Revenge – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Revenge, starring Matilda Lutz, Kevin Janssens, Vincent Colombe, Guillaume Bouchède. Directed by Coralie Fargeat.


Maddison Newell says:

Hey Chris, i dont know if youve seen it. But can you review Graveyard of the fireflies?

Devon Truman says:

Soooo….its “I Spit On Your Grave” except not?

The cinema cult says:

So… it’s I spit on your grave.

Yak Yonson says:

See they subverted the trope of the sex object by making her bloody and dirty and giving her a gun. Much in the way She’s All That subverted the ugly nerd girl trope by taking off her glasses and putting her in a fancy dress.

Let’s not pretend the movie was in anyway unique Chris. It’s cheesie 70’s era, b-rate action following all the stereotypes of the genre that have existed for years.

EDIT: Wow, it’s amazing how many of you morons buy into some pretentious directors backpatting, simply because this Stuckman bought into it. There’s nothing empowering or “SJW/Feminazi” about this film. It’s just the same sexploitation pap they’ve been making forever. You guys are idiots.

fxcolin says:

Très bonne critique, Monsieur Stuckmann ; )

Leinad R. says:

And if we change gender roles in this movie, we have a scandal….not interested in another “woman is the best!” film.

Gameonerd13 says:

Hey Chris could you do Neil breen movies

Kardistry says:

Give me a reason why she resurrects … if it’s not logical I’ll pass.

Martin Tremoulet says:

You like the concept of the movie, because it sounds and has the sensory style similar to The Neon Demon and others of the visual type, but the movie is bad and trivial, and very predictable. Sorry Chris!

JaydoDre says:

Ah, that movie again. What’s with all these remakes?

Trevor Prime says:

Chris Stuckmann – watched the movie based on your recommendation. I feel that it deserves a B grade for its lack of having a deep story and having little character development.

Dennis C Hackethal says:

Saw this and then saw the movie. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

srijith nair says:

This was just average

Himank Kumar says:

When are you going to review Cobra Kai, Stuckmann ?

Chris Akhanarit says:

Yeah so unique… That’s why it was made now after we have 3 new versions of I spit on your grave plus the original… and there are quite a few low budget movies with exactly the same plot. Uniqueif you turned on the screen for the first time just now.

Sarge Scum says:

French movie makers have so much feelings… It shows…
Martyrs, Irreversable and more…

Piyush Tanpure says:

Ths movie is sooo goood !

Brook G.yohaness says:

I was 1 hr and some min in to this movie and I had to comment this , wtf chris this movie was average at best A- , come one now lol , I mean its not so bad but what makes it so great , the blood and shit , no character , mediocre acting , nothing memorable smh , Its a c at best.

Curtis Harris says:

I thoroughly enjoyed this phone it’s outstanding and yes there were moments when yeah I was kind of wincing and I don’t normally wins at movies I’m a horror guy I love horror movies and I can handle Gore but the context had me cringing a little I enjoyed Matilda’s performance and the direction of this movie and I really hope the director ends up getting her own big budget horror movie or action movie because she’s amazing the third Act cat-and-mouse I enjoyed the hell out of and I was right there with them in that scene talking at the screen loved it it might be a little early and bold to say but I put this in a top 10 for 2018

Wee-Sen Choo says:

Sounds very derivative. Akin to “I spit on your grave”.

Randy White says:

Why hasn’t anyone stated the premise is similar to I spit on your grave?

Mighty Baloo says:

Jesus Chris. Did you just give up man? First you’re schilling bullshit apps, now bullshit, derivative action movies?

Denis Desmond says:

another I Spit On Your Grave?

zooeyles says:

Great review!definitely going to watch the film.
Also,Will you review Disobedience which also premiered at TIFF last year?

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