Mission: Impossible – Fallout – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Mission: Impossible – Fallout, starring Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames, Sean Harris, Angela Bassett, Vanessa Kirby, Michelle Monaghan, Alec Baldwin. Directed by Christopher McQuarrie.


Austin L says:

I’m really anticipating your mamma Mia 2 review

yas666eer says:

Not that great just watched it. Am i missing something here? the story action was C at max. the cinematography and music was B. for me an A or A+ is the new blade runner. not this

Robbie Stevenson says:

I saw a screening two days ago. It is a masterpiece!

Tyler says:

That John Wick shirt is so sick

Darren Kang says:

Can you guys calm down. An A is still really good, and he stated his flaws. For a film like this, it makes sense.

Whim says:

Nice shirt

shawn Money says:

Jeremy johns had a different opinion like it wasn’t that good.

Alex Nzigamasabo says:

Babayaga short was the ultimate distraction!!!

Erika Warren says:

When are you going to review the trailers for Aquaman, Titans, Shazaam and Godzilla! You have so much content!

Van B. says:

Henry Cavill is a god

santillane _xx says:

Awesome review Chris! Even better t-shirt

Hisham Kaissi says:



im unsubbing you. since you got accepted as a real critic all your critisism is pollite and nice. i dont like that i liked you old reviews where you said the shit out of shit movies instead of going all nice. bye never coming back.

Justbe says:

Is that John wick? On your shirt I mean lol

Prasad Gujar says:

The movie that ruined Justice League

Spideog of Highgate says:

I have always had a problem with the M.I. films and law enforcement action movies(Die Hard in particular). After the day is saved the heroes wouldn’t be capable of any sequels because of the time the mountains of paper work, red tape, I.A. investigations and mandatory counseling would take.

John Smith says:

Sooo, you like?

63M1N1 says:

but it’s tom cruise, so no

Pith-e Productions says:

Great review Chris!

Eric Warner says:

I need to see this in IMAX for sure.

Rocco FX says:

This is as good as Mad Max Fury Road? OMG… Fury Road was the most borring dumb movie ever…. with saturated colors, and weird action scenes, horrible acting… and horrible script…..

Brodie Dunn says:

I found his movie too ridiculous to enjoy. I loved the first 30-60 minutes but after that it got way too far fetched to the point I thought it was stupid how everyone was still alive.

Aditya Kashyap says:

Hey Chris do review on Nicholas cage staring 2004 comedy “the weather man”.

Paritosh Gupta says:

Thought u wud give it A+

Legendsfaith3 says:

Hmm IMAX I live in Columbus Ohio and I don’t recall seeing any IMAX theaters around here.

Let me go Google search.

Bon Baro says:

Listen Chris ,I love your reviews but one major issue I have with them is that you always show parts of the trailer and it just spoils a lot so I can only listen to your videos. The trailers kind of ruin your reviews IMO.

Lucas Ledain says:

That helicopter scene Tom had to learn how to fly AND operate the camera himself inside the helicopter! DEDICATION.

k1p says:

This was a very, very good movie

malcolm adderley says:

Cyborg breaks no ankle or jumps on couches!

54tisfaction says:

Wow, this is high praise indeed… I’ve not been terribly impressed with the latest M:I movies, but your review might have swayed me to actually see this one in the theaters…

Johnson Taylor says:

This dude probably busted a nut in the theater.

rodrvic 2307 says:

Wait…. Where’s the movie review on Saving Private Ryan?

Lucan Reynolds says:

Chris’s reviews have become sooo formulaic now!

Kevin De Smet says:

Who was waiting for another Mission Impossible though?

Dtaysche says:

Tell it to Dougray Scott’s snapped neck.

sasha chornyi says:

Thank you! thank you! Thank YOUUUUUU!!!

Joshin Aji says:

Let’s all hail Christopher Mcquarrie

Miissakuravidel says:

Do you need to have seen the last few movies to follow the plot of this movie?

Fiona Keany says:

just back from the cinema. What a thrill ride from start to finish. Tom Cruise stunts are mental but they leave u on the edge of your seat

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