Ready Player One – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Ready Player One, starring Tye Sheridan, Ben Mendelsohn, T.J. Miller, Simon Pegg, Mark Rylance, Olivia Cooke. Directed by Steven Spielberg.


Louis Russell says:

MY avatar ees suprem ledear Kam Jang An

Luke wootton says:

Why on earth did you add that kitchen part? Literally no one cares

R6-D2 says:

One of the bigger questions does she give him a virtual bj ?

McFlei says:

Artemis is a twitch steamer

Ludwin Lopez says:

This movie is extremely racist towards all the Luigi’s of the gaming world .

Chase XJ says:

I loved this film! Had so much fun with it and now I’m hooked haha nice review though Chris, it’s nice seeing you less grumpy? Haha I don’t know…

Zane Alexander says:

That’s a pro review, well written. Bravo

Félix L says:

Wanted to love this movie… The plot and characters were so terrible, even when compared to the book, this killed the film for me.

Itsyaboi 91 says:

There was a very ad before this video

Marco lara says:

You do good work my friend keep it up. I wish other movie reviews were as thoughtful as yours.

Enabled Retribution says:

Love the review! I saw your account on facebook and you actually live extremely close to me! Jus saying, really recommend going to Tinseltown in North Canton! My favorite movie theater in the area by far.

Matthew Osman says:

What did Chris stuckmann give this for a rating

Gabriel Alin says:

The implementation of mmo gaming was rubbish but you wouldn’t expect anything different from ones who never played a game.

shadowclan REKT says:

Yeah just got done reading the book rp1 honestly it pissed me off how so many parts out of the book where not in the movie but the movie was astounding nonetheless

Josie's Film Chats says:

I think this format suits video essays more so than reviews because with reviews it is good to get a more genuine/off the cuff feeling

ariu ryl says:

It’s a shiny movie but the whole “Hey! I recognized that reference!” shtick got old fast and the characters have very flimsy dynamics. The old people in my theatre who couldn’t give a fuck about pop culture refs fell asleep in my theatre.

Blake Nelson says:

I gotta say Chris…I hated this movie. Part of that might have been because I loved the book so much, but I tried hard to separate from that when I watched it. I anticipated not liking it, but there were so many things that missed. I agree that the references felt hollow a lot of the time, but I also felt like so many character relationships felt the same way. Daito and Sho appear as tag alongs, but are hardly introduced, which doesn’t make any of their action scenes feel gratifying. That leads me to another point, that the whole movie felt rushed. Even with the lengthy run time, there wasn’t any suspense to make me feel invested in the hunt – in the next scene, the group was on to the next clue. Not to mention a few odd plot holes, involving Art3mis and her rebellion. The movie took a lot away from what made the book good, and didn’t add as much back besides the exciting action scenes. I felt this would have made a much better trilogy, each centered around one key, which could have fleshed out a lot of the relationships that you mentioned in your review.

DhDeadMan says:

I gotta admit, this format is A THOUSAND TIMES better, please keep it Chris!

David Guy says:

Went to watch the movie at a newly refurbished cinema, Everyman in York, and I literally paid the price for it: £27 for two tickets. One of the tickets was for a pensioner but, because it was after 5pm, there was no concession… As for the movie, I found its effects spectacular, but the cast was boring, and the story by-the-numbers. We’ve seen it all before, being a mish-mash of Wreck-It Ralph/ Goosebumps/ Tron/ Wizard of Oz (I could continue). I did enjoy the nods to King Kong, Stephen King and Japanese movie characters, though. Ultimately left feeling let down. Am I just too old, with too many movies under my belt?

Wyatt Billy says:

Chris I gotta see you talking with that sexy ass face while you give me a movie review

N8DOG_27 says:

I liked the movie, but the book was way better!

David Conlin says:

I am actually really surprised with this B rating!! Come on Chris, characterization in an “avatar movie’? I kinda feel as though you relied to heavy on your notes, yes, your review came off VERY SCRIPTED, and not enough on your experience!! This movie was an easy A on the vision alone!! You get a kitchen refurbish pass for me this time!!

Ariel Carmona says:

it’s a C at best, the characters are not memorable and some of the nostalgic bits felt forced. It was too long ,I wanted to walk out. There are some good sequences but not enough to overcome the cliched villain and the mediocre story, was the book as bad?

ICO says:

Hands down THE WORST movie in recent memory! I’m a HUGE nerd and the book is absolutely amazing. The movie had NOTHING in common with the book. Extremely weak character development, along with events that were told in a completely different way in the book, making absolutely no sense in the movie. The emotional connection to the main characters along with the build up and anticipation in the book are absolutely nonexistent here.
Extremely disappointed!

Method Living Productions says:

I really like this format. While I’m a fan of being on camera, this seems like a good way to edit review videos quickly so I’m not having to pick out places to film or the perfect conditions. I may try this for a few reviews in the future.

Bastion main says:

honestly can’t wait for 2025

Randy Vang says:

Like Chris I liked the movie, it was just a fun movie. Is it a masterpiece, no. Is it good, I think so, but maybe other people might not. Never read the book but I’m pretty sure the books a whole lot better. Yes this movie has a lot of flaws and missed opportunities, I know that. I just wanted to see the movie for my love of the 80s and going up. And that’s pretty much the theme for this movie. This movie was nostalgia as hell for me and I loved it, I’m sorry if you guys didn’t like it. This is just my opinion, no hate please. Also I feel like the movie is more like animation rather than heavy cgi, again just an opinion.

Daniel Cabrera says:

horrible review – clearly you are not a gamer.

movie makers says:

do it with you in the camrea cris


Christopher Nolan has Hans Zimmer, Steven Spielberg has John William.

Bj Trees says:

I’m confused my father is a Cabinet Maker whenever he does a kitchen he measures then does the layout with the customer on paper, once that is done he builds it in the shop then once its done he rips out the old kitchen and installs the new one, takes him a week to build and two days to rip out the old kitchen and fit the new.

Thanks for the review will wait for DVD

Faster Tips says:

The only thing I remember from the movie is Minecraft

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