Red Sparrow – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Red Sparrow, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Matthias Schoenaerts, Charlotte Rampling, Mary-Louise Parker, Jeremy Irons. Directed by Francis Lawrence.


Callum Fitz-Patrick says:

Is he reviewing the greatest showman ?

Shadowknight506 Gamez & more!!! says:

Movie looked dull probably would of just watched it for Jennifer tbh

Sloppy Juana says:

I bet the movie theatre knows you XD :*

White Boy Ben says:

Chris makes them hoes bend over and get stuckmannized

Mary Barr says:

I want to watch it for the cast alone. Matthias Schoenaerts and Jeremy Irons in one movie omg!

Henrique da Paz says:

I dream of the day Chris Stuckmann reviews Napoleon Dynamite!!!

Phelie315 says:

So did they kind of make a Black Widow movie and simply gave it a different name or?

sanyrub says:

Looks good. I´ll see it.

Anikó Kovács says:

please do a review on berlin syndrome, dismissed and my friend dahmer!!!

Preview Review says:

I can’t believe you didn’t review Early Man.

Aniket Chahande says:

Fullmetal alchemist review!

Ryu Onmyoji says:

It’s sad when smaller channels rip on Chris for every little thing.

lanu432 says:

Chris just say ‘IT IS GARBAGE’

AG64 says:

This sounds like Black Widow: The Movie

ChristianTaylor. says:

It’s a Black Widow movie?

femiairboy94 says:

Wait isn’t that black widow’s story or I’m i tripping?

BOSS says:

Review Radius please. That movie left me so confused…

Scully says:

I thought this was a retelling of the real life Russian double spy woman. However I have no intrigue to see Lawrence or this movie it seems really lame for some reason.

Witness Me says:

Why does Francis want critics to be vague when it’s a book that many (myself included) have read?

ThereisnoDistrict12 says:

lol the american obsession for the character to be “relatable” in order to enjoy a movie. I think I will love this one, seems as divisive as Mother!

Daniel Rosa says:

You handled this very well, balancing out all the elements that maybe make this movie a “at my own risk”. You got that across.

William G says:

OK, come on, people! Someone spoil the offensive stuff!

John Jones says:

!!!!!! Shark attack 3, megalodon. Treat yourself to the best helariocity ever, and thank me later x

Ryan Jansen says:

Feel like Fincher would have done right by this. He’s good at taking social norms and giving those people who expect them the finger. I mean fuck, people walked out of fight club do to the nihilism but it’s still my favorite movie

James Anthony says:

Just a heads up, but there was an NRA “scare” ad at the start of your video.

Zuhair Ishraq says:

Review the florida project

axle low says:

What were some of the “disturbing” things?

ThereisnoDistrict12 says:

I’m so hyped for this

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