Mystics in Bali (1981) movie review

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness Movie Review – Mystics in Bali (1981)
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jipao says:

I’m Indonesian yet i don’t know this thing exist. I feel like a failure

iamcarpetpython says:

That thing is called a Krasue

Greatsaiyakirby says:

I still recall *”Big-titted-pig-fu”* from this review.

Balázs Gólya says:

I really am gonna watch this now

Angus Ng says:

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed an Indonesian movie like The Cinema Snob.

SIV says:

I gotta see this now.

Endeavour says:

The head….. Penanggal…..

Sarimasu says:

Fook mi this looks awesome !!!

Adrian GameRAD says:

Maybe you should watch Sssssss from 1973.

PAtiTOL33 says:

i love everything u do james im a big fan of all cinemassacre content, make a review of “vacaciones del terror 2: cumpleaños diabolico” that movie is hillarious

Virus says:

What the actual fuck.. gotta watch this during Halloween season

skylx08 says:

…but no “Git outta my way sucka-Fu”?

Dr Richard Ew says:

I looooove this movie, I’m obsessed with cryptids and mythology, and seeing leyaks and Rangda especially makes me feel good

Claire Williams says:

Better than the AVGN movie.

dusty Benscot says:

Do Pumpkinhead

Bacon Nullifier says:

They still haven’t reviewed Dead Alive. Shit fuck doesn’t know his media.

Melting Morpheus says:

Red letter media did this YEARS AGO!

Nathan says:

Much love James! It seems like you and Mike are living the dream! I’m happy for you guys.

DrymouthCWW says:

Poo fu

Chris Roseberry says:

Have you guys done Dark Night Of The Scarecrow yet?

Jango The Mango says:

ShAGgy ThiS IsN’T WeEd

Fachrizal Hutabarat says:

Hey we are Indonesian

Albert Dunisch says:


I now have a movie to show to a friend!

gypsy freak says:

Do the stone tapes and quatermass

ExtraRareTrumpSteak says:

Love this movie. Just wish I could watch a Sub version. The Dub sucks.

musicotaku666 says:

what are the intro scenes coming from?

gamers in a container says:

What is this?

Ugly Mofo Predator says:

Oh hey, James reviewing a movie from the South East Asia which is where I live (Brunei)

Cool as fuck

wildan toroylizer says:

Try indonesia horor movie qween suzana

Sean Siewsarran says:

Where can I find this movie ?

phenom_ 1986 says:

Eh… I think I’ll pass on this one.

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