Maze Runner: Death Cure – Movie Review

The final chapter of the Maze Runner trilogy is here, so here’s my review of MAZE RUNNER: DEATH CURE!

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an11yearold says:

they might make a prequel called the kill order .. they made a book on it so….

Marcel X10 says:

sorry jeremy but on this one i disagree it looks like a great fuckin movie

Blaze The Movie Fan says:

I will probably check it out.

Chris Wincek says:

Actually like the movie. You’re actually more books in the series but they’re not going to be made into movie though.

mje319 says:

Does anyone know how Newt got the virus? Was it airborne at that point or was he injured?

J says:

Maze Runner was okScorch Trials was betterwhatever Jeremy it’s your opinion

Magnus Holum says:

Grow out the beard, Jeremy!

Unsilenced Chaos says:

Can anyone comment no spoiler apart from if they have those zombie things because they freaked me out

Jet Luo says:

I personally think the ending is a bit boring and a bit too long. Probably would be a better movie if they have a clear-cut ending.

SammaJosee says:

I have no shame in saying I cried rivers when *spoilers* Newt died.(but I read the books so this movie was more enjoyable for me)

Dat419 boi says:

are they not making the kill order in a movie?

JAP Palis says:

Your’e right its way better than the scorch trials, i like the friendship of Minho and Thomas but Newt touch my heart.. This movie is great and worth watching.. and i will watch it again.. it has taught me something tho., sometimes its not always what you think is right.. is Right..

BridgewatersFinest says:

See to me, Thomas is a shitty character with nothing special about him but his blood, he’s replacing Christian Grey as the least interesting main character in cinema, and I don’t particularly think that Dylan O’Brien does much performance-wise to change that. As you point out, there’s almost no sense of stakes to the movie, as someone else swoops in to save the day, literally, every single time. To me this was a low-end YA title that will (hopefully!) entertain a small core audience, and offer almost nothing to everybody else.

Taylor Moore says:

I enjoyed the movie, but then again I read the books and am a fan of the series. This movie stuck more to the books than the second movie.

Marshal Fleming says:

This review is the one of his that i don’t agree with. Very enjoyable and having read the books it doesn’t follow the books and is just a great movie overall.

xxREDHAWKSxx says:

I would rate it no alcohol required

Viktor Schlatte says:

This movie totally WASTED Walton Goggins!

JanChrstn Uy says:

I think cinematography wise it’s amazing

Matthew Silver says:

The ending wrapped up everything nicely.. no clue why he thinks it didn’t.. did his theaters prijecter crap out on them and he only saw them in the helicopter?

Teddy Perry says:

This comment has spoilers!!!

Ok so when Newt died, some girl in my theater started crying. She literally started fucking crying, and I’m just like WTF?!

Thomas Bulpin says:

enjoyed the movie – good idea with if they could have done an intro showing back what happened in the past , so everyone is catched up by the time the movie starts:)

Kyle Campbell says:

Now the Young Adult adaptations are over

Too bad Divergent is a little late for that

Adam Kehoe says:

Say what you like about the movies but the ending to the trilogy is better in the movies than it is in the books. Also they’re probably not finished with the movies as James Dasher (the author) has written two prequels to The Maze Runner.

Mario Ortiz says:

Technically YA adaptations are still happening. Love, Simon is coming in March, The Darkest Minds, Midnight Sun, Everyday, Ready Player One…..YA adaptations are always coming. That you aren’t aware a film is based on one, is a different story.

Jonah Copeland says:

Spot on review

Aylimas music says:

That movie was actually really good. Well acted, well directed, and great characters!

Dragon Monkey says:

does anyone recommend the prequel book?

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