Rampage Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the Video Game Adaption RAMPAGE! Does it manage to shake the video game film curse? Find out!

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What's The Takeaway? says:

The male version of Mary Sue is Gary Stu.

ArmyVetRod PatreonVideos says:

You’ve gone soft in your old age Big Joe now it’s the rest of the crew holding their feet to the fire lol.

ShallowDepression says:

They say, that Black is slimming.

Ironfoot says:

Just another CGI shitshow.

Coffee Potato says:

I friggin loved this one, was just sitting there grinning throughout most of it. Kept thinking “man, these guys would make an amazing XCOM movie”.

codeman117 says:

come on don’t skip far cry 5 I really need to know if it’s worth buying

Shawn M says:

I saw the movie too, and I absolutely loved it. It incorporates horror elements, which surprised me. Wasn’t expecting much and was blown away. Not a perfect movie by any means, but I had a lot of fun watching it. If you expected a serious movie from this, then that’s your own damn fault. Why can’t some people understand that NOT all movies are made to be serious? 8/10

Queenbugs 123 says:

Jeffery dean morgan aka neegan

Azael says:

are you gonna be reviewing far cry 5? I need your opinion to whether I should buy or not! lol

RedDragonGamer says:

Honestly I bet you can’t even review pong on time. I understand you can’t be on top of every game but dam how do you expect to be a reviewer if you can’t even review a game on time

gusti rifky permana setiawan says:

Joe I’m waiting you to review yakuza 6, but i think i should give up. i hope you review God Of War.

Ice Dragon says:

I’ve honestly come to believe Joe has slowly been losing his mind. Joe, you okay?

Tupac Shakurian says:

Left- buff joe
Middle- angry joe
Right- average joe

cerebralassassin147 says:

Review God of War

tyrongkojy says:

So I assume you’re also don’t with CA?

draxpendragon says:

GOLDEN AXE would have been a better video game to make into a movie

Coblie Foreman says:

p.s- angry joe is a fat fuck liberal BITCH.

ManofGears says:

JOE! Please don’t skip far cry 5 review! I feel you are skipping to many awesome games. Please review far cry 5 even if its month later! Thumbs up so AJ can see this!

Corvus Phoenix says:

Joe: Literally the stupidest plot I’ve ever heard of.

Also Joe: Above average. 6/10.

DrViperVideos says:

Pacific Rim Uprising was more stupid fun. This is just retarded


I just turned off my brain for this 1 I seen all the big movie’s there was nouthings else to watch so why not I go for free anyway lol deff a 6

colin pendergast says:

Idk who the guy on the left is but this dude never gives a movie a good score lol

Armand Edwads says:

Terminally texan?

Lucas Tout says:

Would you please not let that muscular guy in your videos, he knows nothing about films.

Alex Vazquez says:

“Dr. Bravestone! Curious George needs you!”

“Dr. Bravestone! Curious George needs you!”

“Dr. Bravestone! Curious George needs you!”

Miguel Colon says:

Street fighter miniatures almost at one milllion and five THOUSAND backers!!!!

Cameron Howard says:

Dude on the left is just a vacuum sucking away any and all positive vibes from every video he’s featured in. Fuck sake he complains about the most stupid shit just to sound more like a critic… Im sorry but id much rather it be just Joe and OJ with Delrith. Delrith is much more enjoyable and fun than captain pissed off all the time.. I’ve actually avoided multiple vids just because this ass clown was in the thumbnail. Its one thing to be a reviewer/critic, its another thing to just flat out bitch about everything because you have a platform(not even your own) to do it on
Delrith>>>>>>>Random angry dude

Jake O Connor says:

How do you not know Jeffrey Morgan from the Walking Dead? Negan?

Sam Anderson says:

I hope he doesn’t skip Far Cry 5, I really enjoyed it and I wanna hear his opinion on it. I don’t care how long it takes for him to make the review, I would love to see how he does Joseph Seed and the other characters lol

Ross Morton says:

I can’t help but feel like they’ve got the tone wrong, the game was inspired by old 50’s B-movies.

Think “Mars Attacks”, but giant monsters.

Max S.F. says:

better than jumanji

Kyle H. says:

Go see truth or dare

Steven Bowen says:

Rampage is a video game on the nes snes n64 Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 1-2 and rampage is a video game based on the movie

xxx xx says:

Review GOD OF WAR and Far cry

Tyler James says:

Really not a fan of the smug asshole on the left

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