Night School – Movie Review

A comedy about an adult that has to go back to High School that’s not Billy Madison. Here’s my review of NIGHT SCHOOL!


mark two says:

The world is going to hell they probably edited butt out cause of some f..kng pc me to bull shit

BJT005 says:

Kevin Hart and Lady Kevin Hart aka Tiffany Haddish….it was only a matter of time before those two got casted together.

Frosty videos says:

Dark Phoenix has a trailer!!!!!

Cupcake Girl says:


Charlie Dawson says:

Kevin Hart seems like the type of guy who’s career will spiral to an ugly rock bottom, making him vanish for ten years before he comes back with a critically acclaimed stand up show that acts as a biting criticism of the industry.

Asa Nelson says:

Kevin Hart isn’t funny. There, I said it.

Richard Tompkins says:


F says:

You review Night School everytime there is no Joaquin Pheonix Joker news? That must get really old….

REETV Films says:

Kevin Hart is awesome

Kaleb says:

Kevin Hart isn’t funny

SpiritWolf2K says:

Looked like the most typical adult high school comedy with the most typical Kevin hart comedy

Charlie Dawson says:

Wait, this is in cinemas? It looks like a YouTube Red production.

Many Martinez says:

Where is your bumblebee trailer review

D y0gurT ROX says:

Dark phoenix trailer review

Ronald Pointer says:

Just saw the dark Phoenix trailer… Would like to hear your take on it.

Many Martinez says:

Where is your bumblebee trailer review

WhyCantI BeAnonymous says:

It was ok. They certainly dragged on in some scenes (specifically the class introduction scene), and the editting was clearly flawed, especially in audio. It helps when you watch the movie with the cast though 🙂

Aandunno says:

Bro…Katt Williams was right. Neither of these people are funny.

4Dmike says:

My favorite ADR is when they fail to notice a mirror, window, glasses or some other reflective material in the shot that lets you clearly see the godzilla level dubbing going on

hotman718 says:

Kevin Hart is turning into the new Adam Sandler. Great comedian, terrible movies.

Floyd Palmer says:

Well, thank you very much Jeremy…now we’ll be watching your reviews like a hawk to spot the grubby fingerprints of your editing alter ego.

Clayton Crooke says:

Dark Phoenix Trailer ❤️❤️❤️

Midnight Justice says:

Kevin hart can not do movies to save his life. He should just stick to stand up. Not every comic resonates well in movies, everyone can’t do what eddy murphy or Martin Lawrence did. Just because your funny doesn’t mean you BELONG in movies.

Dave chapelle and Chris Rock are great examples, they’re hilarious but you can’t name a movie where their performances blew you away

Work Fit says:

I would say Ferris Beuller’s day off was probably my favorite school comedy.

hungarianbeast says:

Kevin Hart without the rock?! Blasphemy!!

Michel Houellebecq says:

Katt Williams is right. Tiffany Haddish isn’t funny.

Jedidiah Elias says:

Really sad that this movie isn’t rated R. This would have been so much funnier, because this director also did Girls Trip, which was rated R, and that was really good. Thanks MPPA for ruining the movies. Also ready for that Dark Phoenix trailer review.

parshant khandelwal says:

Kevin hart is NOT funny .

Dalton Deverell says:

Did anyone think this was going to be good?

George Stoynev says:

Green Screeeeen broooo :”) Cmoon 🙂

derpfrog says:

I’d like to get…. (wait for it)..HaDISHof that… Mmmmmm yea gurl

Elizabeth Edwards says:

That observation about ad-libbed jokes tending to drag on and on was fantastic. I see that everywhere with my friends when they come up with that *one* *joke*.

Fo Shizzle says:


kevin lopez says:

3:24 i see you dude

TheCrisisCreation says:

2 most annoying black comedians in 1 movie… bargain bin?

Alex Zivkovic says:

Really “Fucking” awkward. Nicely done.

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