Murder on the Orient Express – Movie Review

A group stranded on a train where one was murdered. Lucky for them, the greatest detective in the world is among them! Here’s my review of MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS!

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keverdeen395 says:

I wonder how long he sat there playing around with the pipe in front of the camera xD

cataloni vamoos says:

its an ok movie

bin1127 says:

Do they change the murderer in every movie?

Samuel Trejo says:

I would say The Chaser is a good murder mystery.

Michael Fang says:

Yeeeeeeeahh! Now it’s a parteehhh!

King K. Rool says:

Sense the movie was bad can you just go ahead and tell us who the killer was.

Matthew Kuchinski says:

The film version with Sean Connery and Ingrid Bergman was and still is a great movie. I highly recommend it.

In Sync says:

Weed is bad

John Wing says:

+Jeremy you dirty rat, are you trying to be as cool as me.

Azmodeus87 says:

Haven’t seen the movie (yet). Have read the book and seen the BBC version though, both highly recommended. Favorite Murder? Another one of Agatha Christies work, “And then there where none..”. Best murder scheme and twist ending ever (at least in the book, not so much the 70’s movie).

Jewel H says:

I’d love to see a list of the movies you’ve never seen!

KungFuKenny says:

“He plays Hercule, the greatest detective in the world.” Wow, you really don’t know a lot about literature. Hercule Poirot, the most famous fictional detective after Sherlock Holmes man.

JoelJoel321 says:

If you want this as a murder mystery I recommend the David Suchet version. I went to see the great cast. I would agree the mystery elements could have been better.

Infamous Daniel says:

“Im Jeremy Jahns and I’m the greatest detective in the world” love it.

IRE says:

Most of the made for TV Columbo movies are my favorite. Peter Falk was the man!

Evolution says:

Good Morning Jeremy, Yahoo posted one of your tweets regarding the LOTR re-boot here is the link.

Louis Cario says:

And Then There Were None (Ten Little Indians)

seponsacoolya says:

So… Did the butler do it or nah?

Kailyssia Pym says:

All you have to do is read the book or original movie to have a better mystery. Trust me the clues and characters are presented better in those mediums. Screen writers today don’t seem to understand how to present a murder mystery in an intelligent way. Whether that’s because they aren’t smart enough to write it correctly or they know the average audience isn’t intelligent enough to grasp it is up for debate. Probably a combination of both.

majorcinnamonbun says:

My favourite murder mystery to date would be ‘And Then There Were None’ a 3 part mini-series by the BBC on another of Agatha Christie’s books. It had an absolutely perfect tone backed by a haunting score, the characters were all distinguished, you get to know all of them decently well, the mystery itself feels far more complex than Orient on your first viewing, and when it’s all paid off you do have somewhat of an incentive to go back and watch it again to try and pick up those breadcrumbs.

takyume says:

dangan ronpa, it’s a video game series, and it’s kind of crazy sometimes, but it’s a great murder mystery.

dialga reshiram says:

I’m sure they’ll find a way to make an expanded universe out of this too.

Kyle X says:

review mindhunters on netflix!!!!

Nameless says:

Identity & Fracture. Without a doubt those are tied for #1 on my list.

Ian Morley says:

My favorite murder mystery is the big sleep, because it is so smart, the writer couldn’t figure it out

codafett says:

Daisy Ridley isn’t a good actress though

Be Ba says:

Well… damn. I’d already written this off as “likely to be terrible and now between this and the Stuckmann review… dammit! I raged at and finally turned off the awful, AWFUL 2004 tv version. I feel like this is one of those stories where, unless and until we find someone as talented as Christie at breathing life into characters and unless and until we find someone eilling to fund it as a multi part tv movie or something like that to give time enough to properly develop the story, we’ll never see anything much better than 74’s attempt – definitely flawed, but still beautiful, atmospberic, and with some really wonderful character acting in it. From this review + Chris’s, I think I’m going to give it a go. Sounds like it might be around the 74 version and I’d like to see someone else’s attempt at this story that at least stays at that level of enjoyment.

Jeremy, if you read comments, I highly encourage you to try the novel. Christie is such a great storyteller that it doesn’t matter if you know the solution. Or heck you can try one of her other most talked about stories: And Then There Are None or The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. And personally love They Came to Baghdad, The Man in the Brown Suit, Death on the Nile, The Moving Finger, Appointment With Death, The Hollow, Sad Cypress, After the Funeral, Towards Zero, Death Comes as the End, Third Girl… have I mentioned I love Christie novels?

Emperor Caligula says:

Honestly, you review a movie which is THE most know Agatha Christie story, and you haven’t read it or watched the previous versions? o.0

Derrick Nichols says:


Quade King says:


AngryDuck46 says:

Sounds utter utter shit.

Cool News Flash says:

Did you re-watch Thor Ragnorok and pretended to have seen Murder on the Orient Express? None of what you said in the review proved you saw even 1/5 of the movie.

SoullessPotato says:

Will you be reviewing Conor McGregor: Notorious?

midoribishi says:

Nice funny bit to start the video. Can’t wait to see this one! Eveyr movie I’ve seen this year had this movie trailer going thru it.

TheEastieA says:

Just saw it and I really loved it, I do see what you mean with the characters names, but I always felt I knew their title pretty well so when he mentioned (for example) someone being a governess or a doctor or such and such I knew who he meant.
I thought the acting in it was incredible and like you said it looked amazing, also for myself I have to disagree with what you said about the mystery, I found myself piecing it together bit by bit and I don’t think I solved it fully before the reveal, but like you said that’s down to the individual not the movie itself.
So I have to respectfully disagree with your verdict this time Jeremy! I would’ve said it’s a good time no alcohol required or even worth buying on blu-ray <3

paultheviewer says:

Favorite murder mystery? Memento, also doubles as an all round great movie in general.

deathsdoor07 says:

Before I watch the video, you found the movie boring.

A. F says:

I really like the “And then there were None” miniseries that came out a couple of years ago

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