Scream (1996) – Movie Review

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Scream as a landmark slasher film in the 90’s. Kevin Williamson’s fresh and self aware script paired with the masterful horror direction of legendary Wes Craven combined to create a movie that defined a generation. Being a slasher movie with loads of black comedy that recognizes and plays off of horror’s classic tropes and cliche’s while subverting all of them, Scream is endlessly rewatchable and entertaining. Time to dive into one of the most fun horror franchises and ask each other…”What’s your favorite scary movie?”

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Edwin Lopez says:

The scene in the bathroom is that just a random person just trying to scare her though

Daimon Atkins says:

Interested to see what you think about Scream 2,3 and 4

Sevyn Leombruno says:

If Halloween Resurrection didn’t exist, Laurie would without a doubt be the best final girl simply because of the way her character develops throughout 1, 2 and H20. She goes from someone who can defend herself pretty well but is really vulnerable and has to run, to someone who has to sneak around the hospital (albeit probably without knowing what was going on for a time) to someone who decided she was done running and kicks Michael’s ass to the point of slapstick, including killing Michael single handedly

Ayman Khan says:

Ghostface is one of my favorite slashers
because he knows the weaknesses of all horror characters!
And I also love Sidney, because she is badass!
I hate Jill from Scream 4, She almost killed Sidney!

Eat Shit says:

Top 5 favorite horror movies

Corey Warejko says:

Love your reviews. Any chance you’ll give reviews in the Halloween franchise movie by movie? The franchise ranking was good and I’d love to hear your thoughts more in depth on each movie like you’ve done with other franchises.

Mini Skit Filmz Studios says:

There is actually 10 puppet master movies

Edwin Lopez says:

Bring on those reviews my favorite scream movie is part one

Dave Bishea says:

Loved the review and I agree almost across the board, except that Dewey is my favorite character of the series. I think his flirtations with Gale in various scenes work pretty well, particularly their first encounter. I’d also disagree with your characterization of him. While he does have that childish competitive dynamic with his sister, he does seem to demonstrate his adulthood with his demeanor and bravery. I think the character is kind of the “purest of spirit” in the series, and the on-again off-again relationship with Gale works better to fulfill the romantic sub plots of each movie than just relying on the typically flat chemistry between Sidney and [insert boyfriend character].

Whitney Ryan Garrity says:

Excellent. Absolutely love this movie. I watched first hand as franchises deteriorated into self parody. Scream brought the slasher back on track. I agree that the kills aren’t as imaginative as in other films. I think the reasons behind this are 3-fold: as you said, the film was targeted it for teens, which means getting past the rating system. Next, sometimes simple is scarier. Lastly, the simple kills reinforced the idea that absolutely anyone could be the killer. They didn’t need superhuman strength or a membership to Mensa. These were kills that teens could accomplish easily.

Cody Leach says:

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Joseph Martinez says:

The bathroom scene pales in comparison to the store scene. I love Scream but the store scene always bugs me.

GamonskiFilms says:

this was a landmark horror movie. but yea that bathroom scene was a little dumb

TouYube1987 says:

Lol great opening

Xehanort10 says:

The vibe I got from the scene where Stu describes how to gut someone was that he enjoyed what he and Billy did to Casey and Steve a bit too much which is why he was describing gutting in great detail and Billy’s “Hey it’s called tact you fuck rag” was his way of saying “Shut up man before they realise it’s us.”

iiKLutCH21 says:

Great great review! Literally took the words out of my mouth, even with the Halloween costume part. I’ll never forget when i had the bleeding Ghostface mask back in the day, i thought i was the coolest kid in school. Although there are 1-2 things i can disagree with the overall review was a 10/10. I look forward to the sequel reviews and more livestreams cause they’re great!

Edwin Lopez says:

To think I hated this movie lol I fucking love Scream !

Tyler King says:

I’m more of a recent subscriber and love your stuff and since day one of discovering you I was like “okay now where is scream!” I’m excited

Anthony Jordan movies and more says:

Wish I could review movies as good as you

Slasher In Suits says:

Dude no Sydney with ghostface in the bathroom wasn’t the real killer, Stu doesn’t fit the profile at all, guy getting hottest chick in school a killer? Billy makes sense but after getting Sydney like abort mission.

Lee Modlin says:

You were six? Dude, you’re killing me.

Bryan Uhl says:

Scream is a classic. Absolutely love this movie it’s probably my favorite slasher next to Halloween

HorrorFanaticx25 says:

Great Review, I remember renting this on vhs still brings back memories!

DeadManComics says:

Great Video As Always Cody! Love the Scream franchise

Daniel Murphy says:

I liked the first one I thought the other ones were such a step down

Eric Moss says:

Funny intro!

This is my second favorite horror movie (behind A Nightmare on Elm Street). Scream has always been my second or third favorite horror series behind Elm Street and (tied with) Halloween. Sidney Prescott is my second favorite Final Girl (Nancy Thompson is first). Randy is one of the best characters as well (like you said, he’s basically us, the movie nerd). Ghostface is one of the greatest killers in cinema. The movie is fresh and original while playing with the tropes of the Slasher sub-genre. I love the comedy and the horror references. I was born in 1998 so I didn’t see it in theaters, but a few years ago when I was getting more into the Horror genre, Scream was one of the first series I went to. Scream is one of the few series where I don’t hate any of the movies. I’m not a big fan of Scream 3 and even the TV series, but I don’t hate them.

Brent bromberg says:

Good review thx dude

Joaquin Alva says:

Cody you should rank all four Screams. I wanna hear your opinions for all of them haha!

Edwin Lopez says:

Dewey was my pick at first he was just too damn weird lol

Victor Watson says:

I was getting ready to pump some irion, and walk into my living room and that intro , NOW THAT WAS DANG FUNNY!

Yanis Kaps says:

Will you rank all mcu movies

Daimon Atkins says:

Have you seen the tv show Scream or only just the movies?

Yacku says:

Wait 13 Puppetmaster movies?? I only have 10 qq

wyldshot666 says:


Mistress Jen says:

Well, 1996, I was just being conceived, so can’t say that I had the same memories then as you, but yeah, I did enjoy the Scream movies growing up. And I do like the TV series as well.


I also hate the garage door kill, its to improbable. ( here I go again commenting while watching instead of just waiting till the end)

Cameron Duda says:

For the record I always assumed that the bathroom scene was one of the dumbass kids in a ghostface suit fucking with her and not the killer, but it’s been a while since I watched it so I might be wrong. Good vid, keep it up. Scream is one of my alltime favs.

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