Mark and Kristian review Red Sparrow.

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Spencer Dobkin says:

Most overrated actress ever. I can’t believe she won an Oscar for Silver Lining’s Playbook still..if a performance in that movie deserved consideration it was Cooper not her.

ToyBox Productions says:

The end of Annihilation is easily the best part of the movie honestly. The rest of it was pretty by the numbers in my opinion.

Pacino Heat says:

I have a red rocket for the Red Sparrow. Pew pew

holmbjerg says:

The Black Widow story is not an original thing. There actually existed a ‘swallows’ program in the real world.

John Smith says:

At least this movie is R rated. MCU would never do a R rated Black Widow movie.

Evan Walker says:

Anyone saying J Law is a bad actress know absolutely nothing about acting.

Jacob Seibers says:

I think the X-men movies and the Oscar nab gets JLaw some unwarranted hate.
She was also in Mother! and got Razzie attention from it but I actually thought she was excellent in it, one of her best performances.

Rajen Pillay says:

Wat was the training in help for? It waisted screen time in my opinion

Ben Davis says:

What did JLaw do at the BAFTAs?

Tony Blakeman says:

She is a slight variation of the same exact character in EVERY movie she’s played a main role in. It is so fucking annoying. People think because she doesn’t act and keeps a straight through all of her scenes that she’s some kind of genius.

CABLE 715 says:

Glad she acted for this guy this time, she sure didn’t in the Hunger Games trilogy

Eurogerg says:

Most of my Schmoe consumption is in podcast form when I’m driving, so it’s been a while since I’ve watched a video. But, damn, is Harloff straight-up aging in reverse?

J Rodriguez says:

IGN trahsed the movie, glad harloff like it

Pravesh Alva says:

Matthias Schoenaerts is excellent in Far from the Maddning Crowd

IIG says:

I might check it out, but one thing is for sure: Jennifer’s accent is shit in the trailer. It turned me off completely, but with Movie Pass, what the hell.

Beats1976 says:

horrible actress

2KooL Reviews says:

Great review guys still haven’t decided if I’ll check this one out yet

Wicked says:

Matthias Schoenaerts is brilliant indeed.

Johannes Stach says:

Alte filem

Viv W says:

Looks like utter garbage and hopefully the final nail in this terrible actresses career.

Knight Ryder says:

i heard if you see this movie…bring lotion, tissue, and paper towel. get ready for the splooge because JLaw shows EVERYTHING in this movie and rides a guy naked for 15 minutes. #FappeningTheMovie

Tina Fisher says:

she is kinda the same character as she was in the Hunger Games? Ironic. It was a long movie, had to pee 1/2 way through it, and was pretty uncomfortable cause I never wanted to miss anything. Like it, hard core sex, thought that it would have been better if they replaced some sex scenes with some fight scenes. Too much ass for me. oh, and man bits (puke).

WinterHell says:

We should have had Black Widow first. Marvel waited too long.

jack harrington says:

Going save my cash for tomb raider or Pacific rim uprising or ready player one because those movies look so much better

Jamond Ross says:

Why the hate on Jennifer

ian lee says:

Jlaw is really over rated. I’ve yet to see a performance of hers that has come off genuine/believable

jaimon john says:

of all reviews I check on YouTube channels harloff is the only guy like this film !

Bryan Sowder says:

This isn’t the Black Widow movie we were waiting for. =(

Lachy Roberts says:

Loved the book. Hoping this lives up to it.

J Byrd Productions says:

It was pretty good.

TheCreepypro says:

numbers might be a stupid way to judge a movie sometimes but it is at times like these that I am grateful for it cause for the amount of praise Kristian just gave this movie I would have never guessed that the rating would have been 3.65

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