Rampage – Movie Review

Another video game to movie adaptation…this time starring Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson. Here’s my review of the destruction fest RAMPAGE!

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Preston Lockhart says:

This movie is so cheesy, but it’s that good kind of cheese. And I ate that cheese up like a little kid eating Mac n’ cheese. Loved freaking Lizzie in the movie. If you want something Godzilla-esque to tie you over before Godzilla 2 rolls around, Lizzie has you covered. Ralph had some good moments, but in all honesty, he went out like a bitch. But George was just a hoot in a half. And now I’m picturing Kong giving the army the bird. That would be freaking hilarious. XD

One more thing….. Kong vs. Anguirus vs Varan. That’s another thing that came to mind when I saw this movie. lol

ipodtoucher15 says:

The dialogue in this movie was absolutely terrible. Cringe worthy. But the last 30 minutes is worth the price of admission

snakeoi1sean says:

Jonah Hex.

Jake Hale says:

Na bruh your trippin I enjoyed the whole movie not just the last 30 min

theory816 says:


XenoKaiju says:

Why do I get the feeling critics just automatically decide to hate monster movies without giving them a chance? I mean it feels like it a majority of the time. Not to praise the movie higher than it is but that’s so insulting to call it a Sharknado movie.
Sharknado required no thought and was made for the cost of a new pair of shoes. Rampage has talent behind it that knows what movie they’re making and deliver the best possible experience. I’ll admit I’m a little bias to monster movies but I can’t deny the fun I had! You shouldn’t expect Arrival out of a movie with a flying wolf.

American Paisa says:

This movie is stupid!
….but lots of fun.

Lastjustice says:

Rampage was alright, but it made a clunky concept of something inheritly simple. There was too much effort to ground the movie when it’s not something that needed to be done. Right away there’s this paragraph of infodumped before the movie even started. They went thru such painful lengths to justify the science and tactics being used to counter measure the monsters with all the jargon. Plot device substance makes mutant animals…done. Stuff happens because bad science…Done…it’s what was going happen, over explaining it doesn’t make it less the trope.

The movie doesn’t give us much of the monsters till end in chicago, as they are on route till then, and implied people dying and destruction is off screen till then. The finale is entertaining enough, but it just takes too long to get there. I could envision people being bored and not very much invested long before this comes along.

The Rock is only character that has any stakes in this The movie ultimately could focused on being more straight forward and not jamming the story up with so much unneeded fat. I get there be alot less movie, but I feel they could put something else there or gave more meat to the characters that actually stuck around. Like had a conflict between The merc leader Burke and the Rock in both views and coming to blows as a constrast to the Doctor trying be the better person and connecting with the rock. Ultimately everyone agrees the monsters need to die except George, so there’s little conflict outside of the physical one.

I agree the monsters just being giant animals was a miss, as I feel like there could have been a more interesting movie dealing with that. I feel like the Rock, his nerdy coworker and the girl hitting on him might been the original planned trinity, but that plan got scrapped as this movie has a vibe of rewrites along the way.

On a side note, the Rock calls the two guys he knocks out on the Airforce base MPs…they are not called that. His character was in the army, and their miltary police so still would make sense that he in particular would say that, but the Air force refers to their police as Security police or security forces. SP or SF for short. As an Airman that sort of thing jumped at me, but I imagine no one else would notice that detail.

Ben Dover says:

I stopped watching TWD before Negan shows up so Jeffrey Dean Morgan will always be daddy Winchester for me.

xXOnline RatXx says:

I was expecting nothing out of this movie but damn I really enjoyed this flick. The last 20 min had me smile and laughing ….great

MrDoug41 says:

I liked this movie. It was mindless fun.

Adam Jensen says:

At least this movie was still better than The Last Jedi. Tfw a rock movie hits more emotions than a Star Wars movie.

InsaneScrewHead says:

It’s a video game movie enjoy it for what it is. Is it great? No is it bad? Far from it give it a watch

HarPoonS1 Producshoons says:

Rampage: That moment when you see it’s been a while since Hollywood made fun discount bin flick and were ACTUALLY able to disguise it as chocolate freaking cake with pink ribbons of icing on top and some sweet vanilla ice cream to top off the cherry!!!!


This movie should bomb. But this is a weird culture of enjoy trash movies lol

Remy Cajin says:


toan tran thien says:

I find this movie very entertaining, the plot was nothing to get into everything was pretty generic for a giant monster movie but it was fun to say the least

DRAGOO production says:

One of the bad’s movie in 2018

Jake Bryant says:

Bad or not the demands for a new Rampage game will be high so there’s one good thing

Diadlo says:

George is friggin funny though

Alice Sinn says:

Does Rock The Dwayne Johnson owe people money? Favors? Why does he take these ridiculous movie roles? Doom, Tooth Fairy, Rampage, next up Shazam. I feel like he’s become a creditable actor, why not expand his repertoire and do a drama or an Oscar grab? At this point Bautista will have one before The Dwayne does.

Ty-zaan44 says:

You don’t have any subs , in Chicago. NO FUCKIN SHIT. XD

Humanity Uprising says:

Is this the best video game movie?

Bullion9999 says:

I was able to immerse into this story. It kept me interested. I agree with your assessment.

CyberGothWannabe says:

It was fun, I’d give it 4

orange9280 says:

I may be in the minority for this but the Netflix’s Game Over Man is ludicrous fun. It’s a really bad movie but it was my guilty pleasure and I was entertained and I like the 3 guys together since I’m a fan of if their Workaholics.

rock climbing33 says:

I get that it was based on a video game but it had too much of a King Kong thing going on. It was just weird

Christopher Remillard says:

This movie was garbage brought to you by a board of executives just looking for a quick buck.

Mr Crow says:


VidFormers says:

Movie really wasn’t that bad at all

Eduardo Sanchez says:

I thought the movie was pretty good I had a good time. 8.5 out of 10 for me.

Drixenol86 says:

I was expecting The Rock to transform into a giant ape.

derpfrog says:

This movie was more of a waste of time than the video game, I feel they paid you as well as others hush money not to do a trailer reviews or invite you guys to pre-screening cause this was serious trash. Rock is cool but my goodness this film sucked, in fact I went in to see how much it sucked, and it sucked… So I left the theater knowing that I know. George did have some serious meanface moments so props to the cgi team for that, but if I wanted to see meanfaces go apeshit I’d just cut someone off in traffic.. and soak it in.

Monica Mendez says:

I honestly likes the movie funny some what dramatic but hilarious ending good amount of action but holy sh*t Ralph was terrifying I give it a 7.2/10

Tj Lee says:

I thought it would’ve been cool to see the monsters rampage across America instead of just Chicago

Mattia Berti says:

Personally it’s the best movie based on a videogame untill now… even though it’s far from perfection.

I hope in a sequel.

mark5009mark5009 says:

Lol Chicago is not the world. Chicago is the anal dingleberry of the United States It’s. Lol

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