MARVEL STUDIOS’ AVENGERS INFINITY WAR MOVIE REVIEW – IT’S TIME! You have seen us do our trailer reactions to trailers 1, 2, 3, the final trailer, movie clips, etc. for Avengers Infinity War but now the time has finally come where we must give our reviews for the film, and this is something we’ve been waiting years and years to come! Was all this hype and all the build up worth it? Find out tonight in this funny video, and our epic Avengers Infinity War movie review!

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jedi fu says:

~he looks more like captain chaos !! lol . . .

Heyprinny says:

From the thumbnail, I thought Korey was wearing darker black face.

thething75191 says:

thanks for the SUPER NO SPOILER review guys! you are the best

Metallic Hound says:

Really wish girtz was here for this one, I’ll miss him most definitely

Jeff Marlowe says:

Kilmonger is way overrated and does not have shit on Thanos

Solo Lay says:

24:43 Martin just confirmed that Loki is dead.

Blatty26 says:

Comic book nerd Martin gave this a better than sex? Don’t even listen to the other guys

ladedade23 says:

hmm some people cant pull off a bald head… but Korey does pull it off even if it is a bald cap people still be having horribly shaped heads with a bald cap…but I thought it was lumberjack thanos until I remember they called him debo in the trailer review.

UnCreative Deconstructionism says:

*I cant wait til Double Toasted: Infinity Review part 2*

Theyungcity23 says:

Is Korey wearing Black face?

Michael McClelland says:

What is the reason Thanos wants to kill half the universe?

May May says:

so you’re telling me that the movie wasn’t released on april 27th? what the hell?

JulesGunn says:

The Ebony Maw is to Star-scream as Thanos is to Megatron

Ghost8386 says:

Purple Debo lol.

spade2187 says:

Loki dies

Carlo Torres says:

cant watch this rn!! be back tomorrow 😀

Kíre Howard says:

is this spoiler free?

jason fasthorse says:

you know damn well DT is going to spoil a little bit inadvertently so I ll come back and watch this later

becky marrchenko says:

loki dies, thanos has to make a choice on whether to sacrifice gamora or the soul stone and sacrifices gamora, and bucky dies in captain america’s arms, you’re welcome 🙂

Juan S says:

So Thanos sounds like a well developed Negan.

V I says:

I’ve totally been there with that spanking speech, and that’s why nursing homes were invented. Those fucking parents better save up for retirement because they are NOT living with me! Haha, seriously though.

Cornelly Mokondo says:

*『 AVENGERS: Infinity War 』* fuII movie: [ ]

James says:

I’m getting age of ultron vibes from this. Thanos is just a better Ultron

V I says:

Do you think that people will be happy with some of the payback that Iron Man and others will get after Civil War? I didn’t even watch the Civil War because the main story of registration pisses me off to no end. This movie will be interesting.

Ian The Geek says:

I thought Kory got cancer or some shit

May May says:

or am i missing something?

Josh Russell says:

And on her 18th birthday he found out it wasn’t his.

Mitchell E says:

Martin look like Captain Marshfellow

rbiznezz2 says:

this film calls for a shared youtube-iverse review btwn Double Toasted & Tyrone Magnus (the dream team — the best, most honest MCU reviewers on YT collaborating ala Avengers Assemble)

Winston W says:

Korey look like Piru Raisin

Austin Trench says:

Why is Corey in stereo type face?

Von The Stampede says:

Shut up punk for I knock yo ass out

Meh says:


randomstuff 2 says:

maybe they should have done 3 parts…still excited for it.

T-Top Deluxe says:

I knew immediately that was Thanos-Debo lmfao. And Martin looks like that Mush Mouth dude from Fat Albert with the hat that covers his eyes XD

Josh Russell says:

Full-Life Consequences!

Loopy Kick says:

19:52 – 20:02
Savage. XD

Kireeti says:

I was waiting for Korey and Martin show off, like in trailers with Thanos and Cap.

Miguel Santiago says:

Kori looks like an eggplant

Juni Ba says:

Damn it Korey that is the most innaccurate and bad resume of the Thanos comics storyline. The book one actually makes more sense than the movie’s one.

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