Pacific Rim: Uprising – Movie Review

Let’s see if a new director can keep the fun that Guillermo Del Toro brought to the first Pacific Rim. Here’s my review of PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING!

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Steelman2906 says:

I can definitely see Neon Genesis Evangelion nods through out this movie, everyone I know that’s seen uprising enjoyed it more than the first whereas I, I enjoyed the first a lot more than uprising

wolfpup9487 says:

I enjoyed the movie but I agree on all points. The 1st was better, Boyega was fantastic, that one plot point was weird, and it dragged at certain points. Also Gypsy and Danger are adorable

Darkraes743 says:

This was a better power rangers movie than the last Power Rangers movie

violeteyez17 says:

Weird. I liked this one better than the first one.


I loved it personally

Paulo Benologa says:

To be fair, if you watched the first movie, you’d understand how come the kaijus came in like almost at the last act of the second movie, simply because there are no more kaijus in the world currently and the great kaiju war ended 10yrs ago.

Solaris100 says:

I liked this more than the first part. A fun romp nothing more.

No Chill says:

You named one of your dogs from DC universe

Joshua Amade says:

We need more of your dogs on this channel

Anarion99 GamesNTechReviews says:

He’s right. He did not use a SINGLE clip. Wth YouTube!

xx says:

Gypsy! Danger! ❤❤❤❤❤

terrel limjoco says:

for me this is the best robot movie ever. coz if youre gonna watch something liek this movie, for me im looking for action, graphics, 3d works, designs, destructions… all the fantasies when you were a kid and this movie gives it all. its full of action, destruction of buildings, its so crazy and badass. im not looking for story line, drama shits. all i need is a badass action.

Ben Branch says:

Just saw it a few hours ago and that movie was trash, however I didn’t see the first one

Arturo Torres says:

Those adorable cute puppies, Gypsy and Danger, need to be on more videos! Bring them on Tales of the Comments section!!!

Iwillone says:

JB was really good in this movie. Had fun with this one but PR 1 is still better

Matthew Mata says:

Did anyone else see the Gundam Easter Egg…I know nothing if the Universe but woukd love to see a live action

SpydeyDan says:

Pacific Rim Uprising is like a baseball game where every single player bunts.

Natedogg5413 says:

This movie was loud _as F*CK_

Joe Kamka says:

CGI is ruining movies.

Yi Zheng Lu says:

Wow been 5 years

Noah grant says:

Pacific rim 2 takes a lot of its stuff from the first one its like a remake

gor9027 says:


Shonhaji Putra says:


Marius Koen says:

I loved the first one?

Denis Desmond says:

shit sequel

josue gutierrez says:

The movie was fucking awful I want my money back it kill it for me hope Guillermo fix this shit soon and some of the actor were missing and I mean the main ones from the last one

EDY el O says:

So a movie about monsters and robots where the monsters are mostly absent.
Thanks mate, not wasting my money on that crap.

Vadim Deylgat says:

Just watched Uprising with my 8yo son. He loved it. Me,…not so much. Uprising feels more like a video game. I didn’t care about the characters, I didn’t believe many of the set ups, I hated the end.
They had a “tiny” jaeger, I personally hoped they would kill the last kaiju by dropping it into the jaws of the big beast and work its way into the kaiju brain. Bang! I even have the right quote for it: “bigger isn’t always better”.
Damn, I could write a better script for this than whoever ended up writing the final draft.

Eidrian111 says:

The biggest flaw with uprising was that guillermo del toro wasn’t directing. The new director took a Transformers approach that sucked ass. I also found the kids fucking annoying. And why the fuck are children in a military base? Aren’t they supposed to finish school then enlisting for the army? This was a major disappointment the first one is my personal favourite.

Joshua Rose says:

This movie gave me mesothelioma

Ben S says:

The puppy on the left… oh ma gerd to adorable

Ankit Das says:

PACIFIC RIM UPRISING was everything TRANSFORMERS should have been AND everything PACIFIC RIM should have been not. throw in POWER RANGER somewhere in there too cuz it reminded me of it.. man these 3 franchises should be interconnected

Josiah Baughman says:

Your gripes with this movie make no seance to me at all, and although yes Gypsy and Danger are adorable because I love dogs and I have a bulldog myself but I’m still pissed because your problems make no seance to me at all I’ve seen this movie twice and I don’t get what you or any other critics are saying, just once Jeremy just have fun with a movie, remember what you said on your top 10 movies of 2015 you said your a fan of movies first and critique movies second but you have just been judging since 2016 come on!

Alfredo Hall says:

I saw the movie not even an hour ago. I thought it was terrible. The first half of the movie should have been completely cut out, and then the ending just was kinda there. Went in hopeful, went out sad. 4/10.

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