Tom and Tom talk films they have seen in 2018!







sevenvt says:

You grow a beard so fast Tom.

James Smale says:

Very Red Letter Media. I love it

HereticalGeek says:

My Favorite Movie: Bad TImes at El Royale
My Worst Movie: The Predator
The Movie I would Change to make it great: A Quiet Place

Doug Halbrooks says:

More please! This was great and I really loved the editing. Keep up the great work!

HereticalGeek says:

Tom I love this

MoosesRevenge says:

Jesus christ, I wished I’d skipped the spoilers for mute, that was fucking harrowing just to hear described.

The Spiffing Brit says:

Can we also have myself and rimmy on to add two more Toms to the review for 2019.

James Fleet says:

Boom! New series tom & toms film reviews.

Friedrich Hochdorff says:

When the other guy starts the chainsaw, he looks like Alex! :-0

NachoMist says:

Would love for this to become a regular series, maybe a podcast with the two Toms and Simon

Ethan says:

I never realized what a great duo Tom and Tom would make!
Hadn’t thought of Tom Hazell as an in-front-of-camera dude, but I’d totally watch more videos with him in! Any games he plays?

Magos Euph says:

I need a Kermit the Frog Nicolas Cage combo skin for zylus

Nelluc says:

might be nice to have picture in picture while talk. Have a trailer going or something

GeorgeForkmen says:

Surprisingly better then I thought it would be I can tell you that

Nelluc says:

make a movie channel for yogscast

Bernd Pichal says:

His beard grew back!

warren hilbert says:

I really super loved this video. I would love to so you do it with other people and some other stuff. Although I would appreciate a list of the movies you guys will be reviewing a couple days out so we could see them first

Zer0Cool says:

This was awesome I would definitely love to see more! Call me basic AF but my favorites were Deadpool 2 and The ballad of Buster Scruggs.

Brian Hobbs says:

My favorite was definitely into the spiderverse

Alcanox says:

You decided to try something a little different and I think it was pretty neat. I don’t have much in the way of movie suggestions – only saw a few films and enjoyed them all, but I did feel that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was probably the best of those.

Anthony Spence says:

Love to see more stuff like this.

The Unexpected Gamer says:

We need more Tom squared movie talks !!!

stillsleeping1080 says:

more please

MattCheew 34 says:

Absolutely loved this! Please do more!

Thomos Games says:

Generic engagement

balthiers girl says:


Sean Lennon says:

Favourite was probably “Into the Spiderverse”.
Least favourite was “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, though it was still enjoyable.
One I wished had something changed for the better was the remake of “The Grinch”, take out the changed back story nonsense.

…didn’t see many movies this year.

Kerry Benton says:

I’m pretty sure i wouldn’t like any of these movies, but i definitely liked watching Tom and Tom chatting about them. Y’all love you some horror.

Daniel Ripley says:

I love the concept of this and would like to see more of it.

The cover picture might be better served by being a jokingly serious image, only reason I say this is because the discussions were actually a lot more professional and in depth than expected

kanestr says:

MORE PLZ !!! TOMS WERE GREAT! Please add Simon

l w says:

what a time to be alive, two of the best boiks

Cheesy Hamburgerbun says:

i love this

HighlandPhoenix says:

I can’t unhear “Kerm-cage”… 😀

Doog says:

Loved this so much! Would love more movie talks from Tom and whoever!

For my movies of the year, I didn’t watch a lot of 2018 films, but heres my best go
Best: Spiderman Into The Spiderverse. I was gonna say Antman And the Wasp (cause I love Paul, and the movie was just fun to watch in general). I also considered A Quiet Place. But Spiderman was just so refreshing and beautiful and great. Music, animation, story, Nic Cage. Everything about it was great.
Worst: Game Over Man. I tried to only watch movies I thought would be good, but my friends wanted to watch this. It was just vulgar and not interesting story wise. It just fell short in all categories. It has good parts, I think I genuinely laughed?
One I would change: Not sure I remember any movie well enough that I felt could have been better to suggest anything here.

Quinn Alexander says:

0:36 Hello Lewis

Cooper says:

MORE!, probably more diversity in genres tho, XD

High Priest of the Poon says:

More of this milord! Tis the language of the gods!!!

Pratalax says:

Tell you what, i think you guys nailed this. Editing, tone, fantastic. Do keep em coming!

Martin Olminkhof says:

Red Letter Media called, they want their format back

Jeremy says:

Tom!… Tom!… Great video. I hope to see another year in review next year… or perhaps a best/worst movies of a year in the past.

Fede Rattay says:

dis som gud shit

Lavellen says:

I liked Baby Driver

Redshiftlight says:

Mature, interesting content. This is why Tom is so great.

Elijah Charet says:

Like Bates, I haven’t watched a whole lot of 2018 movies. I also don’t remember all the movies that came out this year, so I’m gonna Google it to jog my memory.

Least favourite movie of the year – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I had a lot to say about that when I first saw it.

Favourite movie of the year – The First Purge. It lived up to it’s predecessors.

Movie I’d change something about – Deadpool 2. Some of the jokes were just repeats of the first movie and those dubstep bits made me cringe. Second place would be Venom. It wasn’t the worst movie or even the worst superhero movie, but it had a decent amount of issues.

Mrblue 4023 says:

Me like this

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