Peppermint – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Peppermint, starring Jennifer Garner, John Ortiz, John Gallagher Jr., Juan Pablo Raba. Directed by Pierre Morel.


Chuck Stanley says:

Ill just stick with the original revenge movie. 1974 Death Wish Charles Bronson crushes any Hollywood bullshit that is released today.

Chern69 says:

you did it again, you review it as garbage then give a passing grade… heavy sigh

mikejunior211 says:

Stuckmann is a SEXIST, giving a C- to the vey first revenge movie with a female leading character…Shame on you!

echosixnoble says:

I’d like to add that Jennifer Gardner is also very anti 2nd amendment, therefore making her a huge hypocrite.

BrettJones27 says:

The trailer was shown before the Meg… and my wife laughed out loud. Guess we’re not seeing this one.

DEAD _POOL says:

Love the shirt as always

My Q's says:

Best revenge movie= Dead Mans Shoes

Jeff Long says:

I kinda figured this would be one that would be best later on for a redbox rental or like if it hits Netflix or Prime at some point. Seems my gut feeling on this was right. Thanks Chris!

IIEricShermanII says:

Have you seen Operation Final? If not please do. I just watched it and I think it was pretty good

Daz Mayes says:

Takes fiction to a whole new level of stupidity, Hollywood please STOP.

Master Shockz says:

Thanks for the review Chris. I won’t be spending my money on this one.

stephanie horne says:

ironically, in an interview Friday, i clearly heard her state that this is a “very satisfying” revenge movie. either she has not seen the finished product or she’s being dishonest. this is why i look for your reviews. and, who wants to ask for a ticket to a movie with the title ‘Peppermint’ unless it’s a cartoon or other kid’s movie? i’d feel stupid! the title is very off-putting.

Alex Lee says:

This movie let me down. On a side note, a warning for anyone else who enjoys watching movies at AMC: I’ve been to 6 movies in the past month, half of the theaters where I watched them have been at AMC, and I’m not sure if this is new or I just haven’t noticed but SINCE WHEN DO WE HAVE TO SIT THROUGH 25 MINUTES OF TRAILERS??! I know that at one point it was 15 minutes so the past 2 movies I’ve timed the adds, and it is definitely 25 now. That sucks, show up 10 minutes late.

CyberSketcher 11 says:

Some critics panned this for the negative depiction of MS-13. How stupid can someone get, those guys are monsters

Zminator1986 says:

So… the movie is basically a mediocre Punisher film?

gasperm3 says:

I’m so glad this movie is bombing at the box office, and rightfully so, lets bring back the male action hero again hollywood, not a fake unrealistic soccer mom character please.

Aaron Johnson says:

Whoever didn’t like this movie is fucked. I agree with everything you day in most of your reviews but all the negatives are wtf
This was bad ass. You can tell that they are making a female John Wick/Equalizer

Aaron Mauer says:

Seen 3 reviews and all pointed out the same issue with this movie. I don’t plan to go to see this in theater.

Archfiend k says:

Sometimes family just want to watch a good movie, which this movie was. People doesn’t always care about about going all deep and technical with every unnecessary detail in the movie. Among all the garbage movies I’ve watched this year, I truly enjoyed it.

Izzy King says:

Jennifer Garner did an amazing job. Period.

VALENTINEproductions says:

A Long Kiss Goodnight.

Geoffrey Sorkin says:

So, a shitty The Brave One, and here I was hoping for a less shitty Death Wish remake.

Ben McDonald says:

I really think Jennifer Garner was miscast, I don’t buy her as a badass action star for 1 second

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