Mid90s – Movie Review

A coming of age movie that shows the life of a group of skater friends in the 90s. Here’s my review of MID90s!



Daniel Allen says:

hahahaha….90s kid here, I still use all that same terminology.

JooJooFlop says:

This movie was dope! Was not expecting to laugh as hard as I did. I recommend watching it with your buddies. Just made it that much funnier.

Oto Tanase says:

Well thats gay

X-cool A.C.E. says:

Where is “The Hate U Give” movie review?

Andres Leal says:

I know you could afford new teeth. It’s like a sharks talking at me but nicely so I’m confused. Keep up the great work. Like that insult compliment

John Conser says:

The 90s produced the f$#@ing millennials … Nuff said

Hugo Valdes says:

trash the movie disappointed

John Smith says:

Great movie. I love it.

HokageKing says:

sweet phat hard beasty

Gustavo Gutierrez says:

Let’s see if Jonah Hill actually did a good job or if this is just A24 hype.

nottheonlysinner says:

If you get offended by words you’re a fegget. LuL Kappa

t donahue says:

This movie was awesome

Bryan Evans says:

The good thing about this movie is that it shows you how Teenagers truly are. I had a few hangups about each character except one
1. I disliked how The main character kid (Sunburn) lashed out at his mom in the car and at home. Sunburn was written to be the favorite.
2. I disliked almost everything about “Fuckshit” I really wanted somebody to beat the dog shit out of him. He was talking reckless to sunburn’s mom. Even when he bumped into Sunburn’s brother and started talking shit I wanted him to get knocked the fuck out. He was jealous and envious of his friend who wanted to make it in skating. If Jonah wanted me to like this character or think he was cool, he failed! But I understand this is how some Teenagers are. Trust me I remember. When I was skating I was bumped into like this and he tried to show out at the skate park instead of saying “my bad”. He got his ass beat! and my friends beat they friends ass when they tried to jump in.
3. Ruben only hang up with me is his resentment towards sunburn. He was the youngest next to Sunburn maybe only a year older. He was the first to talk to Sunburn and bring him around. Sometimes when a teen is always talked to like shit by his friends and family he begins to feel that’s the way you show your friendship and affection towards each other. Especially the people you look up to and think is cool. Nobody acknowledges or congratulates you on anything you do so you start to think it’s normal. This character was written to be hated but I think his anger was towards the wrong person.
4. 4th grade was cool
5. The Black kid talked crazy to Ruben and treated him like shit, it felt like this even before Sunburn came into the picture. He also shitted on 4th grade dreams and ideas implying that he was too dumb to make it in film. Fuckshit did the same. But that’s about it. This character was written to be co-favorite.
6. The brother was fucked up to his little brother, by snitching on him,punching him(body shots only) was mad at the world and being to scared to fight “Fuckshit”. This character was written to be hated.

But after all is said and done it reminded me of my teen years. It showed the good and bad sides of these kids. Some things I relate to and some things I don’t. Its never cool to cuss your mom out or letting your friends disrespect her. Teenagers go through asshole phases even with their own family and friends. Trust me when they grow up and look back it will be some things they laugh at,be proud of, and be ashamed of. Pretty good movie though 8/10

RROD says:

You know its a good movie when you were born in 2004 and makes you felt nostalgic

Jamey Collins says:

I was a 90’s kid myself. I am going to see this-lol. Times were more simple and relaxing back then.

Greenkidd says:

i felt he couldve done a better job of evoking a 90s feel

Cail Beats says:

Im pretty sure they were playing super nintendo

Jesse Haffner says:

“Final Fantasy 7 wasn’t gonna beat itself!” ahahahaha!

Issa Hamideh says:

You clearly didn’t watch the movie it really seems like, your really rewording everything that happened in the trailer

patrick O'flannigan says:

i liked this movie much more than i thought i was going to. a good watch

Jesus Lazalde says:

I saw it this past Monday and it was amazing

Kay Medrano says:

Definitely couldve used another 15 minutes, but i really loved this film. Jonah does a great job representing a culture i grew up in and am still a part of. Cant wait to see whats next for the young and powerful Jonah Hill. I give this a 4 out of 5 schmoes.

John Smith says:

Funny that one of the Skate boarders is called Fuck Shit.

Jerome Wilson says:

This was a good movie bit I’d be hard pressed to call it “sweet”

Kaelion says:


x.cele says:

People gotta understand times were different back then. “That’s gay” i still use it and my friend that’s gay doesn’t care at all lmao

JonJon says:

What about the hip hop aspect of it ? Jonah kept talking bout it in his interviews. Was that just a ploy to get the hip hop community to watch it ? I would hope not

Johnny says:

I’m glad I grew up in the 90’s and that there was no social media.

Finnr Elsmo says:

One of the best films i have seen this year… maybe this decade… it hit me in a very special way….. wow, Bravo Mr. Hill

Cinematic Tendency says:

That kid (Sunny) was just in The House With A Clock In Its Walls. Landed Mid90s movie almost right away. Good for him. Watched this movie mainly bc nostalgia. I liked it.

Liam Mellon says:

I loved this movie. Buy it on blu-ray

Rocket says:

I hope this gets more buzz than titanic

baterd88 says:

It was really good. Someone left the theater in the middle of the “love” scene. I thought that was great.

leo Trejo says:

Kids still used that language

kk coop says:

If rebirth is real, I wanna be born again in the mid 80s so I can experience the 90s

iceCoffeBoof Cap says:

Trust me jeremy, im a highschooler and nobody uses “that’s lame” we all still use “GAYYYYY”

ethan rowe says:

Oh the 90’s, I member!

Cinematic Tendency says:

59 people didn’t beat Final Fantasy VII!

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