Searching – Movie Review

A story about a father searching for his missing daughter that takes us down the rabbit hole of continuing revelation and mystery, with a twist in execution that feels as new and refreshing as the “found footage” genre felt back in 1999. Here’s my review of SEARCHING!

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Angel Canales says:


Ahmed Rodriguez says:

Review unbroken when unbroken: path of redemption come out still waiting for unfriended and unfriended dark web review and operation final review and peppermint review and the darkest minds review and Deadpool 2 super duper unrated cut review

Gareth Trevor says:

Favorite miss person movie is gone baby gone

Arya Mularama says:


MetalGear SniperWolf says:

*Favourite abduction movie, RANSOM. Give me back my son!*

ElectricOutcast says:

I think one reason why this movie hasn’t gotten any box office buzz is because most theaters are getting this film pretty late. My theater just started getting it and I’m going to see it Friday.

Christoph13131 says:

“Definitely worth buying in 4k!”

ottoismy1dog says:

Worth Buying on Laserdisc

just think about it

Bish What? says:

When he asked ” She has friends right?” It was so sad 🙁

Frank Williams says:

Gone Girl was amazing

michmirich says:

Blueray isnt obsolete yet. Streaming service licences run out or want to make room on their servers so delete the older movies. When that happens its nice to have a physical copy.

MrAlski1986 says:

‘Missing’ (1982) – starring Sissy Spacek & Jack Lemmon

Chris Borg says:

So it’s just like unfriended minus the ghost

chefboyarleezy says:

This was a great movie with a lot of twist and turns at the end

umair Ahmad says:

Do “THE NUN”, I want to know what you think. 🙂

Varun Narain says:

Review the Witches series maybe? Please?

anshik gupta says:

The nun review please

Dare - wait for it - Devil says:

I have a strong dislike for this genre. But I like John Cho so I’ll check it out.

Tissue Faucet says:

gone girl

Key says:

I’ll watch it Cause I Love Harold !

Randude14 says:

Jeremy talk about Henry Cavill in the Witcher universe!

spots n'wrinkles says:

That thing on the side of the screen really hurts to watch

1128 Mbq says:

This and Upgrade, sorely underrated films!

Sebastian Amado says:

Dude stop hating on the source material

Thee Moonstar says:

Definitely worth watching and definitely worth buying 4K ULTRA HD.

The KING says:

So this movie is basically Unfriended…..BUT DONE RIGHT!
Awesome! : )

MoeUknow says:

Is it gonna be that cliche bullshit twist where it turns out HE’S the villain all along; have her prisoned in the basement. Because if it is, it’s a no for me dawg.

Jon Creech says:

This reminds me of the game Sara is Missing. You feel like you’re really going through a phone and trying desperately to solve a missing person’s case.

YOJOSH says:


Killa Goat says:

Jeremy grew up Searching.

deni sherlock says:

Ah at least we won’t have any shaky cam moments right?

rakim says:

Nigga ever since I finished heavy rain I always suspect the detective


Garbage movie garbage review

Goz2Fast says:

This movie grabbed my emotions from the start and didn’t let go until the end…as many of us definitely spend a lot of time on our computers and electronic devices, it was interesting to see this man’s life and the investigation into his daughter’s disappearance play out on the screen…I thought it was very cleverly written and filmed and would highly recommend this movie to anyone.

Furqan Haqqani says:


Roverfield says:

Halloween ii trailer?

bulikapato says:

it feels like that mobile games found phone thingy

Rebecca Rose says:

….Isn’t this a Netflix show?

Sarah Williamson says:

Sounds awesome

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