MISSION IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT MOVIE REVIEW – Best of the Series?! – Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson and Henry Cavill lead the charge into the latest in the Mission Impossible franchise as the Double Toasted podcast review this film while comparing its pros and cons to the rest of the movies in the series! Will it be impossible to hate this film? Find out in this funny movie review!

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Valente Martinez says:

When a stunt person is hurt in a production, as a courtesy from the filmmakers they use the shot where the stunt person is hurt. Corridor Digital talked about it in one of their videos and use the example of Back to the Future 2. So I was actually not surprised that they used that take because I expecting it.

Also hyped to see this.

Red Hood says:

Tom Cruise is the american Jackie Chan.

Kevin Hernandez says:

Now I have to see this to end the summer with a bang. And mission impossible was and still is epic to me. A kid watching it in the theater that’s what sold me on Tom cruise then followed collateral holy fuck balls

UnCreative Deconstructionism says:

If the fight scenes in this movie are the best fight scenes you ever seen you owe it to yourself to watch “The Raid”/”The Raid 2”.

JayCS says:

Going to see this tonight

Ian Westart says:

19:10 ….wassa tinder dance…new app maybe?

Darkest Knight says:

It’s surprising a lot of people hate MI2, tha twas done by the Gun-kata master John Woo. I don’t remember much, but I love John Woo.

MLP-Hot-Rod says:

Anyone else notice that moment White Sparrow mentions her mother Max? Well, Max was the villain from the first M:I film.

Jay Color says:

This is the perfect review format for y’all. Korey and Martin do the main review, and then maybe you have additional thoughts at the end.

Brayden says:

I haven’t seen a MI movie in years but I might have to see this one!

Kratos says:

Just came back from watching Fallout and boi did I have a GOOD TIME, definitely up there as the best 2018 films alongside Infinity War for me! Who said blockbuster movies can’t have good plot and action at the same time?

What About says:

Mission Impossible 1 is referenced via Vanessa Kirby’s character mentioning Max (Vanessa Redgrave) Mission Impossible 2 is referenced via the rock climbing at the end of the movie, Mi 3 via the Wife, the events & adversaries of Mi 4 & 5 = Mi 6. So they fit them all in pretty well.

Eric Lopez says:

He ain’t never seen the first mission impossible??? WTF does this guy do in his spare time?!? He sure as hell ain’t in the gym

Kevin Miller says:

I’m calling it right now mission impossible 7 is gonna happen in between 2020 or 2023 Tom Cruise is gonna keep doing these mission impossibles till he says he can’t do it no more

locastmincer says:

I’m drunk as shit and need streamlining this franchise so Ok, Mission impossible 1 was about the “Noc list”, MI2 was about the “chimera virus”, MI3 was about the “Rabbits Foot”, MI4 was about “IMF being framed for bombing the Kremlin”, MI5 I forget. I have yet to see fallout. What doth hath my ignorance left out?

Bo Xue says:

Just came out of the theater, almost shaking. It’s visceral, it’s intense, it’s almost everything I want from a Hollywood action film. Say what you want about Tom Cruise, he is one of the most professional and badass action star out there.

MrJturner74 says:

so it was the man from uncle?

The Stegman says:

This franchise is the only franchise that gets better with each installment

anthony cheesman says:

I have to admit I’ve seen every mission impossible in theaters but the first one


Honestly the only reason I would see this movie is if I could sit by the random stranger who showed up next to Sammy.

Eric Lopez says:

Cruise hired Cavill cause he’s major crushing on him….well, that’s what I heard from inside sources

Oldschool981 says:

Samyy’s the REAL marvel bitch.

Kevin Miller says:

Tom Cruise is super man he keeps getting better with age

Don Draper says:

I know it’s an unpopular opinion but McQuarrie’s best action sequences were in The Way Of The Gun. He made the boring parts of a traditional action sequences more suspenseful

S_M Davidson says:

Where’s Goodwin?

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