Ocean’s 8 – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Ocean’s 8, starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina. Directed by Gary Ross.


jamesthomson14 says:

Chris have you ever done a review of The Departed? I would like to know what you thought of that movie.

MAGA MAN says:

Ocean’s 8:The SJW strikes back.

I’m done with Hollywood. Not going to give this liberal dimwits anymore of my money.

M7 O says:

By “C+” you really mean “D+” We get it, don’t piss off feminists

Nicolas Pratt says:

What are you afraid of, Chris? Say it out loud as AVGN did with the new Ghostbusters movie.
You are afraid that the SJWs and the feminists will call you a racist, a misogynist etc, if you admit that the movie sucks?

Btw you are the man, I love your channel.

Cold Socks says:

They made it seem like this was some mind blowing page turning intricate movie, especially with the “twist” at the end but it was just a predictable boring generic heist movie. Pass to those who haven’t watched it yet.

Marat Bakiev says:

This review feels like talking to an insane spouse, he seems very selective about what he says.

Phoenix Might says:

They should make a all women movie. Just make it original. Not a film remade from a all mostly male cast.

Jimmy Fortuna-Peak says:

I thought it was ok. Gave it a 5/10 I enjoyed it but could have been so much better

DarkSky Geek says:

Hang on… So they use an all-star cast of A-list female leads (& Rhianna), and they then make the same film as Oceans 11, with only a few changes. What the hell for? What a waste of talent – female or otherwise.

Also Chris, I’ve noticed that a few comments have come up regarding your lack of emotion when it comes to your thumbnails, and I must say, that I click on your videos expecting them all to be good (because of a smile in the thumbnail), only to find out that it’s rubbish. Why the change my good man?

tmb686 says:

No offense, but are you loosing subs?

PauLtus B says:

But having women in the cast makes it fundamentally different!
Oh wait that’s horrendously sexist.
Sure, more women in Hollywood but this “women can make these films too” just feels desperate and pretty much counterproductive.

Alias Undefined says:

Lol. If women were equal then they’d come up with their own movie idea. This piece of garbage flopped just like Ghost Bust Whores.

BatSTUD says:

Wrong. 12 is the best.

cleftintwain says:

I saw Oceans 11 once in the theater. Saw Oceans 8 tonight and liked it. Not great but fun. I did think that Rihanna dragged the film down a bit. She can’t act.

Stephane Gregory Dan says:

lame review this time. Not about the movie. But the way you have done it. Way too repetitive. Saying the same things 3 times over and over again. Maybe it was a creative choice to underline your opinion on the Ocean’s series,… now that I think of…

Emyr says:

I have the impression the writers and the director didn’t want the girls to compete with other woman

delta1 inc says:

If you liked Oceans 11 you’ll enjoy watching this one but it won’t be memorable. That cliffhanger was good though and I look forward to seeing an Oceans 14 to get some answers. Could be a combo of half this cast and half the Oceans 11 cast.

Rigo Melara says:

I completely agree with your review and grade of the film. My problem with the film is there was no villain nor was there any real suspense during the heist. They ran into one problem and that was the magnet lock on the necklace and was solved in seconds. So that was kinda boring. They tried to throw Sandra character into getting revenge on her ex who framed her but I didn’t care about the guy really. This wasn’t like Danny trying to getting his girl back but also taking the guys whole bank worth. That was my issue with the film no real suspense during the heist.

The Lime Juice Productions says:

*Ocean’s 8 is Bad Because of SJW videos INCOMING*

AshDrake says:

I think this film deserved a higher grade and more consideration.

I’m not a fan of rebooting old, well-known movies with a new female cast (just like most people it seems), but I did enjoy this movie. Yes, it is extremely similar in structure and style to the original but I think there were enough differences for it to be entertaining to me. (I liked the NYC and Met Gala settings) The movie was good, not great, but good. And honestly, it’s not like I went in expecting a masterpiece. I particularly liked Anne Hathaway’s performance.

I also want to point out that the original Ocean’s 11 (w/ Clooney) is a good film as well, but not a masterpiece. It is definitely more atmospheric and well-constructed but that film had many flaws which many people seem to forget. It wasn’t perfect but it was entertaining, just like this new film.

And not to state the obvious but, no matter what form it comes in, I am happy to see a big movie with an entirely female main cast getting a wide release. I wish it came in a non-reboot form but I’ll take what I can get. As I walked out of the theater, two young girls were laughing together and chatting about how cool the characters were and how they wanted to be smart, cool and fashionable like them. Something like that may seem small to others but it but a smile on my face and to me, it makes Ocean’s 8 worth it. I hope this movie can inspire new and creative franchises that feature multifaceted and talented women in lead roles in the future.

