Replicas – Movie Review

January is kicking us in the teeth with this mess of a Sci-fi starring Keanu Reeves. Here’s my review of REPLICAS!



Christopher Kents Love Child Part 3 says:

A gun to his head? Na maybe 20 mil dollars or so not exactly slavery.

RekLaw XeRo says:

Legacy of Kain!!! Hell Yeah!! that’s the franchise they should make, starting with Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain through Soul Reaver, or even that un-released/finished Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun .

danie lossy says:

can you please review Roma

Rafael Ortiz says:

It’s not their consciousness. It’s a replica.

Wayne Kifer says:

I was thinking about seeing this soon and reviewing it myself, but now I think i’ll check out The Upside. Lol

5 am Society says:

Jeremy Jahns suck

QueefCookie says:

I need another John Wick to wash this shit movie out of my mouth.

Neftali Watkinson says:

If I had a dollar for everytime Jeremy explains why people say they hate scifi I would have two dollars

jigaw 78'2 says:

Why are January films usually the worst at this point of the year?

vladi569 says:

Jeremy… don´t go to Mars. 😀

THEwolff55 says:

So are you just not going to review vice?

thewewguy8t88 says:

just watch how replicas gets a sequel. but then again thank god both dragon ball and the last air bender did not get sequels so.

Geoffrey Ashcroft says:

Can you do a review on backdraft or speed?

justha vingfun says:

bad movie

Brian says:

Wow I really dodged a bullet on that one

rock climbing33 says:

This reminded me of The Cat in the Hat with Mike Myers and everyone else. People were pressured into doing dogshit movie

Douglas Beamer says:

I just reviewed this film on my channel and I gotta say…*keanu’s voice” whoa….

Rexfellis says:

Shittiest Sci Fi? Battlefield Earth, by far. Unless, of course, this dethrones it as greater shit. I guess time will tell.

Inju says:

This review made me laugh super hard.

Cool beans, Jeremy.

Jonathan Santiago says:

Just saw it. Let me tell you: bad acting aside, if I wanted to see a bad CGI robot, I would have prefered to see I Robot drunk rather than seeing these PS2 cut-scenes.

cheerleaderMelanie says:

Aww poor Keanu. Sometimes i just want him to win

kegorogers says:

Is this to Keanu Reeves what The 6th Day was to Arnold Schwarzenegger? If you want a great android series then watch the UK show Humans or just see Ex Machina (2014) again.

Thanks for saving me time and money Mr. Jahns.

Daniel Rankin says:

Jeremy, are you going to review Bird Box?

OneWingedGamer96 says:

Keanu had a marker he had no choice but to be in this movie.

Manta Edmond says:

Vae victis !

RAB L says:

Hahahaha this video was everything I wanted to see and even a Legacy of Kain reference thrown in, well done sir!

Omer Aamir Shah says:

oOoOoO0oo00oo0oOooooOOOO i see a lawsuit coming for SPOILING the already spoiled shittfest of a movie lol

Salman Khan says:

Imagine an evil clone of John Wick…..

macross25 says:

4:50 Jeremy at his absolute best!!!!!

flagg1129b says:

I love when you review “Dogs-Shit” movies. You get way more animated and it FUN! Thanks for saving me 2 hrs of my life I wont get back by watching this movie!

marie bonner says:

I’m disappointed to hear that this movie is so bad I have not seen a good robot movie in the theater sense chappy and thought from the ad maybe they finally were going release one. I wish Hollywood would ether make a sequel to chappy or give the band steam powered giraffe there own movie.

ninetailben says:


Jose Salinas says:

Why don’t they bring this back???

Radityo Galih says:

I was like. “OH a sci fi movie with keanu on lead, this must be a good one, right?”
I was never been so wrong.

Ani says:

Whose putting their money on seeing this movie being number 1 in Jeremy’s Worst Movies Of 2019 list?

Johan Fredriksson says:

Thanks for the warning 🙂

Work Fit says:


scott9050 says:

As bad as the robots in Bill and Teds Bogus Journey.

Dipak Singh says:

What the hell man! You made a 6 min long!! review for a “dogshit movie”. I was so bored in the middle. Please make them short!

M H says:

Saw the thumbnail, thought 3 out of 10.

Watched review….yep.

justin says:

Wow, this review was EXTREMELY annoying due to how much he aimlessly hated it. Hardly any real criticisms, mostly just trying to creatively insult the film with metaphors and sensationalism. Just trying to pump the drama for more views and reactions or something? It was a thought provoking movie, there were a lot of very interesting aspects and scenes. Yeah Keanu was often flat and the CGI robot sucked but this dude is way over the top dramatic about how supposedly bad it was. It was entertaining the whole way through and any sci fi buff should see it. I usually like this guy’s movie reviews but after this silly attempt at shitting on a half-decent movie as though it was cruel and unusual torture I now have serious doubts about his taste in cinema. I don’t think I’ll be seeking his opinion on movies anymore.

Snak3bit1117 says:

written and directed by rian johnson?

American Gadfly says:

I was so mad at how bad this was. The concept was so good.

the Buckman says:

It was painful watching this movie….I barely made it halfway through and gave up on it didnt finish cant take it

Art Valencia says:

That CGI robot had more acting range though 😉

Aaron ___ says:

This is a terrible film! If anyone praised this film, their creditability will forever be questioned. As soon as the actors started talking in the lab and I saw the glitchy robot I knew this was going to be garbage.

Tnargav says:

Sound like a crappy version of Transcendence.

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