Peeping Tom – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Peeping Tom, starring Karlheinz Böhm, Anna Massey, Moira Shearer. Directed by Michael Powell.


bmaster461603 says:

Not a bad film. Got all that great but damn good.

Justin Henryy says:

Do this thing already

Cinematic Review says:

Hey Chris, Long time subscriber to your channel. Love your content, keep it up! I have some movie review suggestion for you: Pulp Fiction, The Godfather Trilogy, and some random yet extremely influential films I’d love to see you analyze called Sherlock Jr. (directed by Buster Keaton) and the heavily game-changing and legendary film known as Metropolis from 1927 (directed by Fritz Lang). Would love to hear your thoughts on some of these movies.

PS: you’re reviews are very insightful and engaging! you inspired me to become a filmmaker and movie critic at the age of 13 when I was in grade 7. You have an awesome an unique perspective on the world of film which has had a major influence on me personally. thanks for the influence you’ve had on me and many other people. Whether you realize it or not, you have kept people going with their love and passion for film, example… my buddies who love movies as well.

keep sharing your perspective and thanks so much!

Macky Fitness says:

The first time I heard about this movie was in Scream. I believe this movie was the first killer POV type-ish.

Photo_ Filmmaking says:

If Nightcrawler was made in 1970

Elliot Coen says:

Peeping Tom is incredible! Michael Powell is one of the geniuses of cinema. I’d love Peeping Tom to join the Criterion Collection one day!

Jonathan Neal says:

Review Mandy

Brandon Phifer says:

Chris have you watched Creep and Creep 2 on Netflix? I wonder if this movie inspired the creep movies

Maverick1701A says:

Please continue this series next year.

JL Wolf says:

It’s now October – if you don’t review Mandy with Nicholas Cage – just forget it.

Ryan carriveau says:

you should review casablanca!

Riot says:

He’s getting slightly fatter

Spencer Breckon says:

Please re-review and review Indiana Jones trilogy et saving private Ryan rear window catch me if you can jaws and point break

Rebecca Slater says:

Not a mention of male gaze. Not a one. I don’t believe having a main character who is a villian viewing women quiet literally as set pieces or objects to be manipulated in any way reduces the quality or nuance of the film. Not a bit, in fact these ideas deserve to be explored in cinema as in any other art form. But I’m surprised to see you didn’t mention it. You have female fans too. I love your criticism, and actually cannot wait to watch this film, but I was waiting to hear about the portrayal of women as a theme in it. I would’ve appreciated a disection of gender roles in this, as it relates to the work of other horror masters or even Scorsese. Oh well. Expecting a bit too much again.

Kur Guardianz says:

Please Review the movie Terrifier (2018) :0 You can stream it on Netflix!

Christoph Hemetsberger says:

Nice grettings from Austria

William Hall says:

Chris, thank you so much for this review, I’ve always been curious about this. If you’ve not reviewed M, you need to, because there a younger Peter Lorre is a thoroughly horrible killer, and yet we can relate to him on some level. A fun treatment of filmmaking as voyeurism is the excellent Shadow of the Vampire starring Malkovich and Dafoe. Darker, tougher stuff, which frankly may not be that enjoyable, may be Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, starring Michael Rooker, oddly popular today as Yondu going “I’m Mary Poppins, y’all” in Guardians 2, and a “found footage” movie which has only recently seen the light of day after several years, The Poughkeepsie Tapes. I like your work, kid, you’ve got gumption.

Justin Henryy says:

It’s halloween

Joshuva Antonio says:

Chris ! I wanna tell you something important! Please stop putting your review in a nutcase by showing your facial expression on the thumbnails! It spoils the meaning for watching the video!!

Guel says:

Pls review netflix’s maniac

Joe Smith says:

Please review Throat Gaggers #19

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I am very inspired by your videos and you inspired me to pursue filmmaking. Thank you

jordancollins444 says:

Deep cut but yet another classic I’ve seen

Mariocdi says:

My hero academia movie review?

Zayon Smith says:

Please review A Streetcar Named Desire

Amber says:

Sounds like the Scarecrow’s origin story

Disney Artist 95 says:


Keegan Miller says:

I like how you can convince me to watch a movie I would probably never watch

Braden Johnson says:

You said you were gonna do the rest of the Halloween movies starting this past March and haven’t done it yet. I’m not complaining, I’m a huge fan, just wondering if we’ll ever see those.

Justin Henryy says:


William Boshears says:

Review the first bad news bears

Justin Henryy says:


shamone says:

I’m always down to get STUCKMANNIZED

joshua gonzalez says:

You can get the criterion collection version of peeping tom, and it’s beautifully shot.
Also the red shoes is a masterpiece.

SenorPredo - Minecraft Coasters says:

Review How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

MrLaxinator says:

This sounds cool. I wonder why I never heard of this from Alicia Malone. But I will check it out.

Erich STEINER says:

Karlheinz Böhm is prounounced like 1. Carl 2. Heinz (like the ketchup) and 3. the ö in Böhm is like the “u” in burn or turn. The h is silent.

unfit clock says:

Are you going to review the Halloween movies


Can u do a review on a simple favor please

Youbring says:

Hey Chris can you look at Blood Fest from roosterteeth plz man im really enjoying your channel.

lonewolf 777 says:

we want Mandy!!

00x000 says:

I’ve seen this, excellent movie

Olivia Petersen says:

I’ve loved this movie since I was 7 years old. Glad to see you reviewing it

DreadWingFTW says:

Do A Reaction To HISHE’s Infinity War

Joe Weeks says:

Chris grew up with Peeping Tom’s

Arya Vart says:

Stay was also tanked due to film critics

RockyGrenade says:

Please review SHAOLIN SOCCER

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