Mission: Impossible – Fallout – Movie Review

The 6th movie in the Mission Impossible series. Here’s my review of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT!



pozzibleMovies says:


NJOverclocked says:

Fuckin fantastic movie. Cruise is an actual badass, EVERY stunt is real.

Benj Ham says:

Just saw it! Amazing! These reviews are always my go to reference before gunning for the theaters. The lack of jeremy renner was not as bad as i thought(I hope this is not as spoiler). Crossing my fingers everybody could still do 7.

xL3THALx x says:

This movie was Badass!! Soo dang good!!! Burns out superhero movies that are recent by far!!

SKYRULE-49 says:

Michael Bay, Please take notes!!

Just Me says:

The free fall scene was fucking badass

TerryMcGinnis says:

Tom Cruise nails it again, Ethan Hunt is the top action man of the decade.

Rahul soni says:

Before i watch it there is only one quistion

Is this movie better than ghost protocol

Dan K. says:

Your intro song is awful. Please change it.

Andrew M says:

I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time. This movie was so sick!

mikeT1100 says:

Do I need to watch any of the other mission impossible movies to understand what is going on in this one?

Maria Stark says:

Yeeah! Was looking forward to this but now I’m definitely going to see it on the opening night in my country!

ThatHalfLatino says:

The best mission impossible movie

kevinalvarado says:

I’ll be honest. I was never a follower of the franchise and I walked into the theater with low expectations. I walked out with pants full of jizz.

Bossanator101 says:

I wonder why 118 people disliked this video

John Weed says:

The score in this movie was amazing not sure who made it but damn they did a good job

Ben Boudreaux says:

I really thought this movie was just ok.. the dialogue was incredibly monotonous

swishpronoob says:

That bathroom fight scene was superb, felt it.

vKevinnn says:

Critiques Potential spoilers

Some parts took me out of the movie, like wait that would kill him, and that doesn’t make sense and corny stereotype bitchy boss lady, there are no stakes. Not one point did I think anything was at stake in terms of characters potentially dying, also nuclear bombs like every other action movie. I left the movie probably being too critical, I’ll watch it again and see how I feel. One things for sure the fight scenes and punches were brutal.

Lon Don says:

Thought nothing would top Ghost protocol but I think this one has. Plenty of amazing action scenes and the ending is one of the most action movie finale ever. Definitely worth the time to see.

G Flo says:

Dude jumped out of a fucking plane on camera. Correct me if I’m wrong but, isn’t he the very first actor to make that attempt? That’s a fucking Guinness World Record right there.

Aron Brown says:

Haven’t seen it yet and was expecting a good time no alcohol required but I will definitely go see it now.

Jwhack 20 says:

My favorite is Ghost Protocol and my least favorite is M:I 2

Eddie Hernandez says:

It was amazing

Josh Henry says:

It was really good movie, great action and stunts. The only issue I had was the storyline, it was kind of generic in a way, nothing happened that made my stomach twist or had me on the edge of my seat. To sum it up, almost everything went the positive way. Too much happy endings. Too much predictability.

Ben Brennan says:

You’re stupid.

factfeeder777 says:

Holy crap I really wanna see the movie now. The reviews are all awesometecular!

SJC Mark says:


bungalaix says:

The blonde lady is just oozing sex from her face she can give me a boner just by looking at me. Damn.

mang kanor says:

this series is basically Jackass with tom cruise.

BlazinNSoul says:

Seriously I do not know how Tom Cruise has not killed himself 10 times over. I don’t think Lloyd’s of London would even ensure the guy haha.

What it must be like for his co-stars. Get me away from this lunatic lol. Man freaking earns his keep no doubt about that. Movie is worth every penny!! :b

Dale Stafford says:

This movie is truly horrible. There are *so many eye-rolling cliches* that people were audibly saying “oh come on” or “yeah right” or making a scoff noise and then laughing at some of the ridiculous perilous action.

Of course we expect a certain amount of unrealistic action in movies like this, but this one had so many that it actually seemed like a parody of itself.

And I’m surprised no one has mentioned the acting, Henry Cavill was horrible I don’t know if he was concentrating too much on his accent but he really seemed stiff and awkward, and Ving Rhames was also horrible like he was reading the lines off of a cue card.

The special effects of course were fantastic, just unrealistic with repeated scenes of things hanging off of edges just barely and then falling just to catch another ledge, then *_falling again_** to catch yet another ledge* … that’s why it seemed like a satire.

Gareth Trevor says:

Mission impossible falll out is my second favorite mission impossible movie every

iczerman says:

The bathroom fight was one of the best fight scenes I’ve seen in a while.

Daniel Green says:

I couldn’t agree more. It is awesometacular.

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