Phantom Thread – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Phantom Thread, starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Lesley Manville, Vicky Krieps. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.


Nikita Lavrenov says:

Chris, I know you’re kinda busy with the whole critics choice awards thing, but god damn it, where’s a review for the Punisher ? It’s been like two months or more since its release, yet there’s no sign of you doing it…

Khalia Thompson says:

Congrats on the invite!

Arcade says:

proud of you. hopefully i can achieve what you have achieved one day

Thomas Hennigan says:

Congratulations because, in reality, not everyone is a Critic.

Jacob Wood says:


Captain Imagination says:

Chris Stuckmann can you do a retro review of Sam and Max the cartoon. Also have you played Cuphead?

Silent Disciple says:

Congrats on the Critics Choice Awards invitation, Chris! You definitely deserve the privilege, and you have for a long time. Enjoy LA while you’re here, too!

Valoc says:

Awesome! Congrats you deserve it!

Devan Smith says:

The critics choice awards are back?! Yes

Hoehner Tim says:

Congrats on the invite! Your description of him makes him sound like he was a highly functional autisic.

jordancollins444 says:

The pleasure is all mine

Mulya A. Syukur says:

Congratulations for you, Chris. It’s GREAT!

Liz Smith says:

Congratulations Chris!!! Such a big step for you

Victoria Rodriguez says:

Congrats Chris! I’m genuinely very happy for you. Hope you and your wife have an amazing time. You’ve earned this!

Norma Madden says:


Kieran Loves You says:

You should watch Devilman Crybaby when you get the chance!!!

Ciorchinele Suprem says:

Congrats buddy

Ken Dalmauri says:

Congrats man you really deserve it.

lawrence says:

U must have seen it at the landmark in Hollywood. Saw it there too, one of the few places showing it in LA

Gaming Dude says:

Congrats on making it to the Critics Choice Awards, Chris

Lanny Boyer says:

Congratulations, Chris! Well deserved. Keep up the good work man. My students and I love your reviews and insights

ilovevirtualconsole says:

Great review Chris!

Josue Roberto says:

Review Bright

Ricardo Pineda says:

B+ ??? Are you friggin’ kidding me? This is Paul Thomas Anderson’s classiest movie!

Speedy Gunz says:

What, he becomes a woman?!

Nate Sespico says:

Do creep 2

Dyson Square says:

Excellent for you Chris!

sweetmimisestscha says:

Congratulations!! Great News!! Happy for you guys!!! Thanks for the review!!!

Anna C. says:

Congrats on the critics choice awards!! Very exciting and well deserved

Alexander Bou Salguero says:

Congratulations on ur reward for sucking The last jedis balls.

Stephen Atwood says:

Who will you be wearing to the Critics Choice Awards, Mr. Stuckmann?

fantanna says:

Congratulations Chris! I probably trust your opinions more than any other reviewer.

marianne rodrigues says:

CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it 100%

Sloppy Juana says:

chris are you watching the critics choice haha XD

Scott Leitner says:

Good review.
Now get to The Commuter

Aj Noakes says:

I was wondering why your face was looking swollen, crying and shit, good for you buddy, enjoy those awards and taking your wife to them, you’ve earned it

JordanElise says:

This sounds a lot like the relationship between George and Dot in “Sunday in the Park With George”… Can anybody who has seen both of these things confirm or deny?

Chris Scorpio says:

Stuckmann is in L.A. So, you know he is going to compete in The Schmoedown.

Moserfugger says:

Congratulations, Chris! Have fun at the CCA… STUCKMANNIZER FOREVER!!! 😀

Greetings from Germany.

WH250398 says:

Staring straight at them tits in the thumbnail lol

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