Ready Player One – Movie Review

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A Spielberg directed film adaptation of the hit book where one person will inherit the online world known as “the Oasis”. Let the Easter Egg hunt begin! Here’s my review of READY PLAYER ONE!

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Rizkirafu says:

Marvel Studios and Disney: “infinity wars is the most ambitious crossover event in the history”.

Warner Bros and Spielberg: *releasing Ready Player One* “Hold my beer!”

Hasazil Mitchell says:

It was not good but it was fun.

PlatinumAdventures says:

I just wanted to see the RX-78-2

Keyser94 says:


Cason Tackett says:

Please review new God of War

Hall Network says:

Loved this movie

tendz rawr says:

No awesometacular?

Richard Huang says:

the greatest

Jose Moran says:

Yeah Spilberg, Fuck nolan and his boring ass movies

Jason Keller says:

It’s a lot better than I was lead to believe for real

ArgentiumTea says:

Loved the movie

vgmaster9 says:

Iron Giant did use his arm cannon for a bit.

Adriano Andrade says:

This movie did what that Adam Sandler shitty movie Pixels couldn´t

Joseph Turcotte says:

The story was like spy kids 3D

robert punu says:

Fuck Neil degrasse Tyson, that mofo is a freemason, and he doesn’t know science

Connor Turnip says:

I love Luigi!

CryptoChick says:

Love your vids!!! Where’s your crypto coin links so I can send you some cheddar and you can ditch these lame sponsorship plugs.

Matt Butler says:

This movie forgot about things like plot and character development

eric ochoa says:


damn Jeremy u could be a singer

Brittany Rose says:

I have to respectfully disagree with Jeremy. I got really antsy during the movie. It kind of just felt like a 2 hour montage of nerdy things I like and nostalgia. I didn’t care about the characters, I hated the romance, it felt really predictable, no tension, and I don’t feel like the main character’s social awkwardness was really shown well enough. Everyone in that universe seems completely enveloped in the virtual world. It seems less like he was escaping for personal reasons and more like he did it because that’s just how the world is now.

Omar Gabriel Tafur Tafur says:

Ready Player One: Captain America’s favorite movie

M.Poorvesh Muthraman says:

How to do sponsorship 101

Natalie says:

There was not ONE Rush song. What the heck.

That Guy says:

To put it simply, in the last big battle scene since they even had the license into so many different franchises, I wanted to see the ultimate nerd fantasy crossover battle basically, and it completely under deliver on that part in my opinion. I understood the story I know what they were going for, talking about how video games used to be about playing games, instead of companies such as Electronic Arts making it a complete and utter disappointment to play i e Star Wars Battlefront is the best example of what happens when corporations lose sight of what video games really mean.

Jacob Classen says:

Who’s the unnecessary minor character that he’s talking about?

Inspired by Analog says:

Wish the music had more of a punch to it. But great movie none the less. Re watching the shining too lol

Intellectual Badass says:

i thought it would get an awesometacular

Gabriel Mohammed says:

What’s good everybody? I just posted a review of this movie on my channel too. Check it out if you get a chance. I appreciate it if you do. Enjoy your day.

Bruno Geronymo says:

What happened to the awesometacular ???? Vou are getting grumpy 😉

TheBigLoLZ1 says:

Slight spoiler warning

Imo this was the best movie of 2018 thus far. The nostalgia, the references, the big battle at the end with chucky and master chief iron giant and gears of war references! As well as the corporation basically being a metaphor for EA and the whole premise… I absolutely loved this movie. 10/10

Justin Holbrook says:

They literally changed the complete story of the actual book to make it Hollywood style how he gets the keys they change characters on parts it was a super letdown

IDyce88 says:

this game was excellent…i am not big on VR and online gaming but the way this was all linked together into bits of both/ or each…it worked well.

EtchedInStone says:

What a joke.

Rich Reviews says:

1) My favorite scene was the Dance sequence
2) Where was Chris Hanson from Dateline: To Catch a predator

kohrya says:

I look foward to watching this now. I don’t use Twitch too much, but more power to you if you do.

Kaminoyouni says:


RolePlayingGamer says:

Yes twitch!

Don The Movie Reviewer says:

Fuck Luigi, Wario is where it’s at baby! I didn’t like the fact that the movie spent more time in the game world than in the real world, however, since you explained that the gamers love to be in the virtual reality more so than in their reality, I understand where you’re coming from, I still didn’t like it because… how important was Wade’s mother? (or whoever she was)? I LOVE your channel!, man.

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