Rene Rodriguez says:

This was one of the worst movies I’ve seen so far this year. Sandra Bullock is acting like she’s in a coma or bored. Similar to 9 out of 10 movies Bruce Willis stars in. As for Rihanna, she should never act in movies ever again. She stood out like a sore thumb in all of her scenes. I didn’t understand half of her dialogue because she spoke in a accent from God knows what planet. I thought Kate Blanchett had the better character and her acting was the best. I love Mindy Kaling and her scenes were some of my favorite. If I could have left during the movie, I would have left. This movie is generic and forgettable for me. This movie using your grading system was a D+. I will never watch this again.

XavierKatzone says:

Not surprising – thx. I’ll pass!

Archy Fourester says:

Don’t fear the screaching SJW. We the sane prefer your honesty

ShpookyBear369 says:

Chris how do you feel knowing that you’ve been doing youtube for years, but Bob Ross has the same amount of subs as you….and he’s dead.

Anikó Kovács says:

the ad before this video was the trailer for Ocean’s 8

Troy S says:

I love your reviews most of the time, but I’ve worked out you have issues with non spoiler reviews, I feel your review methods are stale, I can pick your first paragraph every time and that you start with positives then the negatives kick in which mostly are nit picking and don’t make sense because it’s a non spoiler, however when watching your reviews after seeing a movie or when you do your classic film reviews they are brilliant, just a bit of constructive criticism for ya

kerenred says:

I thought the movie was very enjoyable! I agree with what you said about it being a beautiful movie. It did not feel like a remake to me, and i think the editing was good because if felt like it fit in with the rest of the franchise. I didnt head anyone complain about the scene changes in TFA because they were similar to ANH. It truly felt like a continuation of the star wars series while this felt like a continuation of the oceans series. Cast was amazing and very like-able. The one thing I didnt like was that there was little to none character development, but thats probably due to the fact that it was very story driven. Im assuming when you say there was a weak antagonist you mean James Corden, and I will agree with you there. He felt a little out of place and he arrived late, at the beginning of the 3rd act. I also think that giving it a C+ is harsh. Maybe a B or a B+ feels better.

YES - Young Entertainment Specialists says:

I just saw the movie, and your grade is exactly what I felt it was and what I thought you would give it. Enjoyable, but it doesn’t have the charm as the original first movie and the rest of the series. I can see myself watching it again. I’ll give it my grade . . . a “GOOD” which in my system is about the same as yours. I’d love to see you grade the other 4 films sometime.

thomjames66 says:

“How to beat the high co$t of living” is a better movie and not a reboot like Oceans 8 smell the fresh failure!

John Smith says:

It’s a fucking She-boot. It’s a female led film, riding the coattails of a male led film. Why are you surprised that it follows the movie beat for beat?

machnkopfzu says:

So basically, it is the “STAR WARS A Force Awakens” of the Ocean’s Franchise? 😀

Alias Undefined says:

It’s funny because based on surveys even women prefer to see men on screen. When faced with danger women often cower in fear, not kick ass. Enough of this unrealistic modern feminism garbage.

J. Jolivet says:

To the neckbeards typing with fake male rage: this movie has nothing to do with feminism. It’s just another forgettable mediocre heist movie. Get a new hobby, or a life.

Dan W says:

Sorry, not a good review. It felt apologetic to me. Like you couldn’t really say what you thought, because you don’t want to offend anyone for blasting the movie. Not cool.

Awyatt Mann says:

Let’s make a beat for beat remake of a remake, but get this all female! Our fashion designer buddies will make all the costumes! Who cares if the movie is good or not.

aegisofhonor says:

I actually have never seen any of the Oceans movies, so if I do see this (and I might because Upgrade is NOT coming to my area thanks to the other multiplex in town closing down a couple months ago which caused a limitation in cinema space for movies like that), so I don’t think I’ll have THAT much problem with the fact it’s “frame for frame” the exact same movie as Oceans 11, since I have never seen it and honestly, I may never see it.

Des Reynolds says:

Is he going to review jurrasic world?

MovieGuy 624 says:

Another Great Review, Chris. I Really Enjoy Your Reviews.

Island Gamer says:

so if you havent seen the original, then this would have been more enjoyable?


I didnt even make it halfway through the first one b4 I turned it off. I’ll be damned if I sit through this misandryst dog sh!+.

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