Mortal Engines – Movie Review

An interesting concept and world of a dystopian future where cities are mobile, and only the strong survive. Does it make for a good movie? Here’s my review of MORTAL ENGINES!



Dominic Carosso says:

ike all the way

Timothy Dalbeck says:

Kirby’s my main. That pink puff is Dynamite!

TisIJustAGuy says:

Ever since Melee I’ve been maining Game and Watch and Mewtwo.

But 4 and Ultimate have me playing a lot more characters as much as those two I’m just the best with those two

Abdallah Ismail says:


Genre Online says:

I think John Carter had a mobile city too.

Minhaz Sadak says:

Aquaman please!!

Xavier Martinez says:


Saracenar says:

King Dedede!

Aleksandr Vinkler says:

Ness main in the house!

Kevin Berry says:

Just saw the movie… all I can say is that is was different. Would like to have known more about the tin man and how the mortal engines came to be.

The domiNATION says:

I always main as either Yoshi or Lucas. They’re my go-tos

Daisy Riveta says:

Can you do a review on ROMA?

SetzerJH says:

Mention Final Fantasy VI in every video and I’ll do whatever you say.

20+ hours into World of Light and I still haven’t unlocked Ganondorf. But if he’s anything like Melee, Ganondorf!

BrianJoystick says:

Greninja is still my main

G M C says:

My Smash Ultimate main is currently the “random” button, because none of the characters are clicking with me and my main from Smash 4 feels way too different in Ultimate.

funkygirlkathryn says:

So far young link!

The Ashen Nathan Croft says:

It’s a movie in the fallout universe

Crazy Chinese says:

I am sure I saw something samilier from Monty python …

Erlend Hedegart says:

But what about the Aquaman review

praveen sree says:

Isabelle to rule the world!

WhatAHero says:

Sounds like this should’ve been an anime

harunotodoroki says:

Thanks for saving my $

Nathaniel Van Patten says:

I love your ratings sometimes. You actually state in your review that the movie forgettable but insted of saying that you’re not going to remember it in T-minus one day you say we should get drunk….. You are a sad strange little man, you have my pity.

Pedro Maradiaga says:

Captain Falcon

The Sneakyfox says:

I hated that robot guy…

mathiasmorqubus says:

If its a city fights another city, those mo fu’s need to transform into Metroplex and Trypticon.

Anthony Botte says:

Great review

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