Robin Hood (2018) – Movie Review

Another Robin Hood movie, but with some cool edgy flair to give it new teeth. Is it fun? Painful? Here’s my review of ROBIN HOOD!



Dont Talk To Me says:

For those who hate the 2010 Robin Hood name a better drama Robing Hood movie? Robin Hood Men in Tights is a comedy & Disney’s Robin Hood is a cartoon.

TheMistMan says:

This was the best assassins creed movie ever.

G-Dub 85 says:

I can’t take Jamie Foxx serious in anything except for Ray

morzansreddragon says:

Any skilled Robin Hood iteration told well would definitely be better than “Prince of Thieves” anyday. I didn’t expect anything from this film and I found it to be a fun action/adventure with great performers and crazy action, which I don’t think were any different to the ‘King Arthur’ movie of last year.
Face it, every generation is going to have a famous iteration of some famous myth, it doesn’t matter which version you like, just don’t be attached to which you like more.

nise 52 says:

I don’t know if the movie is any good, but you sure made me smile.

LLCTheCableGuy says:

Favorite guilty pleasure movie is HUdson Hawk.

The Helpful Pug says:

Favourite guilty pleasure movie is Van Halsing, with Hugh Jackman, no question. That movie was absolutely ridiculous fun. The accents. The melodrama. The amazing monsters. The tragic stories explored in over-the-top set pieces. Man I love it…..ironically, it was the perfect setup for a goofy Universal Monsters shared universe….too bad Universal didn’t realize it.

Omar Stone says:

Oliver Queen shout out brap brap

Raunchy Seagull says:

My guilty pleasure movie is Shoot Em Up. That movies is so stupid but the soundtrack, Clive Owen, and Paul Giamatti make it great in its own way.

RekLaw XeRo says:

Best Guilty pleasure Movie: Hudson Hawk

Keith Wint says:

White chicks….everyone hates it but I fucking love it. Its funny!!

Celestial Dragon says:

Van Helsing is still my favourite guilty pleasure movie.

Ben McDonald says:

From the trailers this movie looked like a fucking Saturday morning cartoon

Kashim says:

For yoooooooou…..


Lilith V. says:

Why don’t they just make a modern Robin Hood, starring a dude with a sniper rifle.

Iseelween says:

I watched this yesterday with my friends and I love how you said in this reviews exactly everything we commented on right after the screen play.
This movie is kind of bad and it’s what it makes it worth. It’s not serious, it doesn’t acrtually try to be and it’s fun to watch. We spent half of the time laughing so hard. The setting it’s up there…i mean medieval? Industrial? Roman? Modern? Who know? Everything? It was the perfect fun mix of other movies.
It was a batman like stories, with Green Arrow (I meen, he was dressed the same way, come on) doing scene from ben hur and shreck. Again, PRICELESS!
The only really, I mean really, bad thing was almost every dialogue between him and Marian.
Other than that and the confused dressing style that at least was coherent with the mixed up setting, i just Loved this movie.
But i love trash movie so I wouldn’t trust my judgment so much.
Again, thank you for your reviews, it’s nice to see that other people saw in the movie that same things we did.

DRAGOO production says:

It’s so bad… Don’t watch it

Jaydan Graham says:

Bitch i dont care bout no mother fing whip nah fuck dem diamonds on ur rist there’s more to lifee then this yah

Lataurean Ezell says:

So it’s just one of those popcorn flix you watch once and ONLY once lol. Looked like that from the jumped lmao

Purana Paapi says:

Those costumes killed the movie for me !

Men With ven 28 says:

I like the Russel Crow one

corner29lr says:

Jamie Foxx was the only black guy in the movie. The fact that nobody recognized him threw me off. Like he was there every time Robin hood showed up

Holland Exciter says:

You have just become my favorite movie reviewer
Singing and talking about getting pussy
That’s my guy lol

jamesmallone says:

The ending to this review was, of course, the best part.

ChasinFromBehind says:

Don’t try and change the attitude and clothes of characters to appeal to ‘young people.’ We are not all stupid, making it look like young 20 year olds play dress up is not a smart move.

davelanger says:

vanilla sky is my guilty​ pleasure movie

Mad Joker says:

wait this was a robin hood movie? Dammit I thought it was Green arrow.

Ian Turrubiate says:

Smashed the like button just for the singing at the end. Lol

AnkokuEvangeline says:

Let’s retitle the movie to Robin Hood: The New One: Again (4:44)

Chief Muddy Bear says:

Robin Hood did not hang out with Negroes.

Ionut Butincu says:

Bodied pls!!!


I do love Ben Mendelssohn.

Mark Arandjus says:

This seems like a good movie for when you’re browsing Netflix and can’t find anything good and go ‘fuck it, why not’.

joe suarez says:

the opening says it all loooooooooool

Eric Walsh says:

am i the only one who thought this would be set in the future

Richter Sokea says:

I didn’t like the movie that much, it felt very inconsistent with the time period and I felt bored. I prefer the animated Robin Hood movie from Disney.

Rinorah Ride says:

wasntt looking forward to this

zynbw says:

did they even spend a dime on promoting this movie because not once did I ever see an ad for it lol

Daniel Loomis says:

Men in tights is the goat

budget buys and DIY says:

nice to see jamie fox ….in another bomb.

McCammalot says:

I actually liked the Old People Russell Crowe Robin Hood well enough – I just thought it would have been miles better as a TV pilot. Didn’t have the structure a film needs, but I would have watched those characters have serial adventures.

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