Ralph Breaks The Internet – Movie Review

Wreck It Ralph was amazing….so here’s hoping the sequel can live up to the legacy. Here’s my review for RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET!



IronixGirl says:

Do you think you’d be able to put out a spoiler review of Wreck-It Ralph 2? Ya sound like you really wanna talk about it and I wanna hear what you have to say — details and all! I loved the movie a lot as well XD <3 <3 <3

The Fox In A Box says:

Honestly, I went and saw this today…The heart was there, I guess? The humor just missed its marked with me. It felt like Ralph went backwards a little since the first movie? The heart beats just didn’t land quite right? The references are fun but…that’s not what I’m here. I can’t really go into it more without spoiling anything, but my feelings are mixed?

cinema gamer says:

I honestly enjoyed this movie. One thing in particular was that there was no twist villains or villains in general. All that this film needed was moral conflicts and dilemmas that are relevant to the story it was trying to tell and it made for some well executed drama that was needed for the lesson the film was trying to teach. It was surprisingly profound and rich with layer upon layer of deep themes centering around the two sided coin that is the internet and who gets affected by it’s darker side.

elizabeth brogan says:

Whatttt I hated this movie

Tory Yung says:

Chris prat told me not to skip his ad…I skipped it

daniel watts says:

This is a TURBOTASTIC review! Enjoy your new sub

zachmaster014 says:

You used that fakeout for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Dakota Joaquín says:

The other fakeout was in your 2014 review of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

MissMiia says:

I felt uncomfortable at the second half of the movie and I never shook it off. But it was great.

Gawillamon says:

This review makes me so happy to hear. You had exactly all the same worries that I did about this movie and I’m so glad to hear that it’s good.

Thomas Zhao says:

How do you do fellow kids

Ialliac says:

I kinda want a disney princess movie now…they were the best part of the movie

Adam Weaver says:

I loved this movie.

Utracia1 says:

Yeah didn’t care for this one, definately a lower ranked Pixar film for me. Had some funny jokes/references here and there but I was actually a bit bored in parts… not what I was hoping for in a Wreck-it-Ralph sequel. 🙁

John Gesselberty says:

Why would you have a character named Wreck It Ralph, and not name the sequel Ralph “Wrecks” the Internet, instead of Ralph Breaks the Internet? Pretty stupid.

MrMustBNice says:

Lol *definitely most definitely* liked it *way more* than I did.

Abhimitra Karreddula says:


quag311 says:

Have a ❤️ my dude.

Vickey says:

When I saw the trailer I thought it was going to be a corporate sequel that doesn’t care about being entertaining. But after this review I’m definetely going to see it 🙂

stagnet04 says:

Easily one of the WORST Disney movies in awhile. Nothing but, “feminist rule, Anti-male” agenda. Great for the kids, you know….

Bat Kid says:

Stan lee cameo in this movie to

Kusanagikaiser999 says:

First time ever, I see a film, Jeremy gives an Awesometacular……that I give DOG SHIT……sad day.

Marcia Laboo says:

Just saw it today with my daughter… Not disappointed

C.C. 95 says:

Disney…still evil incarnate.

Tory Williams says:

Literally the only person I’ve seen who saw the first one and liked the sequel.

Omgacow1000 says:

Yes Jeremy stop watching trailers! I stopped watching trailers a couple years ago and there are so many movies that were far more enjoyable because of it. Most trailers these days ruin the movie for me

TheGamingFrog says:

Really? Man my opinions really do suck. I enjoyed like 2 things about this movie and could not be bothered for the rest of it…

Fionna Adeline says:

“It hits u with THE REAL” Lol aint that the truth!

Htat AungLwin says:

Article 13.

Michael Brent says:

Wreck it Ralph 2 was great it was basically Kingdom Hearts meet Tron. There was one problem there was no Mario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was no fuckin Mario!!!!!!!!

Blaze The Movie Fan says:

I can’t wait to see it now.

shapen360 says:

I didn’t see any trailers. The movie going into Disney blew my mind, especially the scene in the dressing room with the princesses.

Not Leah says:

I’m sorry. I can’t say that I liked it as a whole. There were parts on their own that I enjoyed. But basically if you’re annoyed by the latest memes and internet culture, I wouldn’t see this movie.

kevin C says:

Didn’t like this movie at all. Thought it was a slightly better emoji movie

Film Toppings says:

Gal Gadot was the best part of this movie

keepmeposted25 says:

What’s nice about the Disney princess scene is that it actually goes somewhere. Like it wasn’t just in there JUST for laughs. When Vanellope leaves, she takes with her something the princesses told her and then it leads to a segment that’s very entertaining, but also important to the story 🙂

MattheJ1 says:

I’m glad to find a reviewer who also liked this movie. Everyone else just keeps calling it The Emoji Movie 2, which I think is unfair.

lego lucas 124 says:

I saw the fortnite product placement and I instantly hated fortnite 500x more

Anais Perez says:

Please make a spoilertalk!!!

Dmitry Verz says:

Hm strange, usually Im more or less agree with you. And I was very happy to see your score. I didnt see the movie yet, but more and more ppl I trust saying this is dogsh*t movie… on the level of efing emoji movie and if things im hearing is true… and seeing your score… Im very confuse.
And or boy I HOPE this movie is good. Jeremy… you one of last og reviewers I can tolerate… please don’t turn to dark side, please dont become shmoe/collider sh*t

deno zed says:

It’s like they are making sequels of every good movie and putting out a feminist version of it. As a kid your not going to see it but as a parent you will catch it. Not as good as the first one shame they sjw a feminist twist to this one. There will be no more male heros in any kids movie soon.

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