Shazam! – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Shazam!, starring Zachary Levi, Mark Strong, Jack Dylan Grazer, Asher Angel, Grace Fulton, Faithe Herman, Ian Chen, Jovan Armand, Cooper Andrews, Marta Milans. Directed by David F. Sandberg.


Keep It in the Streets says:

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daniel Rumbolo says:

Only reason ill watch this movie is because i love seeing marvel kill off a actors character then he goes to DC and is successful

Velo3158 says:

I like that SF shirt. 😮

poida says:

such a boring voice zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Frank W says:

A magical wizard…?

Javed Ahmed says:

A villain who carries the same grudge from childhood… you mean like Syndrome from Incredibles?

Life Of Why says:

Bla bla bla musical something something.. like who listens for musical cues bro ?.

russtex says:

Great review!

Tyler Winningham says:

OMG this dude is the worst at movie reviews EWW Chris stuckmann reviews please lol

venom 2018 says:

Did Superman appeared??

Musicosis says:

Always I I I I I me me me me!

kirby smart says:


StuddMuffinn says:

Jerry’s in the movie!!! Fuck yeah dude!!

David ksquare says:

Dc needs revamps no rush just take time dc hero’s have one of the best stories to tell it’s just that it would take some time to do them the right way I believe they learned from their mistakes and are bringing better content to the big screen with shazam

sonnyblack71 says:

Reminds me of The Greatest American Hero tv show!

Kaleesh Synth says:

Nice shirt Chris.

Jtzkb says:

Prior to your review I was not planning to watch this film. But your reviews have led me well in the past so based on your review I will check this movie out at the matinee

Goddaci says:

Still waiting for that Flashpoint movie

musss7 says:

I’ve been “stuckmannized” for years now…

TreeroyJ says:

I don’t usually like comic book films but Shazam was great. Can’t remember the last time I had an emotional reaction to a superhero film.

Glyphxz Twitch says:

I got a shazam ad?

Zechariah Smith says:

I wanna see movies early wtf world lol xD

Domzdream says:

Please oh please oh puh-leeez can you do a Hilariosity video on Batman 1966. I love that film so much! So bad it’s funny.

station4hiphop says:

You dont take a character like Shazam and turn him into the Tick character. I wont pay my hard earned money to see this s__tty movie.

Diego Fernandes says:

Please review Love Death + Robots!

gwich'in gaming says:

Chris I love your reviews and videos! I’m an aspiring youtuber and if you could give me a few pointers on how to make a proper channel! 🙂

Kenneth K. says:

I saw an advance screening of this movie. It’s weak and definitely on the lower end in terms of superhero movies. Save your money folks wait for it to come on Redbox. You’re welcome

Juain, who-ain says:


cajunasian71 says:

Sooooo… they couldn’t have had Dwyane Johnson as Black Adam in this? Oh wait… nevermind. Chris did say it was not a “serious” film.

Monstrous beatdown occurs on Bad Guy and just before Shazam “wins”…
Bad Guy: “Wait! What’s you name again, hero? Was it Captain Mar..”
Shazam: “No! It is SHAZAM!”
Billy: “Shhhhhhhiiiiiiittttt…”
****SQUISH SOUND**** Bad Guy Wins!

Ole says:

How about a review for “The Third Man”?

Gaming on Wheelz says:

Didn’t they make this movie already it’s called step brothers. A kid in a 39 year old body

Alice Saxson says:

Dc has never made a good superhero movie this might be their first

lucan lucan says:

Need to form a teen titans movie.

Metal Pizza Dude says:

*Just watched SHAZAM⚡and loved it. Chris is totally wrong about Mark Strong who’s actually used far better in the movie than expected.*

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