Mary Poppins Returns – Movie Review

Mary Poppins does indeed return! But was their 25 year long wait worth our 54 year long wait? Here’s my review of MARY POPPINS RETURNS!



Eoin Morrison says:

I don’t know what songs you were listening to, but I will DEFINITELY be humming A Cover Is Not A Book and Trip A Little Light Fantastic for a while. The music was classic style broadway bangers.

callista says:

it was a boring movie tho

asingh53 says:

I have to agree with you, it was a “good movie” but it was not a “great memorable movie that I will watch over 50 times and sing all the songs”. I still have all the songs of the original stuck in my head but this one I found it was a bit dull at times. I also found that there was a really a lot of songs, I don’t remember the original having that many. I also thought the story took way too long to unfold and i was falling asleep in parts. Overall I will give this one a 3/5.

MermaidChick19 says:

the animation was amazing however the songs felt sped up and I couldnt get with it. The movie was good however I love the classic 🙂

Sawyer Thompson says:

Eh, this film is ok
It’s a fine family film , except for a kids movie I’m surprised that it was over 2 hours
I give it 2 stars
But I do agree that Emily Blunt is like the best person alive for a Mary Poppins role

jonatan solo says:

The balloon scene you did IS HALIRIOUS(AWESOMETACULAR!)

mavsuper says:


M G says:

Movie was forgettable

Joe H Moore says:

I didn’t like the movie. I’m not going to trash it to harshly. It was unnecessary like Jeremy said we still have access to the original.

Zack says:

I loved the songs

Moviefan2k4 says:

I do want to see this movie, and the soundtrack is very good. Your bit about the balloon popping made me laugh, too – good work.

The _Wanderer says:

I hated the fact its a villian

Angel Lampley says:

The best part of the movie is Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Sophia Redwood says:

My goodness, I saw that movie and I LOVED IT! I’d never actually seen the first Mary Poppins movie- I’d just heard very, very good things- so going into the theater, I didn’t know what to expect. Being that I’m a very imaginative person, the plot of the movie immediately caught my attention and had me content the whole way through. I mean, the plot twist? Kinda predictable… and yet it still made me smile and love it just as much. Mary Poppins herself charmed me within sheer moments, and the balloon scene at the end filled me with joy that brought me back to my own childhood, which was probably the goal of the movie in the first place. All in all, I totally recommend watching it!

fvillag1 says:

Mary Poppins 3
ANNIHILATION; mortal kombat reference. but okay.

HazzManBlam! says:

all we need now is a bedknobs and broomsticks sequel

uttam patel says:

garbage movie as shit. fucking singing songs in the movie… i left theatre within 45 minutes.

Gas Mask says:

Are you going to review Holmes and Watson?

Scart69 says:

I was disappointed with the balloon scene…….. Perfect opportunity for the first ever Flatality……..

MySweetCreationz says:


Maryann Palmer says:

Saw it. Loved it! I disagree with your critique of the music, however. I find that many of the tunes are “stuck”in my head. Good review otherwise.

Tom Caine says:

The movie was good, but it was literally a beat for beat copy of the first one. I found Emily Blunt a bit cold and unconvincing as Mary, but then again it’s meant to be an interpretation closer to the books so I hear. Dick Van Dyke and Angela Lansbury stole the show though! They were absolutely fantastic!

Screaming Shirly says:

Just saw it. Boring.

Ryan Brennan says:

Except it DIDN’T work for Star Wars… They haven’t made a good movie since they started making movies again.

dicapriono says:

In Mary Poppins yall

Brian Groove says:

its interesting isn’t it no-one can write a catchy song anymore, snowflakes destroyed the fun in music, in the past a piece of music for an advert was called a jingle ,now if you get your music on an add or on TV its like they I am up for a grammy, hence everyone is trying to be so serious and gloomy that they forgot its just pop music enjoy

World's Greatest Gamerz says:

I feel like you should be particularly harsh to all the Live-Action, but not as good films that Disney is doing as well. Because we could also “just pop in” Lion King. Nostalgia is a disease and Disney is milking it to death baby! Props on them.

Alexis smith says:

I liked the movie, but probably wouldn’t sit through it again. Emily blunt was fantastic, but I feel there was a lot of unnecessary scenes that didn’t fit right, and made the movie drag on a lot. If they put the good scenes together, I would like it a lot more.

Toni Burandt says:

Mary Poppins wasn’t his nanny. It mentioned that he worked with Bert and met her that way.

I went in to this movie worried but I actually fell in love with it. I agree the music isn’t as good as the original, but I would disagree with your point of none of the songs being catchy. I found myself singing “Cover is not the Book” all day at work yesterday.

Might be biased since I have always loved him, but I found myself loving every scene with Lin Manuel Miranda, I thought he did a phenomenal job with his role 🙂

Cloyphish S says:

Why is she always denying it? Coz they’re not tricks or magic. She’s an expert storyteller and knows how to tap into people’s imagination. Everything is imagination. No they weren’t floating. They just imagined they were.

Kabaka Ashe says:

Mary Poppins wins lol

TheCommonGentry says:

thank you so much for addressing Star Wars. I got a nice Force Awaking vibe throughout the movie lol

Juan Isasi says:

Full Metal Nanny

Blue Thunder73 says:

I don’t agree to me “Imagine that, Topsy song and Nowhere To Go But Up.” where great songs. Specially the last one wich was a great closing song. A great sequel for the whole family. Go and see it.

tiochocabron says:

My question is. Do you blow dry your hair??

pozzibleMovies says:

This is the best review you have ever done

Kok Meixuan says:

“and if while dreaming in the clouds they fall and go kerspat”

Johnnie Blunt says:

Thank goodness that I am not the only person who thought the songs were not memorable. Fifteen minutes in I looked at my watch and wondered why this apparent musical didn’t have any songs. I completely forgot that Lin-Manuel Miranda sang the opening number. I completely forgot that song. Completely.

partyonwayne4 says:

Good on Jeremy to find a way to implement a Mortal Kombat joke

Silvia van Lieshout says:

In this movie, the male protagonist is a wet blanket, spineless, incapable soy-boy, Mary Poppins is an arrogant b*tch with none of the redeeming charme as the original Mary, the songs are bland and forgettable. So the exact opposite to the original in every way. Can we PLEASE….for the love of all things 50s through 90s….. STOP making prequels/sequels/remakes, just make new stuff and leave things alone that are already good.

Alejandro Franco says:

OMG! just saw the movie and it was like you were reading my mind! BTW your space balloon joke was EPIC! ja ja ja ja ja ja

LibbyLouOlivia says:

My review – This movie was TOO frickin’ LONG and the number of songs it had was annoying. I was ready to rip my ears off (or walk out) around the time of the upside lady scene. If the songs had been good and catchy, I could live with it. The movie just dragged on while the songs kind of sucked. BUT I can see why kids would like it. The overall plot actually reminded me of Nanny Mcphee more than Mary Poppins.

Everything Cool says:

This movie is trying to complete Mrs Travers books

AwkwardSlytherin TV says:

Lin was low-key the best part of this movie. He’s lively, and passionate to the point where it’s obvious. Think: he stopped preforming Hamilton for this role, he cut his locks for this role, he learned accents for the role. He did a lot. Also, he’s never been in a movie before. Cut him some slack, he did his best

Lisa Norton says:

Everyone poops. Especially Poppins!!!

S.T.U Muffin says:

This movie was way too long

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