PROUD MARY – Movie Review and Sony Rant (Black Nerd)

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Andre Black Nerd Review of Proud Mary. Proud Mary Movie Review from Black Nerd Comedy. Proud Mary Review plus Black Nerd Rants on Sony Pictures not marketing or having preview/critics screenings of this movie. The movie is not the best, but definitely not the worst, and definitely has an angle with being a strong black female lead in a genre action film that could be marketable regardless of how the movie is reviewed after seeing it. Proud Mary (2018) stars Taraji P. Henson, Billy Brown, Danny Glover, Neal McDonough, Margaret Avery, and Jahi Di’allo Winston.

Note: “Proud Mary” trailers and clips provided by Sony Pictures via EPK for press to use for reviews/commentary purposes under rights of fair use. All opinions are 100% my own.

“Black Nerd Comedy” is Geek Entertainment, Nerd News, Rants & Reviews, Pop Culture and 80’s-90’s Retro Nostalgia from Andre “Black Nerd” Meadows.


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Soo a genderswapped version of Leon the professional?

ItsJustEddie says:

Man, I thought this was gonna be terrible, January release, badly cut trailer, almost no media buzz besides adds on YouTube. Might have to check it out now though.

mgailp says:

Didn’t even know it existed, but now planning to see this.

Richard Fairchild says:

The City of Atlanta got advanced screenings.

Ultimate Savage says:

review marvel runaways

DigiBradChannel says:

Never saw anything, no trailer nowhere or any other information about this movie

icecream hero says:

Andre are you excited for the Teen Titans Go Movie.

masterofthefresh says:

Holy shit $16.50 to see a movie? And I though the $13 I have to pay around here was bad.

x6x batman says:

Never heard of this movie,will definitely check it out

Guy Incognito says:

Five good things about Legend of Chun-Li! It’d be one hell of a challenge.

Sonofa Glitch says:

Dammit Andre every time I forget about LoCL you bring it up

Jessica Stubbs says:

Can u see I, Tonya? Thank u! Love your videos!

Iman Simmonds says:

some stuff doesnt make sense. like all of a sudden at 2 hour the boy’s dad is a bastard. yet at hour 4 min like he was playing x box live with friends. happy as a clam . but when its convenient the boys dad is a bastard. really?

FL0ze says:

My boi Damien Darhk!

Zain Khan says:

Are you a fan of Kendrick Lamar?

Donald Hunter says:

Great movie!

Bernard P. says:

I looooooooovvveee hhheeerrr!!!! Look at Cookie Lyon go ham on peepoes!!!

sonsolar says:

I’m sorry but this movie was trash. Horrible lighting, horrible editing, terrible terrible dialog. I wish that wasn’t the case but this looked like a lifetime movie only worse. Glad you liked it but wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

Marianne says:

This is something I was interested in seeing. I think I still will, but maybe when it comes on video.

Brandon Allen says:

I want to see this movie now

soundwave803 says:

So Damian Dahrk was M. Bison….wow

Randomguy gmailcom says:

Wow good review

TheGoddess AmongYou says:

I’m going to see this movie in all black with a fro wig and a pick. I’ve known about this movie for a bit and as a fan of Traji i was ready from day one. After watching this review I’m HELLA ready for this movie.

Gary Benjamin Holt Jr. says:

Holy shit, I was thinking this movie came out in March. lol I definitely want to check it now

Axelsanx says:

Loved her in Smokin Aces.

riots101 says:

It was cool man. Just saw out. I was 1 of 7 in the theatre. I wish more people would see this movie. It was a fun little shoot-em up. And Taraji murdered that movie. I want to see a Proud Mary 2. Rollin on the river. But people don’t even know it’s out.

chryllaird says:

I saw it! I completely agree with your review! Taraji really made the movie. Worth seeing.

Chriss Kross says:

You should review. The commuter. It was really good

Practice Human Being says:

Ima check this out. Thank yoy

eduardo torres says:

Is this prequel of Proud Family?

Padroo Tate says:

They don’t give black actors enough credit when it comes to stuff like this. This movie was awesome and is very slept on . If this was another movie with someone white, they would’ve had it all over social media . I think if this movie is successful it’s gonna be cause of Taraji promoting it.

Robert McKinnon says:

This makes me think of Gloria.

Anfmethodjor says:

The criteria of the promotion is the budget…

Jonah Ravin says:

Can you review willy wonka and the chocolate factory

chocolab2 says:

Just saw this movie due to your review. I had a great time!!!

Anfmethodjor says:

The criteria of the promotion is tge budget…

Akron162 says:

They really want to make a female John Wick, don they?

Jamaican Singer - JahriD says:

Black actors/actresses are the best. The kid that plays Danny is amazing.

Byron Harris says:

I saw PROUD MARY on January 13th as a birthday present for myself and I loved it . In my opinion Taraji P. Henson is one of our greatest and most underrated actresses in Hollywood.

oz pardo says:

the only Henson I care about is Jim.Rest in piece, my friend. 28 years of disappointment and still counting, sadly.

Chloe's Cat says:

Hey Andre, I love your channel and your videos. You’re a super rad guy. Have you ever seen Steven Spielberg’s ‘Duel’? If not, and if you ever get the time, I’d love to see you review it as it’s my favorite movie. I have to go the restaurant that was Chuck’s Café; It looks so cool!

Oh, now I gotta see Proud Mary. DAMN YOU FOR MAKING IT SOUND AWESOME!

All the best, buddy and have an awesome and safe New Year.

Xiao Bai.

wondiefive says:

Proud Mary was decent. Not necessarily a “Gotta see in theaters NOW” type of movie, but it’s serviceable. It could’ve used a one-on-one ending fight tho. To be honest…it seems like there was more promo for PM when the trailer first premiered, WAAAY back around July than it was closer to the release date. I could’ve watched The Commuter, but it looked TOO reminiscent of Neeson’s previous movie Non-Stop. (in a movie trailer voice) Except this time….it’s on a train.

Bruce LeeRoy says:

For a second I thought this was a Tina Turner biopic

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