Once Upon A Deadpool – Movie Review

Deadpool is back in Deadpool 2!….Again! This time it’s a PG-13 version using a solid Princess Bride callback, complete with Deadpool’s very own Fred Savage, played by Fred Savage. Here’s my review of ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL!

My Deadpool 2 review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0Ntsk-i4ks

My Deadpool 2 SPOILER Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9KxyahllRg

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Nikki Movie Reviews says:

Love your humor!! Cool video! You inspire me!! Big fan!

CanadianBaconPwnage says:

That Telestial Kingdom joke… somebody did their research! XD

Niku 04 says:

The theatrical version is the best

why not says:

Or they are doing it for charity

Landon Bangerter says:

One of the biggest misconceptions, especially among Mormons, is that we can’t watch R-rated movies. That’s horse crap. That has never been said in any conference talk ever given. I mean, President Nelson‘s wife came to our ward once and recommended Schindler‘s list to all of us. So, yeah. Commandment to not watch R rated movies? Total myth.

Maniesh Ramanayake says:

Once upon a Deadpool has a similar plot to lion king 1½

C R A P T O S I S S says:

Deadpool SUCKS!!!

MaCeo Millions says:

If they say it’s for charity 9x out of 10 most of the money IS NOT going to charity lol

MagicianFlip69 says:

I always hated the edited versions of my favorite movies put on television. I would hate it more if this was done to Deadpool.

abhijit rajan says:

Please give Mowgli review.

braveheartbob says:

have a drink each time J shrugs his shoulders

Short&Sweet says:

Nice shout out to Mormons (or the Church of Jesus Christ of Laterday Saints) and the jokes about our beliefs were super funny. Personally, I’ve watched several rated R movies but I feel like Deadpools goes a little…farther than I’m comfortable with on a regular basis. So honestly, my husband and I are super excited to get Deadpiol a little edited.

20thoughts says:

Damn, that’s disappointing. It would’ve been so easy, and funnier, to just have Wade Wilson do the censored voiceovers whenever there’s swearing. Have him do crude drawings of what “really” happens when there’s a scene that would bring it past PG, have him show these drawings to Fred Savage.
“And they all made it down safe.”
“But what about the wind?”
“Fred, Fred, Fred. Have you ever heard of a red herring?”

Jacob Wells says:

I wonder if Vanessa being dead is how they’re interpreting Deadpool’s romance with Death in the comics?

PresidentialWinner says:

“Maximum effort!” :flashes 2 guns: HAH

S N Ilham A Halim says:


Cee2kay says:

R rated stuff sucks, I like this more.

Imma Force-a-Nature Daily says:

Deadpool should use the force a nature

#Rossy's Corals says:

mormons are gayer than jews

Mike Cranston says:

The irony is now a large group of Mormons is offended by the Jesus/Deadpool poster lol. Did you see that article? I’m all for more satire of more religions. They are meant to instill fear so you can be more easily controlled.

Juan Ayala says:

Yo relax its for kids to watch so parents wont be strict.

Highland-Ninja says:

@Jeremy Ryan Reynolds refused to do this unless they donated heavily to charity. He never wanted to do a Deadpool movie that’s not R-Rated without that stipulation. That is why they have a new theatrical release.

Here there says:

Mormons are in a cult

SmasherBoy says:

Disney- let Deadpool be R-rated!

Justin Chandler says:

I think proceeds from this movie went to a charity.

Lenriak says:

Why can’t all parents be like mine when I was a child? Send me to bed at my usual time, only to wake me up again at about 10-11pm saying “Get up, son. Don’t tell your little brothers this, but you’re gonna watch a film, and you’re gonna love it!” then planted my 8yr old ass in the front of the TV, then watched Predator, then love it I fucking did! 😀

Alex Roach says:

Watched this video just for the Mormon jokes

Doh Say says:

When are you gonna review aquaman?

Chris Albin says:

oh my god – i didn’t think anyone cared so much about the song change in the extended version as me. totally ruined the extended for me. Take On Me made the scene sooooo much better.

Light Fantastik says:

– I can take my 9 year old to see it – one of the few, if not only Marvel series he hasn’t seen.
– The Fred Savage stuff was great, and added to the film overall.
– Less Celine Dion
– I saw it in a way nicer theatre this time (and for only $5)
– Partial proceeds go to charity

– It’s not the original vision for the film, and I am an adult that doesn’t need things toned down
– Some of the editing was obvious/sloppy.

Overall, I am glad they did it, and glad I was able to see it again in theatres.

Dubious Fizzgig says:


Shelton Díaz says:

Darn you caught me

Jamie_Jewel says:

Lol all y’all butthurt about the face is for charity: $1 per ticket. That’s it. So unless this movie reaches BTS status and sells out, it won’t do anything. Yes it’s a valiant and noble effort, but on the grand scheme of things it’s just not enough.

ryanrego808 says:

Totally need to review the brightburn trailer.

Chuma Igbeke says:

Please where can I stream the movie

Jack Kraken says:


Nick Suiter says:


Dr Dead says:

Im getting sick of Deadpool and his fandom….

Jennifer Rose Hrovat says:

Once Upon A Deadpool = MINIMUM EFFORT

Charlie Night says:

Woah there’s a lot of Mormons…

Ryguy_ 1210 says:

New meme at 3:11


Did you know this was for charity and that money will help people with cancer so it is for a good cause

William Velarde says:

React to the movie trailer BrightBurn

Alec Cisneros says:

Dead Pool can do anything. He can play PG-13 movie or Rated R movie. He’s Dead Pool.

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