Mission: Impossible Fallout Movie Review

Mark & Kristian review the newest installment in the action franchise!

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Jake Company says:

Why is Kristian so serious just relax a bit dude.

Solid Snake says:

It’s sitting at a 97% on RT

knowledge876 says:

Mission impossible 2 is the best mission impossible movie

Teko Merrida says:

I don’t understand what people don’t like about the second Mission Impossible!!

malcolm adderley says:

Y’all got different plans, one going on date night the other to a frat kegger! Okay life goes on. Hasn’t this ankle biter built that Scientology space ship yet? He’s killing himself for these mediocre movies. I’m tapping out and leaving the shilling to the professionals, Shill hat I’m looking at you and your raptor ready shirt! I’ll watch the old series and old reboot, more entertaining!

Nick says:

Currently for RT: 97% out of 39 reviews with an 8.6/10 average (TDK and Fury Road-level score average). Just sayin…

BAM Movie Reviews says:

Surprised to see the Luke warm scores guys! With such high Rotten Tomatoes/ metacritic scores! Either way I still can’t wait to see it and review it myself!

CABLE 715 says:

Who can I believe here, one says no surprises, the other said clever, both say amazing action, not phoned in but no magic.

Alex Pollock says:

I’m probably going to love it

Joe Kresl says:

Rewatched them all and Rogue Nation is by far the best (of course I have not seen Fallout yet) Ghost Protocol is not as great as I remembered

Aether Entertainment says:

“You’re a dirtbag” LMFAO…Kristian’s insults are the best!

Can’t wait for the Collision today!!!

Samuel May says:

I overall love this franchise and still looking forward to this one.

5. Mission Impossible 2
4. Mission Impossible 1
3. Mission Impossible 3
2. Mission Impossible 5
1. Mission Impossible 4

jordyn jamison says:

Well I already know that I’m going to love it…surprised by your scores! Tom Cruise = legendary

David Blumrick says:

Hates Fallen Kingdom, wears a Fallen Kingdom shirt lol

Ant Khan says:

Lol Schmoe vs Schmuck. I’m glad Schmuck actually liked a movie

Kevin Kwok says:

Damn from what I’ve heard, this might be Henry Cavill’s first movie that’s actually good.

blackxmas999 says:

Surprised with your so so review with how glowing all the other reviews have been.

Cards5Rock says:

It’s currently 97% on RT with an average rating of 8.6/10 (9.2/10 from top critics), you guys are being way too harsh

Shadow Reflex says:

Fucking hate your thumbails

lewisty says:

I always feel like the odd one out, I absolutely love the 2nd MI movie lol

Jack Lame says:

Yes he is insane mark, he’s a scientologist

PunkJabi says:

All I wanna know is how good did the moustache play it’s role?

Yuzuru Nomura says:

If I’m not mistaken, the whole “we can’t rely on the people who hired us” cliche has been done throughout the entire series with the exception of MI2 so that’s great to hear, again.

Sarah Smith says:

You guys are Ridiculous

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