Peppermint – Movie Review

Jennifer Garner plays a Soccer Mom turned vigilante after her family is killed in a hit. Here’s my review of PEPPERMINT

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Billy SteelersFan1223 says:

I thought this movie was good and I thought this review was off on this. What he did say didn’t happen was shown. Oh well.

Derek Hartwig says:

Peppermint 2: Spearmints revenge.

Allen Erickson says:

If you don’t know why it’s titled Peppermint you didn’t watch the movie.

Brian Daniel says:

It’s called that because it’s her daughter’s favorite ice cream, or at least the last ice cream she had!

No Sense Productions says:

the little girl in the movie wanted a peppermint ice cream thats why its called that

Charles Lukonde says:

A quick Google search killed me

Brian Fuller says:

I like the idea of Jennifer with guns and this could be a good revenge movie. It wasnt.

John Riker says:

the kid is called Peppermint

Kyle Nelson says:

This movie cant be as bad as slender man

Davin Deptuck says:

I saw the trailer in my local theatre and immediately thought this would be a rip-off of Punisher with Batman’s five-years-away-training (that exact number in the comics) added into the backstory.

Mr 357 says:

What’s your favorite Method Man song and album?

Michael says:

Yo Jeremy, I’ve noticed that you swear (or at least drop the F bomb) a lot more these days. Not gonna tell you how to do your thing, but I think you’d have a wider audience if you kept it to PG-13 language.

Keep up the good videos!

Trevor Batson says:

Her daughter ordered peppermint chip double scoop ice cream just before she was murdered. The title is subtle, and frankly, with so many revenge movie titles being very similar, this movie has a pretty unique title.

RJay says:

Gender-swap Punisher. Peppermint was the flavor of ice cream the girl got before she died. Decent action, flat story.

Sound Logic says:

I honestly want to see this.

Jonathan Kenton says:

Saw a commercial for this recently. It showed that her daughter’s favorite ice cream was peppermint (seriously)… Brilliant lol

Haywood Jablomee says:

Jeremy, what the fuck? I can’t remember the last dog-shit rating you gave a movie. You’re getting too lenient.

seanc41556 says:

Review Black 47

Billy SteelersFan1223 says:

Peppermint was the ice cream her daughter got before she got killed with her dad.

Jason Smith says:

She talks so her daughter about peppermint. I haven’t seen it but in trailer she is telling a story

Moises Arriaga says:

I’d still watch it just to see Jennifer Garner

Simon Petrov says:

the daughter ate peppermint ice cream. its a god awful film

LegallyBrunette and Beautiful says:

So it’s Punisher and Law Abiding Citizen needs feminism?

Ben McDonald says:

This movie wasn’t very good, I was curious about it because I have a real love for revenge flicks but this movie was just so empty, the biggest issue is that it doesn’t give us time to connect with Jennifer Garner’s character before she becomes a badass, it’s like, her family gets killed and she gets put in the hospital, then it makes a huge time jump and she’s already out killing criminals, we never got to see her deal with the pain of the tragedy she went through first and thus aren’t given a real chance to connect with her, the other big negative is Garner herself, I really think she was miscast, I don’t buy her as a stone cold, ass kicking badass for 1 second, the action in this movie was fairly decent for the most part, that is when you can see it since a lot of it seems to be shot in the dark, this movie reminded me a lot of that Death Wish movie from earlier this year, it’s nowhere near as bad as that movie but the way they go about their stories after the big tragedy at the beginning feel strikingly similar, because after Jennifer Garner’s character becomes a vigilante the plot just kinda stops existing for a while and just turns into a series of Jennifer Garner killing criminals for a while, so it kinda just lacked a flowing narrative, overall I wouldn’t say this is a terrible movie, I wouldn’t even say it’s that bad, it’s just kinda empty and hollow 5/10

Kimberley Mayfield says:

Peppermint was the last flavor of ice cream the daughter ordered

scott shelton says:

the daughter was called peppermint

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