Maze Runner: The Death Cure – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Maze Runner: The Death Cure, starring Dylan O’Brien, Ki Hong Lee, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Dexter Darden, Giancarlo Esposito, Patricia Clarkson, Aidan Gillen, Barry Pepper. Directed by Wes Ball.


Rohan Sharma says:

I liked the first Maze Runner and I am curious to see this. The second one did dampen the excitement though and the gap too.

Savnak says:

Chris, you need to watch the Netflix show Dark, it’s phenomenal.

Herbert Erdferkel says:

just another flick in which the plot is just possible because of and driven by major, unbelievable conveniences and really stupid, unbelievable character behaviour, the whole series was ridiculous … so tired of such lazy hollywood writing and audiences who tolerate scripts for the dumb or ignorant.
Same ruined Star Wars, Star trek and several other franchises, which got stuck with same flawed writing they started out on, while every other department in the filmmaking took huge steps forward … audiences are too blame, distracted by effects and famous actors they continue to accept and reward movies with huge plotholes and moronic character clichées. Shame

DopeMexican650 says:

I Honestly give this movie a B+ in my book!

Marvelousness ! says:

Hey Chris, do a Hilariocity Review on the Super Mario Bros. Movie

Venus Dee says:

I did not expect much from the first but went to see it because I had nothing to do that day. It caught me off guard because I really really enjoyed it a lot. So that made me hyped for the 2nd which was pretty good as well (but not as good). This one I feel wind down a lot rather than build up. It was like they could have added an hour to the 2nd movie and finished it but decided to make an entire 3rd movie. It was not bad but if you are a fan of the serious, it really takes a drop.

Kiravegito 11 says:

This was painful to watch

Nateh Skating says:

Plenty to like. This movie was amazing, great action, great actors, great special and physical affect, and a overall great story

Rylee Ressler says:

It seems like newt and Thomas’s friendship was one of the best parts in the movie I haven’t seen it yet so am I right?

Milla Suini says:

Love the shirt!

bird Cinema reviews says:

Hostile next ?

JuanManuel471 says:

review the greatest showman

Powerhouse TV says:

I have read the books, I have not seen any of the movies, but they don’t look that bad so I am planning on seeing them. I have seen some of Dylans movies, and I do agree that he hasn’t really gotten a kind of role yet in which he can proove himself as an great young actor. I mean, if I was a critic, I would have given the 2013 film, “The Internship”, a completely negative review. But Dylan made that 2 hour long Google commercial a bit more bearable to watch. I mean, At least for me, if am actor can make a bad movie, even slightly bearable to watch, them that means that they are a great actor.

Nikola Lukic says:

About 50 episodes of Dragonball super have been dubed so far ! So why not making a first review of the show and also(!) comparing it to Dragonball classic, Z and Gt !!??

IChant Nyi Zaya says:

why didn’t u make Bright movie review

Jess Palmer says:

Honestly my favourite of the series- fucking brilliant!!!

This comment is literally says:

I would like to see Dylan O’Brien in a future Star Wars film to redeem the franchise.

seifer gr says:

you like deathnote parody from netflix…u sir cannot be trusted

Landon Is Gaming says:

My Maze Runner Grades.
Maze Runner:A-
Maze Runner Scorch Trials :B
Maze Runner Death Cure:A+

Narasimham Kandukuri says:

Please review “a most violent year” -2014

Loren Killdeer says:

Whatever you just said Chris. Now, I want that Sailor Moon Shirt.

Nicole Manno says:

I seriously hated this movie lol. I’m just gonna list off a couple really annoying things so of course spoilers.

1) the writing was SO lazy. For those who have already seen the movie, I bet you can’t count on all your fingers and toes of how many times a car/helicopter showed up at the LAST second when they were literally seconds from death. Seriously. They are deadass in the middle of a tunnel with hundreds of zombies surrounding them when just before the zombies are about to pounce on their prey, a truck shows up. Like come on dude. And the building?? THE BUILDING IS DEADASS IN FLAMES AND ABOUT TO CRUMBLE when the fucking helicopter showed up!!! HOW

2) the movie is so predictable. U knew they were going to take away our precious British boy since the first one they took away our precious chuck???

3) Teresa was a BIIIIIITCH but girl. U COULD HAVE SURVIVED. u deadass watched the building crumble when u could have jumped on the helicopter.

4) how is that an entire army of men are shooting at dylan O’Brien and his boys for the entire movie and not be hit once. (I know he was shot by the evil guy but still)

I really did want to like this movie but damn, that’s not the way to end a trilogy lol

JAP Palis says:

Imagine your blood is the only cure and you have to cure thousands of infected people in limited time.. will you go for it..? the story is insane.. i really love the action scenes tho and dylan is great.. i enjoyed it and it is worth watching..

D3VIL RA1N says:

The leading need to be in crime/action movie more like John Wick, Taken, The Man Out of Nowhere (best action korean movie I seen this year), etc. Dylan need to do somethig like that heck he should played Nathan Drake LOL.

ok lol. says:

I can’t be fucked seeing this.

MJ Getman says:

i think it would have been better if in the last scene thomas pulled out that wooden carving that chuck gave him (in the first movie) from his pocket instead of the cure…just saying…

dhananjoy shantu says:

Chris why don’t u review the greatest showman??

smolivia says:

love your t-shirt

Ming HUANG says:

Such a garbage movie

James Lawner says:

I think Francis Lawrence would come second to completing a movie series, because he directed the last 3 Hunger Games movies, but he didnt direct the first one.

Lost Soul says:


Adino1 says:

Review Unforgiven, I’m shocked I couldn’t find your review for it.

share bear says:

why havent you reviewed greatest showman?

someone2929 says:

Do you not do Oscar videos anymore?

Ingefær Panda says:

Hey, have you watched Ao Haru Ride (blue spring ride), its an amazing anime. I loved it and i think you would too!

Samuel Mathews says:

Chris, you looking forward to 50 Shades #3??? Hey, you should look on the positive side, it’s the last one. (unless they make movies of the spin-off novels, or worse, fanfics of this fanfic!!!!)

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