Mile 22 – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Mile 22, starring Mark Wahlberg, Lauren Cohan, Iko Uwais, Ronda Rousey, John Malkovich. Directed by Peter Berg.


padang tambak says:

Have’nt seen the movie yet, already dissapointed

Fernando Corado reyna says:

Movie was good. Yes camera was shaky and kinda ass but that ending was perfect

Bruce Wayne says:

Don’t watch it guys please don’t.. you will regret it.. thumbs down!

Revanth says:

This movie deserves a hilariocity review.

phreak373 says:

Can we all agree this movie was just a big set up for a really bad SNL skit punchline. Peter Berg set up the team to be handled by John Malkovic (mother) and the team are his children (ie child 1, child 2 etc). This was all to set up the joke at the end “say hello to your mother for me”. I mean they play it out just like the SNL skit. This was so……meh

Mariamyupperz says:


John Doe says:

One of the worst movies I’ve ever watched they should pay you for watching it

Andrew Da boy says:

This movie was dope !!!

A.I. Privilege says:

Looks great. I can’t wait to see it.

Sleepy Joonie says:

I wanted to see this for CL but looks like I’ll pass until it’s online or rentable

civilwarfare101 says:

Hopefully John Wick 3 can give good action.

unis kusnadi says:

Where Gareth Evans, Iko needs him

Jef f says:

Review Sorry To Bother You

S A D _ B O I says:

Does anyone know the full black flag quote?

Augustin Adrian Cristea says:

Chris’ *Stuck the D into Mile 22* !!! Sounds like an upcoming rap album. P.S. I love the reinvigorated Chris, with his good criticism and without those meme jokes and 21st century bullshit for teenagers that he used to do a year ago! Peace&Love

Matty Olmo says:

It wasn’t even mentioned that Wahlberg’s character was completely unlikeable, his hyper sensitivity thing or hyper intelligence thing never came into play in any meaningful way that made it make sense to even have it in the film to begin with. Only the fight scene in the medical area was any good because it was the only scene with the least amount of shaky cam. I was just really disappointed in this film because I just thought it would at least be fun, it wasn’t.

CGIEffect says:

Hopefully the sequel will be better. If there is one because that cliffhanger is already killing me

P.Scott L says:

The guy behind the guy behind the guy

Mutantgamer says:

You have to be truly atrocious or actively trying to be bad to make someone like Iko Uwais look bad in a fight scene. What a waste.

Andrew M says:

I can definitely understand as a super brilliant long-time movie critic, there was a lot wrong to point out with this movie… and, yes, I normally also dislike shaky cam… but something about this movie had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I thoroughly enjoyed it. If I could give my own tomato score it would be about a 78%

jeremy paul says:

Hated all the Bourne movies cause of shaky cam, so I’ll have to take a hard pass on this. Thanks for the review.

Jay Roberts says:

I haven’t seen this yet as over here, it’s not currently out but I really can’t wait for it. It looks so good and definitely my type of movie. Mark is one of my favourite actors too so it’s going to be win win. Can’t wait

Khalid Hermansyah says:


Adnan Khan says:

I walked in the theatre with no expectations and thought it was pretty entertaining. Nothing groundbreaking.

Ian Harris says:

Thank for your open and honest reviews I feel like some other movie reviewers (with blonde hair) give good reviews on bad movies because they are getting $$$ or perks.

David Scott Lane says:

I loved this movie

pvthitch says:

Jeezus, I’ve never seen a rifle with so many doo-dads and gee-gaws and lights and sights and lasers and all that worthless crap on it! Is that a scope behind another scope? My Daddy carried a plain-as-white-toast M-1 Garand all across Europe and it served him just fine.

A fine addition to my collection says:

This movie was so frustrating to watch. Its ending really pissed me off.

Depression Cherry says:

Lauren Cohan is the only reason I want to see this movie. But since it looks so boring I guess I’ll watch TWD again

Albert Tran says:

I was so hoping this movie would be good

At least the last action scene in equalizer 2 and all action in mission impossible surprised me

Andika Rachman says:

The pronounce for Iko Uwais is like this Chris, “e-co uh-waist”

andi 20 says:

It was filmed in Bogotá D.C, Colombia

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