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icterio1 says:

Is Mr H sweating at the end?

Stefan Paszki says:

D d d did you just call the most masculine greeting in the world cheddar? . . . You son of a BITCH!

Draliseth says:

Holy shit dude. You could be in the cast!

projektproductions says:

Pure testosterone! Never gets old.

Underworld Dreams says:

I would catch this movie on HBO as a kid back in the 80s, and for the longest time I missed the intro to it so never knew what it was called. For years I referred to it as ‘Contra’ because I thought it was very similar to the Contra video game.

Paul Fahy says:

Is there anything better than the Predator , and if there is I don’t want to know !!

Tandy p says:

Love Love Love this movie. I can’t find anything wrong with it still today. The actual Predator scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.

emmet ebbs says:

One of the best movies ever lad

Sam .P says:

What a surprise to finally see the person behind the voice. Not what I expected.

mevan883 says:

I thought the movie’s point was “Brain beats brawn. Every time.” Don’t get me wrong it was a men’s movie but strong army guys get pick off pretty easily with all there weapons and Dutch using tactics(brains) to realized it can only see heat use that weakness to setup multiple old school traps and kill it(even though it kills itself).

Septivium says:

I first watched Predator as a small child. Nan would have little issue showing kids these films!

But i loved it. I always have, the characters are wonderful, the environment is engaging and the creature itself is incredible. To this day its still my favourite movie.

What i didn’t like? umm.. errrr…

I genuinely have nothing dude. Its a masterpiece!

Dan Crosby says:

my friend, your videos are awesome, thank you!. as a small suggestion, maybe you could improve the quality of the sound :D, your voice is very deep and sometimes is a bit difficult to understand. love your videos, thanks again!.

Ryan Ravage says:

I first saw predator as a child. Mind you I was born in 1990, so I had seen it years after it was released. As a kid, Arnold Schwarzenegger was my all time favorite action hero. So when my mom had told me he was in it, I had to see it. At that age or atleast at that time, kids didn’t really know much about aliens, outer space, or Sci Fi. So when I first saw the predator on the screen, I was curious at first. But the moment he took the mask off and he did that roar, I distinctly remember running behind my mom to hide lol. I think Predator was the first movie that introduced me to the Sci-Fi genre. Still to this day it is one of my all time favorite movies. We also got the greatest catch phrase of all time that is still used today. GET TO THE CHOPPA!!!

The Scandinavian says:

I love the Predator films, all of them!!
It would be really cool if they would make a film of the novel “Turnabout” by Steve Perry, that one is by far the best of the novels.

This comming super predator is a real downer, the Predator is already super powerfull, it does not need to be improved.

Víctor Andrés Piña González says:

Considering that movie was about to fail in every single way possible, starting with the original Predator design, Fate decided to help and one of the most T-rated movie ever was made.

Kirill Heart says:

How do you find time to make good videos and look good same time?

Darth Ren says:

jesus you’re jacked! not what i expected.

ThornsOfOurTime says:

Looking great bro , good review

Popcorn Worthy says:

The thing a really hate about this film…

When it ended

Chi Pa Pa says:

How fun would it be if when the Predator removed the mask to reveal a beautiful alien human woman face. Then Dutch would have been conflicted.

Evil Teddy says:

Watched with my uncle. My uncle watched a lot of horror movies and me being a kid wanted to spend some time with him. So he did not chase me away and i ended up watching horror movies. I was properly traumatized. IT can go fuck itself.

Predator left an impact because i did grow up with Schwarzenegger movies and was used to him just going to place and blowing it to kingdom come. In comes predator who Arnie cant seem to beat coupled with everyone on the team being picked off.

I think i saw Alien before Predator. Cant remember.


i didnt like how it robbed us of the best death scene Billy vs predator

Marty H says:

MR.H, you are fucking STACKED!

Omar Akram says:

Predators was better because of more special effects and new types of predators and new weapons predator is good my 2nd best predator film


My fav movie

Wing Yip says:

I said it before and I’ll say it again, the first Predator will always be a classic sci-fi horror movie and never be topped by other subsequent Predator movies. Every other Predator movie that follows the first one has just been relatively shallow fanservice movies. The Predator fan base always wants to see more, in general it’s good to see more, but it always falls under and short of the very first Predator movie.
I can only watch this other movies once, or I only really try to watch it once and never go back unless it’s on by chance on TV. The original Predator movie I always have room to put on and watch and it’s to go to Predator movie Always.

kubusvspuchatek says:

Please make Predator 2 Movie Review. Very underrated. We should get nc-17 version. they cut lots of bloody scenes to get r-rated. Still solid Predator movie. “City Hunter” design is my favorite.

Tom Brand says:

This is my most enjoyed film. There are so many excellent quotes. I love saying “anytime” like a Predator and also proudly proclaimed I was a sexual tyrannosaurus on my wedding day…in front of my mum whilst smoking a cigar

Palomino Quarterhorse says:

Omg you’re HOTTT!!!

TheDemoman57 says:


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