’s some inside info as to why this film connected with me more than I thought it would.

My therapist is a Jungian and while I don’t really ascribe to that school of psychology, I always find it interesting as it serves as a fundamental part of the method of my treatment (mainly focusing on individuation).

In case you don’t know, Carl Jung was a psychiatrist and colleague/frenemy of Freud. Anyhow, a lot of his analysis of the mind had to do with dreams and societal archetypes.
This movie feels very much Carl Jung nekyia (delving into the unconscious) case study on grief. When we first started our sessions, my therapist would always ask me about my dreams and then analyze them through archetypes and symbolism.

I don’t love dream analysis as a part of therapy but there were times where it helped me understand underlying issues that were deeply ingrained into my psyche.

Anyhow, I told my therapist about this movie. I was like “soo.. it’s pretty violent but you might appreciate all of the archetypes and symbolism” littered throughout the film as a Jungian. I wonder if she’ll actually go see it.

Oh also, something I didn’t get to tackle in my review was another insight from the director Panos. He talked about how you could interpret a lot of the imagery in regards to how all modern religions are in his mind, perversion of their original intentions.

End Slate Artwork by Chris Rusche :


WarlordRising says:

Panos is the son of a prolific contributor to schlocky yet revered 80s machismo action cinema. I agree that his visual style and lineage would be perfect for any reboot related to the Conan universe.

wjeffreyrankin says:

Definitely check out Beyond the Black Rainbow (its soundtrack is great as well).

Jw Nj says:

I’m still waiting for Cage’s Superman.

S Nomad says:

I’d lick your acid.

Life-Row-Toll says:

Looks awesome. Going to have to watch it soon. Thank you!

Mycsisters reviews says:

This would be a good movie to watch on LSD, but the way you described it that is not an LSD trip. I miss acid. lol

rfrancoi says:

Thanks AQ….. This sounds like another Nick Cage TURD!!!

Aaron Frey says:

I love this movie. I watched it on VOD, but now I need to see it on the big screen.

Scene68 says:

It made me want a Hellraiser remake. Cenobites on bikes, how fucking cool would that be? Lol

Ben Sprague says:

Beyond the black rainbow is great. I highly recommend it. Just er,welp,yeah…expect disturbing & trippy beyond ye olde usual comfort zone!

Imperial stats says:

No interested in this movie only clicked because her thumbnail caught my eye lol

Max Omnicast says:

“Mandy” is actually MDMA. LSD is “Lucy” (in the Sky). Shrooms are “Alice” 😉

how much should I take for granted? says:

I’ve never done acid – my dreams are enough to deal with xP … I remember this dream I had that I rarely think of but I have never been able to forget. I’m wearing a traditional wedding dress walking up the isle of a traditional church. I appear to be heavily pregnant as well. Up ahead of me is someone in a shinning suit of armour. I reach them and they turn to face me – it is a woman in this armour with a gorgeous smile and face and long golden flowing hair. Then all of a sudden I have this massive pain through my stomach and look down to see her sword has run right through me. I am speechless and in shock. She stares and just watches as I keel over onto the floor. Roots from the earth come out the ground and take over my body and I am absorbed and devoured by the ground below me. Then she pulls out the sword and moves off out of the church. LOL. wtf? I have all kinds of weird dreams like that – they make up most of my vivid memories to be honest.

Mike MacFarlane says:

Nicolas Rage, amirite?

Dead Samson says:

hi! Nicholas Cage is actually an amazing underrated actor; it’s a shame he gets a lot of shit because he doesn’t turn down roles. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans is one of my favorite films


I dropped acid almost every weekend for 2 years. Good times…this movie looks pretty trippy.

Shane Prime says:

This movie was like Far Cry 5 meets Resident Evil 7

but yeah, I loved it!

Jayme Splendid says:

You live in Brooklyn??

bluewaves overfuji says:

I was never expecting to love a Nic Cage movie ever again and haven’t perhaps since Wild at Heart. This was something else. You could say Nic Cage was more of a vessel for Panos and his cinematic dream. The visuals are dreamy and ethereal like nothing I’ve seen in recent times. And yes the sound track was amazing, perfectly complimenting when we see unfolding on the screen. I loved this film and cannot find too much at fault. The simplicity of the story is exactly as it should be and I was wanting to watch it all over again after it finished. Thank you for your review I really enjoyed your take and you covered many aspects others did not.

random dude says:

rent a movie lel – I just illegally stream everything but you just have to get used to the Russian subtitles

Ian Tanner says:

beyond the black rainbow was available to watch free online, good film, great soundtrack, and yes, his films do capture the essence of hallucinagenic states…

just checked, it’s on youtube channel ~ Dave Kolton

crazy4nails99 says:

you have beautiful nails <3

Content Aware Phil says:

I liked Beyond The Black Rainbow even more

Critical Eats Japan says:

Sounds weird… yet, interesting

Marco Burino says:

Great. I was really looking foward to watch it. Now I’m hyped, especially with the Jungian themes.

Nima says:

I subscribed really because of the awesome first few seconds. Supa fly.

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